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considering revised old 2d mmorpg (of over 2 decades ago), i didn't expect much.

but against such odds, this title keeps me entertain with rather good playability albeit it might look a bit 'small'.

GM (actually dev himself) is not only quite active but very capable man. his restless work literally improves the game on daily basis.

for example, as general issues of mmo,
 -lag or false corrision detection >> almost none to exist

 -potential bugs by adding or changing contents >> will be squashed on sight

 -quite responsive to player's report. i mean, it gets through in no time.  

also, old players are all helpful. 

thanks for such an old-school gem up and running again.

seems dead. no connection to server.

proudly having good ol' retro vibe.

this is SUPER FUN !! :)

Yes Please !!.... oh pls wait...

i suppose big epic adventure could impress audience way better than 3 shorter episodes from the beginning of promotion itself.

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the game is fun. thanks for release.

but why not Disk or Rom Cartridge image version ?

i want to play this game consistently from episode 1 to 3 rather than divided by each, with keeping track of number of lives and scores. and i feel that is as it should be.

looks like this is kinda 1 level only demo.

i have tried on both of KEGA Fusion and Gens, in either case it will get stuck after first boss.
also, i found no entrance working for any buildings, then stuck again at the very east end of the town.

btw, im very happy to see new Monster World-like actrion rpg.

oh, sorry.

that option was somehow overlooked and confirmed changing it affects the output.
seems "smaller messy look" was by the factor of "Auto" scaling (by default).
with changing it to x3, screen got same nice balance as my old 1.3.0's.

thanks for heads up.

it looks and fits in better than current Enhanced version. 2.0.
which somehow lost the precious retro touch of 1.3.0 by making objects smaller. (it just looks messy)

also, former title screen picture of 1.3.0 was much better imho.
it had delivered exact atmosphere of this game.  

so i guess there might be players who still want to have ver.1.3.0 instead like me.

why not put older version as well in download section ?

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this game keeps truly the charm of the former, Legend of Atlantis.
so i recommend this as very well made sequel for those who could enjoy it. those who complain about too action oriented, hard, or lacking check point and so on....

you just need to watch the screen carefully. if it doesn't help, why not take a memo ? each combat is mostly predictable and thus action part itself is not that hard.

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hmm. thanks for an info. i finally could play without disk swapping.

thanks for reply. i wanted to say disk swapping is annoying. so i asked second question.

and if the game was run from cart, is it possible to make save process transparent ?

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is there any way to turn off auto saving on each turn's end ?
...or a way to utilize second drive for keeping save disk working ? which is the best way i think.

its better eliminate such backend process or its just annoying to play on this type of time consuming game.

pity... i think this game is worth having such features. 

is there any chance of AY chip tunes being added ?
maybe it requires 128KB model ?
still i really want to play this game with accompanying tunes.

i overlooked this one for having thought it of yet another port from Speccy.

but i was so wrong.
thanks dev. this is an unexpected gift for me. :)

im not the dev nor author. but i can say you should receive steam key as well after your purchase. (not demo)

as to promotion from beta to latest version, i don't know. since i stopped using steam for now.

maybe you'd better ask directly to the dev. they should be quite responsive AFAIK.

the author seems to be already in the making of rather promising new game.

PRECINCT 20: Dead Strange
this is based on same author's novel. (same title. you can find on Amazon)

im looking forward to it as well.

this sure is SEUK game.

for those who might not see the point of commercial release of such material ...

its presented as compilation of all past Cops series.
4 games in total for single purchase.
so it was not that bad shopping for me (play time wise), which is my after impression though.  

BUT, i hope single crt image to be released in the future for fastest handling.

just paid as im very satisfied with the contents.
i have tried 2 versions of Stranded as well, but i do much prefer APAC to those. system and structure wise.

i must say adoption of WEGO/Impulse system for a puzzle on planning is simply best combination.
if it was relying on action as precondition like Lemmings, i wouldn't have bothered since i already have got enough of such types.

pls keep up with this course. i mean, more levels in total if possible. (at least 100...  no, hopefully 200 levels.)

just have finished and it was very fun.

thank you devs for this kind of cute & crisp puzzle. :)

thanks !!

Yape worked perfectly. no more broken image !

this is unexpectedly nice game !! thank devs.

its another new year's present. :)

but one pity thing is ...
title picture is broken on xplus4 of WinVice 3.1.

seems major issues are resolved in ver.1.3. (at least in my case)

thanks !!

cute and fun.

every part is well put in together.  i love it. :)

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so many improvements... Thanks !!

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though i couldn't keep up with updates enough.... anyway, gratz !!!

thanks. i will post there soon.

i have encountered several bugs.

most of them caused CTD.

but no community forum here.
where to send/post my report ? 

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i did notice "C" key is handy when logs got increased but didn't notice the differences of Highlight and Narrative (log font size) options' change that much. as to smallest font of Narrative, its hard to read on my 24' monitor. so i can't set it to smallest anyway.

currently im busy on exploring literally step by step.
looking at each objects, searching NPCs to get more infos, checking tiles one by one in dangerous looking place... and so on.
it might sound tedious for non-players but actually, thanks to rich variety of environment, its really fun.
it makes me feel as if the world is emerging gradually from darkness with my own foot prints increasing. this kind of experience is rare these days. :)

i myself, ain't an artist, but i think i might have some kind of such sense through my experience since 8bit era.
old games had only a few colors at the same time on screen and had to use dither or patterned way especially for tile based game.
and there had been already some tricks to put multiple tiles in one grid with transparency. actual result isn't changed since then.
so i know possibilities from the fact how overstuffed/mismatched colors/odd placing of pixels could reduce visibility badly.

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it's pleasure to have found Lurking has got sequel. the course which your dev took is truly not only re-imaging retro style but retrieving long forgotten adventuring heart. such challenge is always welcome. thank you, devs. :)

but i have some complain and suggestion. its about screen design.

its too dim at night/in cave so im overlooking things often on the ground or surroundings. the rain effect as well just becomes annoying. along with combat log, it covers char's graphics.

such "rich expression" is often seen in modern ARPG/Hack'n'Slash/MMORPG but affordable only when in bigger screen layouts which could hold enough space (or adjustable camera view and scales for info related parts) and having separated stats gauges which is kept in standout manner.

a game in lo-res (or lo-res looking game like this) screen needs more clarity than real/rich flavor imo or it gets just losing visibility of vital part, thus cause to be too stressful to play.
the actual drawing space is quite small afterall, isn't it ?

i think its better have options of turning effects off like realtime zone lighting, weather or even day/night cycle, adjustable gamma collection and color scheme if possible unless the screen design gets changed.

the game is broken or unplayable for 2 major issues.

1. my characters of slot 7 and 8 will be corrupt when entering dungeon.

2. when returning to castle from dungeon, my all progress will be lost.

version of my WinVice is 3.1

whoa.. its free ?

i have tried to purchase this game from Psytronik site, but it's online shop has been temporally closed for long time.

seems i made a luck. :)

released for free !!

thanks !!!

thanks for quick reply.

i have confirmed i could cancel any chosen action with clicking floor without moving.

but it still makes me feel out of tone to make the flow of inputs. i would rather use hotkey as more conventional way. since always key input is more precise and faster to activate such generic function like cancelling. (no need to point out. that is, far less wrong input.)

right click might have been reserved to "check" things function, so i said hotkey is must. (clicking mouse wheel is another way but its kinda not steady since its been used already to zooming. its enough to be another cause to wrong input.)

btw i didn't mention about new random map generator.

its much improved. no more simple looking map and practically wider than before to explore. so it becomes more challenging. :)

and new path marker is very clear to see. but outlined objects like door or container might be a bit too dim to discern on main map view.

i want cancel key after choosing action. (i.e. Esc key )

more precisely,

1. in current system, if the enemy was proceeding in good range and allies turn started, it automatically becomes to be set to shoot action.

2. once i chose my action (or accidentally), i have to open mini-map and close it to change my action. what a messy system... 

this is just too troublesome to perform such most expected action in this type of game. as universal usage, to have a function of cancelling action anytime, is must. and it would be best to be clear, fastest way.

for that purpose, there should have NOT ONLY mouse input (but not by relying on activating other function) BUT hotkey.

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some of my ideas. place name in brackets suggests where the event occurs.

1. Helping Escape for prince/princess/nobles/peoples from City (world map, on the road)
random quest occurs near by refugee's home city.

2. Learning Monster Language (both)
this might not be event but could relate to it.
some monsters are apparently Ethistos native, so why not learn their language ? (after defeating specific strongest mob/boss.)
once learned, player can have low chance to try interrogation if beat target monster till almost dead, and if successful, can get some important info.

3. Assassination (world map)
random but high chance of encounter to combat with hired (or brainwashed) assassin by shadow forces. after player gets reached rather higher levels. (seems unstoppable for shadows.)
always solo but higher level than player. and he/she tries to escape with teleport like ability in danger. and steals some consumables (foods, potions, magic gems, scrolls and wands) away. almost impossible to kill. 
reward should be only loot but precious one.

4. Magical Gem Vein (both)
in world map, player can expect natural source of magic gems.
in dungeon, some wall could contain them.
needs special tool to dig it out. (maybe unbreakable adamantite pickaxe ?)
but only if the player was fighter type (yes, muscle talks) and not elf (they already have better innate ability), this event could be triggered.

5. Secret Deep Dungeon Levels (dungeon)
some vault levels which is completely hidden and can't be found in normal way.
only after some condition met, player can start searching entrance.
it hides important things/secrets but optional. (good for achievement thingy.)
small forgotten cave is ideal for candidate. 
additional 27 to 57 levels would suit for it's importance. (usually player can access only 3 levels)
with going deeper, becomes harder. no magical merchant. some fallen boss reappears in stronger shape.

6. Bard event (world map)
this needs implementation of new ancient strange tome or scrolls which is worthless in itself.
and player can't decipher them. 
if player could meet traveling bard, he/she can ask for related old song when holding target legacy.
bards are just knowing the ancient lyrics and songs, so they provide only hints.
combination with old druid legends might be logically good. which can be heard from chief druid after getting hint phrase.

7. Stone Circle (world map)
if found, even fighter can have a chance to get spells, mana point or arcane thread. but its limited to utility spells and minimum number. (like detect trap and phantom presence.)
with this implementation, there will be meaning for fighter to get mana point when leveling. 
for casters,  no mana point nor thread chance. so its not that big bonus but precious chance to raise utility spells.
in its powerful nature, this event should be rarest (but can start in early stage) and occur only several times.

8. Eagle of Legend (both)
yes, its HUGE. and player can ride on. best transport for end game. (fastest and no random encount.)
needs to decipher ancient legends and what's not to find and revive him.
for this event, ancient tome mystery and bard event become important.
apart from legend part, player needs special artifact to call the eagle. version is 3.2, while steam version is 3.4.1.

seems steam version is slightly ahead.

XENOMARINE community · Created a new topic Steam key

seems to have been released on steam.

when can i get my steam key ? 

i have played many times. and had fun in each play even in this early stage of development.
the system is very intuitive. no one need to fear for complexity of roguelikes.
you can just dive into the game.

dev keeps pouring his passion and effort into this game.
this impressed me the game looks promising.