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Thank you for your feedback! I added a mechanic, that you know which puzzle-pieces you really need. The parody star-bucks logo seems to be pretty similar to the logo on the left of my name :P You are an Ue4-dev yourself? Would be cool to collaborate once, because I really want to focus only on polishing once. I did everything besides the music and some soundeffects in this game, so there wasn't much time for polishing. It would be really cool to work with someone who focuses only on programming :)

Ohhhh that sounds fun. Now I'm not a crazy programmer but I know more that my fair share of level design and blueprint in Ue4! But I'm trash at 3d modeling and materials something you obviously excel at! I'm interested maybe during the move game jam? Add me on Discord and we can talk! [Rav10(Etra Games)#0860]

just re replying in case you didn't get first notification!

Sorry, I can't find you. Maybe you can add me: allinonemovie#6615

sent a request

My XKCD game jam analysis is out!


Thank you for mentioning my game ;)