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That did the trick!  Everything was made in Aseprite so that should be an easy fix lol, thanks for the help!

So I've made replacement sprites for all available sprites and set the size in the size.tx file, but the sprites have a weird black outline in some places when used in Baba Friend, any advice?

Interesting, I'll have to double check the assignments for the teleporters, otherwise it might also be a bug with spamming the use key, good to know!

Nice job!  Loved the art and the music, and the little NPCs were a nice touch.  I have to agree with the other comments though that the wall jump feels really rough, the rest of the controls feel pretty polished but the wall jump just ruins it for me, especially when its so necessary for most of the levels.  I feel like its just something small you'll need to tweak though, get the wall jump polished and you've got a great little game here!

Yeah it's not as much a metroidvania as I wanted it to be, originally the plan was to have the first few rooms have multiple routes for the different abilities you might have at that time, but I spent way too much time on the underlying systems of the game that the level design became the last thing and suffered a bit.  I'm glad to hear that dying a lot wasn't terrible, I tried to take inspiration from Celeste and make dying as quick as possible so the player isn't waiting forever every time they die, especially since dying a lot was expected.  Thanks for your review!

I hear you about the keyboard controls being...pretty bad, lol.  I found myself using the mouse a lot while testing but figured not everyone would like using the mouse buttons for the ability swap but I couldn't decide on a good keyboard scheme.  I wanted to let the player reassign keys for the jam but cut it early on due to scope creep, but that'll probably be something I add for the post-jam version.  I also plan on tweaking the difficulty a bit if not completely redesigning some levels since I wanted it to be hard, not frustratingly hard, but it seems the last few levels ended up being more difficult than I intended.  Thank you for your review and feedback!

Neat idea!  Overall I think you did a good job, keep working on it and there's a lot you could do with the different limbs and whatnot.

You've got the start of something good here, but like the others have said the controls really need some work, I'm not sure if it was intentional or not but the slow acceleration of the character hinders the gameplay immensely, both with moving and jumping.  Work on that and I think you've got something enjoyable here.  Either way though, you guys made a game in under a month, good job! 

Love the art!  Just to echo some points that have already been brought up, an outline on the character would be helpful, and the camera was a bit high for me to know where I was dropping for the first time.  The controls could be refined a bit, but they're fine overall.  The art really steals the show here though, fantastic!  Great job!

Same, there's a part of me that wants to expand on my entry a bit, but with how messy the codebase became towards the end I'd want to start over from scratch, and at that point I've got some other idea's I want to work on instead.  I'm going to polish my entry up a bit and tweak some stuff based on feedback, but otherwise, I'll be moving on.

Controls were a bit too tight, if you wanted to keep that level of gravity and speed you might want to implement some form of coyote time since jumping a pixel too late means plummeting downwards.  Fun little game though, could keep at it and add some more levels to it!

Overall I honestly enjoy the graphics, gives me a real SNES/Genesis vibe and you've got that down, everything seems to fit together.  Usually you want things closer to you to be lighter than the things further away, but that can also be subjective, so if you like what you're doing better go for it!  It's entirely just my two cents.

Loved this!  I'll agree with the others that the music doesn't really fit the overall vibe, though I know you're aware of that.  Otherwise, if I had to critique something I'd recommend making the background dark and the foreground lighter, as the current setup feels like the dog and the background are at the same depth, though that's just a personal opinion.  Great job, good luck with the full release!

Nice job!  I can honestly say I enjoyed this one, finished it and got the little secret/easter egg bit at the end.  I liked the concept of having to plan out what potions are needed to get through each puzzle, though admittedly more complexity with them would be nice, towards the end it felt like it was a lot of just using two potions at a time.  My main critique is the player, the movement is a bit floaty and slow with my biggest issue being that since you don't accelerate while in the air, and accelerating on the ground is slow, short jumps are basically pointless.  Overall though great job!

I really appreciate the in-depth feedback, I was going to respond to each point but in reality, it came down to one big problem: scope creep.  When I first came up with the idea for the game, there were puzzles and enemies and multiple obstacles, and NINE different abilities total. (what was I thinking??)  I cut three of them early on and liked the idea of two for each element, but the further into the design process, the more I realized that that was still too much, but it was too late to change things completely.  There were supposed to be moving obstacles and timed obstacles and other dangers beyond just spikes, but between my scope still being too big and me taking a bit more time off on the jam than I probably should've, things didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped.  I'm currently working on tweaks and changes, but ultimately I'm just taking what I've learned here to the next project.  Again, seriously appreciate the detailed feedback, thanks for your review!

Absolutely loved this!  Great aesthetic, and while O and K for the controls is a bit, unique, your character controls very well. Great job!

Thank you!  Absolutely loved your entry, one of if not my absolute favorites for this jam!

There's a controls page on the main menu, left shift for keyboard and X  on Xbox controller, but you also need to unlock sprint.

Nice job!  It might be a bit clunky and I just kinda jumped over most of the early enemies, but you've got a lot here and I still enjoyed my time with it.  Keep it up!

According to the rules late submissions and bug fixes are open for 72 hours after the jam ended, so if you can still upload I'd say go for it

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Thank you for reminding me about that bug, I had found it late at night before uploading the submission and completely forgot about it.  Iirc you can get out of it by trying the slam ability again, but I'm not 100%, that's going on the list of things to fix for the post jam version lol.  Thanks for the feedback!

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the controls, the character controller was probably the one thing I spent the most time on so it's nice to see that work paying off lol.  Difficulty is definitely something I'll be looking at with the post jam version as that seems to be pretty common feedback, and while I wanted it to be hard I probably should've had someone playtest it to make sure it wasn't TOO hard.  I definitely appreciate your feedback, thanks again for the kind words!

Thank you!  I appreciate the feedback about mouse and keyboard controls, while it's doable a controller is definitely much easier to play with and I didn't really catch that until well into the jam.  The difficulty of the last two areas has been a regular critique too, so the post jam version will probably have those toned down or at least tweaked a bit.  I appreciate your review!

Trust me I know the feeling lol, I have so much I wish I could've done in terms of polish and juice but just didn't have time, you still did a lot in the time frame!

No worries, we design things as straightforward as we can and there will always be people that don't get it lol, I know how it goes.  

Really like the visuals you have here, everything goes well together and is consistent and clean.  The scrap pickup where they fly to you reminds me of Ratchet and Clank and I really enjoy that lol.  Only feedback I have has already been mentioned below regarding aiming, hit feedback, etc.  Overall great job!

I enjoyed it!  You've got a unique aesthetic visually and the gameplay itself was simple but well done.  I saw you had mentioned it in another comment but my only critique would be that I wasn't really sure what leveling my alchemy did, though I might've just missed that in the tutorial.  Great job!

My main goal was to have something that felt good to play so I'm glad to hear it!  I definitely get the difficulty of the last two areas being very hard, if not too hard.  The hope was to have those last two areas be very challenging, but it's easy to beat a difficult level when you designed it, so I really should've had someone playtest them if I had the time.  I appreciate your feedback and thanks again for the kind words!

Yeah, one of the main things I've learned from this jam is that having others playtest levels, especially in a game like this, is important to help balance out the difficulty.  The disappearing bricks would be an example of why lol, I had tinkered with them a lot to get a timing that wasn't too long but wasn't so quick you'd have no time to react, but that's easy to do when you designed the levels and know what to expect.  Thank you for the review, I definitely appreciate the feedback!

Appreciate it!  The original idea was more of a puzzle platformer with even more abilities, but I cut the scope pretty early and it turned into "Celeste but also metroidvania" pretty quick.  I agree the last two zones are very difficult, I used the process of "if the dev can beat it easily the difficulty is ok", but that doesn't always work out as expected so I appreciate the feedback!  One thing I need to get better at is having people playtest things, even during a game jam.  Could you give more detail on what you didn't like about the wall jumping mechanic?  It's definitely not perfect, but I'm curious what about it felt worse than the other mechanics.  Thanks again for the review!

Love Godot, favorite engine by far.  Thanks!  Similar to the timing of the crumbling platforms I mentioned in a different reply, the walk speed was something I tweaked a lot before settling in on the final level design, so like you said unfortunately that'd required some reworks.  I appreciate any comments and critique though, and it's definitely something I'll take note of.  Thanks again!

Thank you, that really means a lot!  I could say the same about your entry, everything felt nice and smooth and the design was simple enough that everything was pretty straightforward outside of figuring out what the elements do.  The platform timing is definitely something I tinkered with a lot, but I also didn't have anyone else try it out so I might have just been used to it, I'll definitely keep that in mind!

Enjoyed it!  Really nice overall, the controls were smooth and the art was consistent.  I personally liked that there wasn't an explanation of the elements and that you had to figure out what they did, but that might just be me lol.  I only got the Air and Fire elements, so I'll probably come back to play more because I'm admittedly curious what the others do.  I don't really have any worthwhile critiques right now, but if I find anything when playing again I'll reply here, great job!

No worries, I missed it at first too

That 24 hour postpone rule also says this: Uploads will also be unlocked, so if you have a bug fix to publish, do it during this time!
So looks like its bugfix time lol

Just gonna suggest that not having your submission to a game jam be free, at least during the voting period, is going to hamper your votes significantly.  Might want to remove the price during the voting period if you hadn't planned on that already 

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Thanks! It's honestly more decorative than anything, it only affects the background.  I took a lot of inspiration from Celeste for this project lol

All of the mechanics are working, menus and saving the game works, I just need to finish up the art and get the actual levels put together.   Hopefully I have enough time, but we'll see what the final result is lol.  Worst case I spend some time after the jam polishing things up.

Yeah, I would second learning some form of source control, GitHub is my go-to.  You can make private repositories if you don't want your work public, but either way, you have a place to back up your work and work on different versions.  It's also great for collaboration.  Sorry to hear you lost your work though, it happens to the best of us.

I noticed that colors of the same color but with a different alpha won't be considered different colors, could you just overlay white on black with different opacities to get a greyscale effect?