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yup, you need to choose the AI character by going up to the token and pressing A. I should find a way to specify that with the new menu screen. Thank you for giving it a go though!

Neat game, i love the general chaotic feel of the game. Only thing is i feel it could have used a wider field of view, if not just viewing over the whole map, because its hard to tell where everything is and you come back after dealing with one wolf to find the other already killed like three sheep. 

Very good game! This was one of the ideas i had for the jam but didnt persue it instead going for what i did. Even if i did do it, id say you did a better job than what i was going with. I would have never thought of inputs keeping themselves when you press the button, which makes the whole experience work out a bit better. However, the fact all the controls change every time any button is pressed causes the game to be a bit harder than it needs to. I say it should just change that control, when the control is sucessful, ie, when you jump, the jump button changes. It would just make the experienced a lot more streamlined. 

Decided to check this out because of the stream. It was interesting but just a little to confusing with the explanation, and the explanations more explain whats going on more than the actual mechanics, which is confusing. Its also just hard to navigate because the balls will hurt you on contact. I think that you should be able to walk right by the things without them attacking you, maybe like they will be even less likely to attack if lazy, more likely to attack if aggressive. That way you may want to keep them lazy so they arent as hostile. The actual way you interact with them isnt that varied either, theres just "make plant" and a variety of "poof particles" that do different things. Id like to see some different things. Like, this is a little dark so maybe not, but just an idea, one thing is maybe if a ball is too aggressive or too old and sick, you have a tool to put them down. As i said, just an idea, probably doesnt fit the cutesy atmosphere here... Maybe put them in a cage instead idk. Im sure if Mark Brown kept playing he'd say something like "what is causing the player to have to make interesting choices here?" because that is also a factor. I dont really see what's forcing the player to make interesting choices, you see the balls change a different color, and you go to the box and try to make them not that color. Theres definitely potential here, but a lot more could be done. Keep it up!

I really enjoyed this one. Its a neat concept and fits the theme perfectly. I kinda wish i hadnt seen Mark find all the solutions on the stream, but i gave it a go myself anyway and still enjoyed it. Its even more impressive knowing that all art and music was created during the jam! 

hmm. In that case i think it should have been harder to get out maybe. Something to extend the time a bit, really flesh out the concept. But yeah it was great anyway.

A very fun and silly game, i like how there are multiple ways to get to the end. Id defenitely love to see more done with the concept, like how you couldnt go in the side of the win room with a sword because of the ledge with the rope, that sort of thing could make for a great puzzle game similar to human fall flat. 

Just found your game through the stream and decided to give it a go myself. A very interesting game, i like the concept but it doesnt feel like much was done with it. I suppose once you get the idea the novelty goes away as any other levels would probably just be the exact same thing. But im sure theres some way to get more out of this idea. Even if its just a "how do i get the text box up to me?" puzzle every level. But yeah other than that good style and everything. 

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Just as i said, i played your game. Its ok, but it has a lot it could have done better. For the main thing, it seems to always at some point just send you into a grey void where you just die with no obvious reason for it. This is a frustrating experience when it doesnt have to be. The enemies, whenever you faced them, felt very generic in their movement, but it also feels like the game wasnt suited for how they move either. They have the type of movement where the player would have a machine gun and blast down large hordes of them, i think anyway, theres probably more than one way to do this, i just dont think this specific way worked all that well. They also didnt give any feedback when they took damage, not even a little flash or flicker, and since the bullets dont get destroyed upon collision it seems like its not hurting them. Though i could see that being intentional. Speaking of, i think you nailed the nightmare vibe, you dont really know whats going on, and randomly teleporting around makes it feel like you are disoriented but not at the same time. Its definitely got a vibe to it.  Though i do think it also could have benefited with some more detailed artwork, doesnt have to be much, but grey squares will always make a game look rather generic. 

But yeah, good start, keep it up, and i hope my feedback helps! 

Ill be sure to do that, and thank you!

hehe yeah, thank you for the feedback. I knew one of the people you have to save was in a really stupid spot,(intentionally, for the lols) so I don't blame you if you didn't get them all, but you still get the ending even if you dont bother to get any of them. 

Very fun! I like the quality of life mechanics like how when you hit a checkpoint you are automatically transferred into edit mode. Its the little things. Some very clever levels, like level 10 with the misdirection, really got me there. A few things i could see improved, for one the text box with the character is a little small, but it has important information on it, so it kinda just gets lost. The way the wire works is somewhat confusing, but its ok. And i feel like there had to have been some way you could have done away with having to switch between edit and wire entirely, but i cant exactly explain how i think it could be done. I also experienced a bug in lvl 14 where it wouldnt let me drag the blue card around the bottom unless i moved it really slowly. Other than that i had a great time, and i loved the ending! 

thank you so much! Yeah level design is one part of game design I'm very new to. It doesn't help that gms's level editor kinda sucks, I've seen other editors made for gms, but I havnt messed with it. Either way it's something I know I need to work on. But yeah thank you! 

Thank you! 

That was awesome! Intuitive controls that where explained in game, creative idea for the jam, good level design that slowly ramps up the difficulty, a little bit of story to string it along, all very good! If you ever go back to this to make a full version id love to check it out! It would be neat to see what other kinds of mechanics you could mix with this. Like maybe springs that would bounce you the other way even in the signal jammed areas for example. 

If you want to give this another shot, the big thing is you press tab to switch between fixing the ship and moving it. WASD to control the ship and click on things to fix it. 

Interesting game, but the controls arent intuitive. If you had "press tab" on top the radar screen or or something indicating that control, it would have helped a lot. Its pretty standard controls from there so i dont think you would have to do that much explaining after that. Still, i enjoyed it once i figured that out. Sound would have helped a ton though, having different sounds play when different systems break would have made it a lot more intuitive as you could hear instead of having to look at the numbers. Oh and also having something indicate which way is forward on the spaceship would have been helpful, i know it just goes up and the screen rotates with the ship, but it would read better with some kind of indication of the front. My final time was 394.12, idk if that beats "-------" as you say you got on your main page, but idk if anyone can beat that! haha. 

Game looks neat, but the pong portion was a bit buggy, and I like when games have a definitive ending, it appears this just loops till you lose. But i did like the funny maymays, so overall i voted a good 4/5

Thank you much! Ill keep that in mind in the future, and i think i get what you mean. Really if i had taken the time to make it full screen it may have helped with that, but idk. Also i acknowledge the way the water boost acts is a bit off, but if I do make a full game out of this i will be sure to rework that. 

love the originality of the concept but like others have said, a bit of bugs, and also i found the level design to be a bit off, as in it would be two steps and the door is right there. Some more playesting (which i know is hard to get in a limited time frame) would have helped with that. 

I would rate it, but when i press the play button nothing happens. Something happen last minute? 

left me wanting more! 

i know from experience a text adventure game is super tough to make in a time limit, just all the writing and plotlines, it takes forever to work out, so i understand the kind of mute atmosphere of the whole thing. But I have to be honest and say i didnt think this was that fun. Interesting concept but you kinda just click the left mouse button a bunch and watch a two minute storyline play out. I get thats the point, but theres kind of a reason people let you make choices in these types of games. Because otherwise its just like reading a book. At the very least some more interesting visuals would have made it slightly better, most of the game you spend staring at a table. but in general i think the original concept just couldnt have made a good game, especially given the constraints of a game jam. Maybe next jam you could come up with more ideas, and then decide if one is better. Hope this helps. 

Thank you so much! 

ah, you where that person that started out like when the jam just ended, wherent you? i understand you had less time than everyone else, but i feel like it was a similar amount of time none the less. and im going to be honest, this wasnt a great game. i didnt even know i could shoot until the second level, and said level seemingly cant even be beat. the bullets clearly arent doing any damage and the platforms are too high to jump on. the graphics arent great, and the sizing of everything makes stuff hard to see. overall the mechanics are pretty standard platform/shooter mechanics, nothing interesting. i didnt even see anything related to elements. of course, there was no sound at all, which given the time is understandable, but theres free sound effects and music out there, as long as you cedit them im sure it would be fine to use. Basically, i hope to see you improve, maybe make a few more games without a time limit and try to put your all into it before taking on a time limit challenge. 

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yeah, I didn't want the game to feel short, but I didn't want it to be too long either. More playtesting would have been nice, but yaknow, game jam. Fun fact it was twice as long before. 

Either way thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing! 

Oh yes and you where right about no end. You just loose eventually. 

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oh wait. web only. ok. 

thank you so much for the feedback! 

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i think you may have removed your download and accidently not put it back up...

while it was kinda hard to follow, thats what made me love it. like my goodness that was good imo. 

there should really be a story rating. this would get a 5/5

Not a horrible game, as been mentioned by others it could do with some sound. However, for having two people on coding its honestly suprising to me that the mechanics are eccentually rock paper scissors, but of course, you know what your oponent is going to throw out, so it feels kinda pointless. its a decent concept, but you need to make it more challenging than making the right guess. like have some interactivity in the fight or something, idk. 

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This is a nice game. i really like the sound effects and the spritework is fairly good. one thing though, and i understand, as it is a game jam, but i noticed that lots of puzzles you could solve by using a non-intended solution. for instance i think there was one level that had like three yellow orbs, i just took one and teleported right to the goal. but other than that its a really good concept and pretty good execution. 

This is the story of a man named Stanley. Stanley worked for a company in a big building where he was Employee #427. Employee #427's job was simple: he sat at his desk in room 427 and he pushed buttons and switches, and turned nobs on a control board. Orders came to him through glowing lights and alarms, telling him what buttons/switches to push, how long to push them, and in what order. This is what Employee #427 did every day of every month of every year, and although others might have considered it soul rending, Stanley relished every moment the orders came in, as though he had been made exactly for this job. And Stanley was happy.

jokes aside, this game was ok. its nice and relaxing in that sort of casually pressing buttons kinda way. you could probably make a good phone game. 

just out of curiosity... why exactly did you use 8.1 when game maker studio 1.4 is like free rn? 

do you already have an idea for the game? if not, i would like to join!

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okay, now that i think about it.... i think im going to make a twinery game.... back to the engine i used to make my first ever game....

edit- in case you where wondering... i never did do that. 

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thank you for your feedback! i will try to fix these bugs for the deluxe version if i ever do it, thank you for playing my game! :3