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I like, that you introduced the film with the sequence at the start. The game seems to be quite fun, if it were a bit more polished. But there is one thing, which is gamebreaking for me: The countdown. I think it would have been much better if the player had time to solve those puzzles. Of course, the player is able to look at all puzzles before the timer starts, but there is no clue, that there is going to be a timer, when you type something in the textbox. Another problem was, that I didn't know which names you gave those items. If multiple synonyms were allowed it wouldn't be a problem. About graphics and sound: I can't give you many points there, because you didn't do the assets yourself. And at least for the pixelart it was easily recognizable, that they all had a different style. Maybe you can improve the stuff I pointed out.

It would be cool, if you could give me some feedback too! I still need ratings, just like you ;)