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Thank you so much, I really appreciate the great feedback! :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you! Yeah I’m still struggling a bit with the balancing of the game. I’ll have another look into this, thanks for the feedback! :)

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Maybe as additional info for bug fixing I was swimming diagonally. 130 degrees or 230 degrees both seems to lead to this exploit :)

Very cool game, I like the idea. If you allow for a little feedback, I noticed that it seems you can just move in one direction (if followed by a torpedo) indefinitely and eventually reach a very high score. Maybe I quit the game too early and there is some logic to prevent this, but if not, maybe you could add some kind of logic that adds a torpedo somewhere in the direction the player is moving to prevent exploits like this. Otherwise very nice :)

Love that game, praise our Duck Overlord 🐥

Thanks for the feedback!

Took just a bit to figure out […]

Maybe some kind of tutorial is necessary. I only added some “Help” section in the menu but maybe that’s not enough.

[…] but what I missed the most was being able to use the crank to scroll the list.

That’s a good point, I’ll look into this! :)

Thanks for the feedback!

I could easily see some more stuff being added to this game beyond the game jam. I think it could be really funny if you got to see and hear him actually go to the events he’s preparing for, possibly adding some extra interactive elements to those as well.

Good idea, maybe I will add a story mode in future :D

Thanks for the feedback! I’m in the process of adding a highscore system and a difficulty system that increases with higher scores. Hopefully this will add more incentive to keep going :)

Glad to hear I achieved some of the intended effects! I may want to add more items and events in a future version :)

Thanks, nice to hear you enjoyed the game! I’m already working on the next update, which should add more of the basic functionality like visualisation for the timer, difficulty system, highscore and some kind of “health system”, so stay tuned, the update will probably come out after the voting period :)

Yeah the TTS stuff is so funny sometimes :D

Thank you very much! Yes, I agree, there are definitely some TODOs to improve this game, I’ll start with an updated version soon, thanks a lot for your feedback! 🙏

Very fun! Feels very polished, only the sound is missing than it would be close to perfect. Only negative aspect I see is that it does not really fit the theme but yeah let’s forget that ;)

I like the idea, similar to what I’ve done but I think yours is gameplay wise much more fun. With a bit more polishing, sounds, some indicator what you already have in the basket and maybe some time constrain this could be very fun! :)

Very creative approach, a bit difficult for me but visually very pleasing :)

Very cool and the music is super funny :D

Very cool idea and usage of the Playdate, I like it but without the written help it’s very hard :D

Very cool! Feels super polished :)

I like the idea very cool!

Can only confirm what other saying really cool idea and execution, everything is on point, love it! :)

Hmm not sure, as mentioned this should only happen if you select the wrong item but maybe there is still some bug somewhere, I need to check that :D

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Thanks! :)

If the item you selected is wrong then yes it’s normal (unfortunately :D). You don’t have any “health” just one try. That’s also something I’ll improve after the voting period, it’s just too harsh :D

Thank you very much for the feedback! This time I was a bit more into making it look more polished (sounds and graphic wise), but I think some kind of highscore would encourage the player a bit more to play the game more often :D

I like it. Add some calm music and I could imagine me playing this very often :)

Funny idea, love the shredding sound :D

Very cool idea, the controls feel a bit clumsy imo but I’m also not sure how to do it any better :D

What a great idea, love that!

The visuals are great I love them and the produced world salad is very funny. Maybe at the beginning you could show this crank indicator because I was pressing all the buttons until I realized I need to use the crank :D

Yeah I also wanted to add some kind of score, will do this after the voting period, it’s on my TODO list :)

Yep that’s some weird bug I also noticed yesterday, luckily I haven’t implemented the score so I don’t have to worry about this one at the moment :D

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Glad you liked it! :)

Another small recommendation (even if it’s not historically accurate) is to make the rosettes a different color.

I had already planned to colour the symbols on the board, but skipped it due to time constraints. But it’s a good idea to make the rosettes stand out a bit more!

I use Safari, which tends to have more problems than other browsers. I think for HTML exports GLES2 is preferable as it is more compatible.

The only downside I can see is that it is a bit complicated to understand for a jam, but it sure is a solid game, congrats.

True, I didn’t had time to make a good tutorial which might be useful for someone who do not know this game in advance. Thanks for playing and the feedback! :)

Glad to see someone else turning old games to video games. But you even turned it into something completely new. Very cool idea and it felt already very polished! :)

That was fun, maybe a bit more easier start as I was bit overwhelmed at first with the amount of projectiles but the idea is good :)

Similar to other submissions I saw but you added some twist which is very unique. I also liked the art and UI design. Felt already very polished :)

Nice movement and cool idea :)

Cool idea, I liked it :)

Couldn’t figure out what the objective is, maybe some simple example would be cool.

That was cool, some suggestions:

  • adjusting the walk speed
  • add some response if damage is received (sound effect or visual effect)
  • bigger attack area

Otherwise, it was quite good :)