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more rework for camera will be awesome.

if you play Jagged Allience 2, i strongly recommend using 1.13 fan patch from Bear's Pit. it changes the game mechanics to maximize in every respect and reveal the potential of the game. usually JA2 fan speaks about it with patch. as vanilla state is rather pity. since it was one of the last Legacy of old Sir-tech company, it couldn't hold time till completion and released as if literally unfinished buisiness.

JA2 Bear's Pit mod patch (Stable)


Unstable but Latest


the input is rather complex if you compared with similar games in same genre, even with original X-com with OpenXcom applied. but once you got used to, you would notice how JA2 had born from incredibly rich springs of ideas as a tactical squad based strategy role playing. and the pacing of the game is really second to none imnho.

some russian JA2 follower games like 7.62 tried to become golden but all of them are just like a similar playing ground with raw materials scattered around.

Wasteland 2 tried to contain JA2's combat and gun systems, but it also failed for cutting too many edges. but the pacing was nearest to JA2.

Shadowrun Chronicles should be mentioned as remarkable hidden gem of tactical turn-based squad based role playing game the pacing wise. the point is, smooth playability in both of single/multi play. its rarest case in this genre. within the current new Shadowrun series, i have to say Chronicles is still staying in rather rough made state, but the pacing and mission based progression should be technically in the same scope of Depth of Extinction. the opinion from TRPG players of Shadowrun (veterans) are mostly divided by 2. "it's too simplistic" or "still somehow feels like more "Shadowrun" than other new ones". the persons of latter opinion got the real core of the game i think.

ok, i found build 29.3. so i keep playing more and see the changes.

so far, one thing i feel very annoying is unstable screen view when my turn starts. it's unsteady scrolling irritate me and the screen goes off every time. the fixed setting of right mouse button to drag screen is candidate of this.

i tried "manual pan camera" in option, but its the same. this part should be changed. it already hurts game experience badly.

and as to mini-map. when clicked, stretched one pops up but its virtually useless since i can see exact what i want to know in mini-map. it would better have camera view's jump function when clicking in any part of mini-map.

there are no character creation nor customizable progression.

if this state was the way to the future, i won't play anymore and never recommend to my friends.

after long waiting, this early/alpha version was big disappointment.

i can't say  but "no, this isn't the thing what JA2 or first X-Com players are looking for."

most lacking of this type of games is forced liner progression like new X-Com. its totally off the mark for being called tactical squad based rpg/strategy.

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that's a great news !!

im waiting for my steam key.

Created a new topic want more environment sound

i think adding more environment sound would be very nice.

footsteps(own and enemy's). some noise (the sound of rolling ball, fountain, gas vent, howl from big monsters, evil laughing from devils... and so on) and chimes (it's already there but want to hear more.)

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mine is 15.6 for sure. the freeze only occurs in enemy turn. so i doubt AI getting internal stacking error which triggers some kind of overflow. same looking bug has been seen in the past, and almost always was there especially in early version. (i.e. Master of Magic, original X-com and Jagged Allience 2)

it seems i have been through demo version now as i can handle any situation without difficulties. what i said about "fixed order is not good" is, even taken one squad team as a unit, there should be some arrange of order within. i mean, its not always Soldier A to B thing (even if it depends on speed/agility value of each.). Soldier A could wait to strike out for best effort with B. that's why serious Turn Based Strategy has "passing/waiting turn/phase/round" function to adapt. i felt this missing badly after i got shotgunner and grenadier in my team. since the set of heavy fire's backing with assault is usually becoming mean punch to stronger enemies.

this part is the very core of tactical scaled strategy. actually its smallest but important part of chain of command and the source of deeper thought and fun for the player.

i think pre-made personality is good. it adds atmosphere and natural feeling to game's progression. but please don't become too restricted to fit only to those pre-made characters. it kills not only longevity but replayability since it becomes boring flashback once the player got through. (it's like splash/intro movie of computer game.)

the game freezes in enemy turn very often. especially when the covering obstacles got hit by opportunity/return fire from my soldier. i have to reload and restart from the mission briefing once it happened.

im ok with 8bit style pixel graphic but i would appreciate more patterns for new recruites. how about some montage like character creation ? by changing body color and parts, hair color and styles, and tatoos. and setting voice and initial stats either. it helps the personality standing out.

as to player's turn, i think "ending turn" function without changing prior commands is must have. and current fixed order of command is rather poor design for tactical combat. it only narrows down the choice and should be assigned more freely.

there is a game breaking bug concerning Staff of Change.

after defeating The Tyrant, my party got 500 gold and Staff of Change. i went back to the Druid of church to proceed but he won't give my party a permission to teleporter room. the choices never change since i asked him about the teleporter first. i tried northern transition mark but it just stays telling "you need permission" all the same.
no matter how i changed order of my member to switch leading character, it fails.
i think this is a fatal script bug to prevent player from playing this game. now i got stacked hopelessly.

apart from that, there are many of unimplemented spells when character goes level up despite the message tells it has been gained.
this happens when Paladin/Clleric got a new spells. seems some divine spells are not implemented fully yet. its rather shame since divine spells are vital to challenge stronger opponent. (Silence, Cause serious damage of Cleric, all of divine spells after Paladin reached to 4 levels)

i hope you could enjoy some atmosphere of your familiarized one. :)

Created a new topic Epikos mods pack
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i have made different palette mods pack of retro hardwares.

current version is updated to 1.01

there are 23 types of them:

Acorn BBC Micro

2 of AMIGA (Shadow of the Beast & Dawn Bringer's flexible 16 colors palette)

Amstrad CPC

Apple ][+

Apple ][e




ATARI 7800



Commodore 64


Thomson MO5 and later


PC-8801 series

ZX Spectrum

Famicom (NES)


SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis)

SEGA Game Gear

PC-Engine (Turbo Grafix 16)

also, here is retro fonts mod pack.

current version is 1.032

there are 19 types of retro font

Acorn BBC Micro

Amiga Topaz font

Amstrac CPC 464

Apple ][



Commodore 64





ZX Spectrum (thin)

ZX Spectrum (bold)

ZX Spectrum (another)

Famicom (NES) (only capital)

Famicom (NES)) (including lower case)


SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis)

SEGA Game Gear

DL link is here


some font dones't fit perfectly in game.

any authors of font whom i coudn't reach yet, please pm me.

all of my mods are "as is". so there might be flaws and ugly part.

and the Fonts within Font Mod Pack is not for System Font.

have fun.