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:-) Thanks for checking it out!

Thank you !

Thank you!

I have an idea for it to add after the jam, thanks for checking it out!

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Thank you for checking it out!

Forced landscape problem is now solved, the settings were to choose default of device but it was going for landscape, now its in forced portrait mode.

Thank you :-)

Thank you :-)

Thank you

Thank you :-)

Make a game with a jaw dropping story and when the story is nearing its end, claim it was just a dream and start playing 90s pop music.

I think much of the complains people often have with long games are about the grind. Without the meaningless repetition elements and if new things keep showing up then I think 40 hours is a good amount of gameplay for the genre.

Discord + a few features that it misses like prioritizing which groups to focus is a very good away to keep in touch with devs who are working on interesting games.


Yes, it follows all the rules of the game jam. Thank You.

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Thank You

It is a typing infinite runner where you type commands to run from an unstable vampire. You tried befriending them but now they are here to unleash their wrath.

Can I submit it here, or should I work on a different game. I made it yesterday.

I was working on a lore but couldn't decide any particular story that already hasn't been done before. I also wanted to participate in ludum dare. I saw their theme and everything just clicked. The game is a typing game where the vampire you befriended has now turned unstable (for lore reasons) and is now running after you.

Can I submit it here?

My 4KB ludum dare game is an Infinite Runner with typing mechanics

Type: Unstable Vampire is my entry to ludum dare 49. I am participating in compo despite the harsher criticisms it might bring, as the option in the forms always suggest. But so far I have only seen constructive suggestions on the site, hence I confidently present to you this  4KB typing game.

With the theme being unstable I wanted to go the route of horror and running from someone unstable but also wanted it to be lighthearted and fun, hence the backstory you see here came into being. Ludum dare gives a great oppurtunity to learn time management and learn from other's works and this game is a result of that. I have probably spent hours checking out the posts everyone is making there.

I'm further interested in introducing humour elements to the game, a background into who the player character is and why they decided to befriend a vampire could be an epic story. Ofcourse the description itself consists as a supplementary material to the game. Consider the presentation as an ode to retro arcade game description. One can't go wrong with more weapons and incremental difficulty in the game, as long as the commands to type doesn't increases.

Thank you for checking out this log and the game, in case you haven't yet, did I till you it's just 4 kilobytes!

You can find the game at

This is the first time I am participating in #devtober. I always wanted to work on a project within a jam like this. I'd like to keep working on this game thanks to the motivation I get seeing everyone else's work here. 

This seems very interesting.

Very beautiful game.

It's a great concept and it has turned out brilliant.

Really hits the nostalgia with the great graphics. Can't wait to play it.

I love games with a chill atmosphere, and the art style looks beautiful.

Getting a 3d game playable in 48 hours, I can imagine the amount of work that went into it. Really admire the theme and style.

I made a typing game in 4 KB of javascript where you have to type commands like run and jump to escape from a vampire who is trying to bite you. This simple premise makes a reflex judging highly competitive typing game, perfect for a showdown with a friend.

I am specifically looking for feedback over what could be added to the project to keep it interesting while also adding up levels of achievement as you keep on moving forward and your score increases.

I was thinking about something simple like a "bling!" noise as a wall of text won't be read at that speed, however a bling noise might only just become an annoyance and not feel like an achievement at all.

Thanks for checking this out. All feedback is welcome.


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Type: Unstable Vampire

I just released my submission to this season's ludum dare. It's a typing game made completely in javascript. Ratings for ld49 are ongoing now.

You befriended a vampire, but now the vampire has turned unstable. Escape for your life by typing into the terminal run, run, jump and more commands as the situation arises. 

But the vampire isn't alone, friends are coming. If only you had an arrow and a bow!

Made in pure javascript this game runs in the browser. It's also free. Some more development is ongoing and while the commands won't get any verbose, more lore and weapon is being added. Continous devlogs are being kept.

This game works perfectly for a fast reflex and typing showdown. Challenge your friends and peers, even non gamers might enjoy it as a challenge. 

And by the way did I mention it's just 4KB.  

Try out Type: Unstable Vampire on today.

Thank you.

Love the creativity, bit of editing and the speakers and bowl can actually look like some lab.


love the interpretation for the theme

I think we got a possible winner for ld49, and by the way what a webpage design!

miz, I love the games you make.

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"text-less"! thats like the opposite of the genre of games I make :-D

great work! 😃

thank you so much

Awesome tool, do you have plans about putting it on github?

Is it allowed to submit in multiple jams if you follow the themes? Because many jam pages encourage it...

I got this error when submitting to a jam - "We seem to be having server errors, please try again later."

Problem is I also got this error in April I think, ignored it and just got sad that I can't submit my project.

Please look into it, or suggest how to fix this.

I hope this is the right place to post this.

I was working on a new game but it might take more time so this old one is my submission.

is that allowed. I would then make the art in a different app, export as jpeg to use in game..

apocalyptic survivor cyborg :)