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Interesting idea! But where is the gun? ;) Maybe you should have added some sort of target practice or something like that. And maybe some very simple enemies would be nice. Multiples waves that attack the player for example.

Very nice game! It's very polished for a gamejam entry. The graphics are nice, the controls are smooth and the difficulty is perfect!

Cool game! The art style is nice! I especially liked the lava animation. The game is quite polished, but maybe some sfx would be good. It's a small game for 10 days of course, but in my opinion a small but polished experience is always better. 

It would be nice, if you could rate our game too, because we still need some ratings:

Thank you again! The stream was very nice ;)

Thank you for you kind words!

Yes, we still have some problems with people getting stuck at certain places, because we didn't do enough playtests before submission. We learned from that for our next jam!

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Thank you for your Feedback and for playing it on the stream!

Yes, we still have some problems with people getting stuck at certain places, because we didn't do enough playtests before submission. We learned from that for our next jam!

Thank you!

That's one of the most polished game of the jam, at least the most polished one I have played yet! I really like the way you explain the controlls at the beginning. I was only able to find one bug: The camera is a bit buggy if you try to drive in the wall of the starting-area. Very nice game! 5/5

If you have time, it would be nice to get some feedback on our game too! We still need some ratings ;)

Nice idea! Rather hard for me, because I don't play piano, but that's my fault I guess :) I like the cutout animations too! I don't really know anything you could improve. Only some challenging tasks would be cool, but that's fine!

If you have time, it would be cool, if you could check out our submission too! Just like you, we still need some feedback ;)

I like, that you introduced the film with the sequence at the start. The game seems to be quite fun, if it were a bit more polished. But there is one thing, which is gamebreaking for me: The countdown. I think it would have been much better if the player had time to solve those puzzles. Of course, the player is able to look at all puzzles before the timer starts, but there is no clue, that there is going to be a timer, when you type something in the textbox. Another problem was, that I didn't know which names you gave those items. If multiple synonyms were allowed it wouldn't be a problem. About graphics and sound: I can't give you many points there, because you didn't do the assets yourself. And at least for the pixelart it was easily recognizable, that they all had a different style. Maybe you can improve the stuff I pointed out.

It would be cool, if you could give me some feedback too! I still need ratings, just like you ;)

Solid entry! The cinematics were nice and everything felt very polished. The gameplay wasn't that fun, but the cinematics made up for it. I especially liked the changes of the cameraperspective. I can't give you much for Audio though, because you didn't do it yourself, even though it was nice!

If you have time, it would be great if you could rate our game too! Thanks!

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, you are right! We didn't have time to make a menu. I am sorry, that you got stuck! You had to walk through the fire to travel in the next world (You've probably only seen about 20% of the game yet, the main part isn't in the screenshots to not spoil the player).

I really like the graphics, the pixelarts are very nice, but as you have already said, the game-mechanics don't quite work yet. You speed up while breaking and the enemies don't really harm you. But it feels like a very solid game, which could be extended to a very nice game! Keep working on it, it seems like you are a skilled gamedeveloper!

If you want, you can check out our entry "Between the Worlds" too, would be cool!

Thank you for playing the game! I think you misunderstood something there. The Desert-Area isn't supposed to be related to Harry Potter. It's the universe of another film. Maybe you can guess what it is ;)

Thank you a lot! That means a lot to us! Really? Another Let's Player? Man, I am supposed to be working on the trailer for the game right now and not watch videos all day! 

Thank you for mentioning my game ;)

Sorry, I can't find you. Maybe you can add me: allinonemovie#6615

Thank you for your feedback! That's a great point. You could instantly go to the painting and finish the game. I wanted to focus on graphics this jam, so I kept the mechanics to a minimum, but you are right, if I am ever going to extend the game, I am definitly going to pay attention to that! User-Feedback is so valuable sometimes ;)

Thank you for your helpful feedback! For the records: This guy didn't just help me to improve my game with this comment, but on Discord too ;) I think I improved everything you pointed out :) The update is uploading ;)

Thank you for your feedback! I added a mechanic, that you know which puzzle-pieces you really need. The parody star-bucks logo seems to be pretty similar to the logo on the left of my name :P You are an Ue4-dev yourself? Would be cool to collaborate once, because I really want to focus only on polishing once. I did everything besides the music and some soundeffects in this game, so there wasn't much time for polishing. It would be really cool to work with someone who focuses only on programming :)

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I added a spoiler to the description. Could you remove the spoiler from your comment, so that nobody reads it by accident?

Oh, sorry ;)

How can I join the Discord-Server? There isn't a link in the description of the jam ;)

Have fun ;)

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