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Topic! Sticky

A topic by Haploid7 created Oct 13, 2017 Views: 277 Replies: 4
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I hope you're all ready because its starting!

there will be 2 topics again, i did this last 48 Secret as well.

so that will be standard from now on.

but the 2 topics perfectly random chosen are:

1. In the sky 

Submitted by Devsaur


2. They came from below

Submitted by TemplarWarden

*note that you have to use both topics in your game!

I hope you can think of a game with these topics, but that shouldn't be that hard right?

Anyways, Good luck and Have Fun!

Discord is open as well, so feel free to join  :


lets goooooo


You were really waiting weren't you XD


Have fun ;)

Anyone need a composer?