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Depth of Extinction

Create the ultimate squad and save humanity in this tactical RPG! · By HOF Studios

Version 41 Feedback

A topic by kuitch created Apr 22, 2018 Views: 106 Replies: 8
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i want cancel key after choosing action. (i.e. Esc key )

more precisely,

1. in current system, if the enemy was proceeding in good range and allies turn started, it automatically becomes to be set to shoot action.

2. once i chose my action (or accidentally), i have to open mini-map and close it to change my action. what a messy system... 

this is just too troublesome to perform such most expected action in this type of game. as universal usage, to have a function of cancelling action anytime, is must. and it would be best to be clear, fastest way.

for that purpose, there should have NOT ONLY mouse input (but not by relying on activating other function) BUT hotkey.

Developer (2 edits)

hey thanks for the post, but not sure i totally understand. this change is definitely somewhat experimental and i fully expect that it will need some polish before being acceptable. I have to start somewhere!

So your turn starts and it "auto targets" an enemy.

You want to move (I guess?) instead, so you are clicking the minimap?

You should just be able to click anywhere walkable and the path should start drawing. Is that not working (or not happening?)

Let me know if i don't have this right.

I am ok with adding some kind of cancel button (or hotkey) to get this behavior also. 

thanks for quick reply.

i have confirmed i could cancel any chosen action with clicking floor without moving.

but it still makes me feel out of tone to make the flow of inputs. i would rather use hotkey as more conventional way. since always key input is more precise and faster to activate such generic function like cancelling. (no need to point out. that is, far less wrong input.)

right click might have been reserved to "check" things function, so i said hotkey is must. (clicking mouse wheel is another way but its kinda not steady since its been used already to zooming. its enough to be another cause to wrong input.)

btw i didn't mention about new random map generator.

its much improved. no more simple looking map and practically wider than before to explore. so it becomes more challenging. :)

and new path marker is very clear to see. but outlined objects like door or container might be a bit too dim to discern on main map view.


I'll add a cancel button and hot key to all the action input boxes in the next build. Good suggestion.

It's been pointed out by someone else that the background is too dim and I actually went back and played the old "demo" version this weekend and noted that the game was much "brighter" then so I will also try raising the overall ambient light level on missions. 

Glad you mentioned the level generation. I still see some bugs occasionally so if the level doesn't load you may have to force quit and restart. I'm also occasionally seeing 2 rooms spawn on top of each other which does weird things to pathfinding. We'll definitely get those problems solved in the next build. 


I made an update to add a close button and a hot key. if you try it, let me know what you think.

Just did a "locate hostage" scenario. May i know how you rescue the hostage. When mouse over i notice its a chat bubble but on click my guy shot the hostage. bug?


yeah bug. I thought we fixed that one but I will log it again. 

I started a Fuel Depot run and was ambush by dem Raiders so the map started as an evacute scenario.

As you can see my guy started outside the stage frame. Is this a known bug? FYI


ha! i haven't seen that one yet so will definitely log it. Thanks!