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Glad to hear! M.U.L.E. is epic.

Ice Guys is from 1997. In 2016, it was also released on!

Wow, what an honour, thanks!

No, the Maxi cannot emulate a 20Mhz SuperCPU.

The manual contains both German and English text... please scroll to page 34 for the English version.

Hmm... no, only the trailer.

Oh, somehow this slipped through! It is GS64, Ocean, EF and GMod2.

Awesome! If you'd like to team up for a commercial grade physical game release, give us a wink through our contact form on our website (

It is not necessary to be an insider, but you need to like odd humour.

Unfortunately, no. The Ultimate does not emulate a SuperCPU currently. Only a real SuperCPU or VICE can run Metal Dust to this date.

Hey, THANK YOU very much for this nice comment!!

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Hi! It's Magic was not released on GMod2, only on disk. Hence, there are only d64 files. It's Magic 2 was released on GMod2 and includes the GMod2 files.

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We are sorry that you are experiencing issues with your download. However, the d64 file works fine, we just double checked it. Please explain how you tried to use it and maybe we can help.

All download files are updated.

Please re-download. We found a way to solve this in the EF version.

Please re-download. The new EasyFlash version circumvents this issue.

Please re-download. The freezing issue has been resolved in an update.

Please re-download. The freezing issue has been resolved in an update.

All our games come with a PDF manual, no matter if you buy them as physical or digital editions.

Thanks mate, we definitely want to make a cartridge one day or another.

Wow, thank you so much!

Odd that MiST has similar issues as THE64 has. Well, you can now use a different cartridge format, GS and EF should probably work.

It now does. Take the GS version.

Hey cool, thanks for highlighting that Magic Desk is also a good format for different uses! For Soul Force we probably have enough options now but in the future we might go Magic Desk as well.

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We have now supplied more cartridge formats. EasyFlash should work fine on KFF.

Should work with Vice 3.1+

Hey, no way to donate for the prototypes! So we'll do it here.

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Hi there - please get in touch with us (via the contact form on our website)! We have a cartridge solution at hand that can save up to 128k and we are interested in the game.

Wir hoffen noch, irgendwann eine neue physische Version in deutsch und Englisch anbieten zu können... leider ist es ziemlich knifflig, das Spiel aufzubohren.

Yes, you'll need a 1581 JiffyDos image.

No, Turbo Chameleon has no SuperCPU core. To date, only a real SuperCPU or VICE can run Metal Dust.

We have uploaded a Version of the game with configuration files for THE64 Mini/Maxi.

Hey, try the new version we have just uploaded!

We uploaded the poster for you (in smaller size). Is that what you need?

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Hey - sorry, we overlooked your comment!

We will be uploading cover art for you. Not what we usually do but not a bad idea. What is the perfect size?

We are working on it!

Oh, sorry for not seeing this comment earlier.

YES, Stroke World is NTSC compatible.

Yes, sure - our free games may be shared anywhere.

Hmm. In that case, sorry. Then it really does not work. We might look into making a more compatible version one day.