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Hi there - please get in touch with us (via the contact form on our website)! We have a cartridge solution at hand that can save up to 128k and we are interested in the game.

Wir hoffen noch, irgendwann eine neue physische Version in deutsch und Englisch anbieten zu können... leider ist es ziemlich knifflig, das Spiel aufzubohren.

Yes, you'll need a 1581 JiffyDos image.

No, Turbo Chameleon has no SuperCPU core. To date, only a real SuperCPU or VICE can run Metal Dust.

We have uploaded a Version of the game with configuration files for THE64 Mini/Maxi.

Hey, try the new version we have just uploaded!

We uploaded the poster for you (in smaller size). Is that what you need?

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Hey - sorry, we overlooked your comment!

We will be uploading cover art for you. Not what we usually do but not a bad idea. What is the perfect size?

We are working on it!

Oh, sorry for not seeing this comment earlier.

YES, Stroke World is NTSC compatible.

Yes, sure - our free games may be shared anywhere.

Hmm. In that case, sorry. Then it really does not work. We might look into making a more compatible version one day.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The game needs the saved data for calculations. The best thing to do right now is to get JiffyDos, it would speed up saving dramatically.

Have you tried with accurate disk drive emulation? Simply rename the d64 with _AD.d64 at the end.

Unfortunately, it is not NTSC compatible (which was a surprise to find out!)

Unfortunately, it is not NTSC compatible (which was a surprise to find out!)

Hi Benek87!

No, unfortunately it would not work as it is a multiload game.

Hey, thanks... *red cheeks*!

Thank you VERY much!

We are working on cartridge files for most of our games, but we can't say when that'll become reality.

Hmm. It should work, but the loading is VERY slow. Please contact  us via email if the problem persists, we might find a solution (contactATprotovisionDOTgames).

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Hi there,

nope. The C64 Mini is not capable of emulating a SuperCPU. It can be played with Windows or WINE and Vice 3.1+ (Emulator is included).

Hi ajorach42,

yes indeed Crazy News is a lot of fun! :)

However, it's PAL only and also in German language only.

Hi ajorach42,

Jim Slim is PAL only: