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is there any way to turn off auto saving on each turn's end ?
...or a way to utilize second drive for keeping save disk working ? which is the best way i think.

its better eliminate such backend process or its just annoying to play on this type of time consuming game.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The game needs the saved data for calculations. The best thing to do right now is to get JiffyDos, it would speed up saving dramatically.

thanks for reply. i wanted to say disk swapping is annoying. so i asked second question.

and if the game was run from cart, is it possible to make save process transparent ?

What you refer to is not an actual auto-save. It's just storing a few numbers in the logfile. To avoid that, you need to start the game without a logfile. I.e., when it asks you for a logfile name, just hit Return.

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hmm. thanks for an info. i finally could play without disk swapping.