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Hi, I have tried the game on GNU/Linux but it throws an error when loading gets about 50%-54%.

I think it is about low memory (the machine where I tried has "only" 3 GB of RAM).

Just to your knowledge in case you want to put hard minimum requirements. :)


The moves are bit hard, yes...

Simple but effective. I remember the old times sports game when you need to smash buttons. xD

Well done!

Hi, I can't test this:


./stargazer-jam-version-linux-x86: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Assassin's Meaow Mirror's Edge! xD

I love it. The style is great and it has a lot of potencial. But, dammit, when you die a lot of times in the tutorial, it's hard! xD

Linux 32 bits here... :)

I like it! Very playable.

This idea have a lot of possibilities. Good work.

The engine file of your project has a binary format. Are you using a non-stable Godot engine?

I feel a bit lost with this game. :X

Thanks for the code. I didn't know this were for non Godot stable.

I'm using Linux 32 bits. :)

Interesting game.

I'm sorry but I cannot find the source code of this, so I can't valorate it.

It seems that you upload the incorrect source code.


Interesting game.

I liked it! Simple and addictive.

When an evil bird touch you, maybe you could stop the move until the character get back to normal state.

I love the style but the falling bug is really annoying. Describe a little objective in this game could help to the player (and increase the atmosphere)

Anyway, I don't catch the "two buttons" idea. : X

I liked it. It's very addictive.

Thanks. :)

Good game. I really like it.

I can't test it. Linux 32 bits here, and source code doesn't work on stable Godot.

I'm sorry but I can't test it:


./twotapsracer.32: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Really pretty game.

Dammit, this is really fun! Paperboy mutated to gas-man. xD

Congratulation, love that gameplay.

PS: I need that dog help me to get the gas.

Errr... I don't see too much related with two buttons. :P

Anyway, it is a funny game. The end is a bit... weird? xD

I like the steps shadows in the floor when you use the object.

PS: the link to Github is incorrect. There is a character "g" at the end.

I like it, but the level2 is a bit buggy. I cannot pass the first room, because the paths inside and outside cannot be reached. And I don't see too much related with two buttons. Ok, you only need two mouse buttons but... you know... :P

Anyway, it has a very good start for an interesting game.

There is an image "Menus.jpg", that cannot be find.

I like the concept. The gameplay is a bit hard.

I'm sorry but I don't see the source code of this, so I can't valorate it.

Nice idea.

With something that dry the cat it becomes an interesting game. :)

I'm sorry, but the access to the code in Gitlab is not accesible (I'm trying annonymous access). Probably is not full public. So, I can't valorate this.

I can't find the source code... so I can't valorate it.

Love it. Classics never die! :D

PS: the menu screen is cut for me. Probably you'll need to set the stretch mode in project settings.

I'm sorry but I can see the source code of this, so I can't valorate it.

Great game. I love the atmosphere and the theme.

Anyway, be careful with the spoiler about a famous film... It is not actual, but... :)

It is a curious "pong" or "Tron".

It's a bit hard, maybe making it horizontal give more interesting and strategy to the play.

I like so much how the idea is get up with the theme of the jam.

Well done!

I like so much. Very interesting gameplay.

Interesting gameplay but I feel a bit lost. Maybe making objective more clear (for example, make between stations) could make the game more interesting.

Well done!

Interesting gameplay. With some other objetive (scenaries, objects colision, power ups and down) could be a good ability game.

I like so much.

There are a lot of interesting details in the code to study on. Like so much the blur shader and the fader transition between scenes.

The game is another classic. The mouse control is a bit hard (I admit that I pass to the keyboard quickly. :P). This game with more levels, obstacles and mice will be a very good game.