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I hadn't thought of that! Thanks for playing :)

Ooooh, I see the monsters falling away when I mash Shift now. Neat, thanks!

I can move left and right, jump, and crouch, but I just can't find a way to bonk. Neither Shift key does anything when I press it.

Confusing, but I could feel myself "get it" the more I played, which was interesting to experience. Not enough to be good at it, but still!

I've never been good at games like this, so it was all a little fast for me. Seemed like it'd be fun for those who like this kind of game, though. Very clean and well done.

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I'm afraid I could only get the movement and restart buttons to work. Good job for finishing, though! I almost ran out of time myself, and there's a few extra buttons in my game that don't actually work.

Took me awhile to realize I was dying to... spikes? Dodging the collisions on those things, especially with the enemies, got old kinda fast. The Trophies text was large enough to block off my vision of a sizable chunk of the map. I respect the ambition, though.

The endless loop you've got is entertaining. I was annoyed that, in my games, most of the business would just tank and Pierre's bakery would take off for the moon. I'm assuming that's all random, though.

You got out a much better action game than I could manage. I'm impressed!

I was surprised at how much content you got in, and I never encountered a game breaking moment.

I thought the game was a lot of fun, although there were a few occasions where it didn't seem like I could do anything to avoid getting shot.

Ah, sorry, been a few rough days. I cannot use mouse, keyboard, and controller interchangably in menus, but I can use my mouse now if I disconnect my 360 controller.  I can't reliably use my 360 controller, but it's not my preferred input method for this kind of game. This is a good enough solution for me to play, thanks!

Thanks! I'll keep an eye out

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When I start the game, my mouse is stuck on 1 side of the screen and won't move. I can use my keyboard to navigate menus, but selecting anything in the menus  brings up some kind of first-timer pre-tutorial sequence that I cannot escape because it requires mouse input!

Has anyone else experienced this or have advice? I checked 


and there's no input config file. I do have a wired 360 controller, but nothing in Beacon responds to it. I've also tried re-installing and launching without Itch launcher, and issue remains.

Interesting concept. Enemies being massive bullet sponges didn't do much for me, but a mash up of doom and metroid could have legs if you develop it.

Nice short concept. Jumping feels off to me at times; either I'm too used to the environment giving me excessive time on edges to jump, or the actual edges of objects in the world isn't right. Losing a life to an enemy knight suddenly turning my direction, when I don't have a sword or shield, is a little annoying. Thanks for the fun.

Thanks again for taking the time to play! I also enjoyed the ability to queue your next action. I may return to the idea in the future.

Project submitted, woot! Completed my intial scope (just 2 dudes wacking on each other) and had time to go over.  The result is still janky but, as long as it plays an peoples' computers I'm happy.

I'm late to the party and not prepared, but I've been wanting to do something like this for a while. Gonna give it my best shot!