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<333333 So so cute, the puzzles were so fun, I was so surprised with how much variety this game has, love this!!

LOVED THAT!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED THAT!! i love these two ((and i hope hazel rly did fly over and they had that nasty furry greasy irl erp, u love to see it))


!!!!!!!!! Omg that game is the direct inspiration ahah I'm glad you noticed, I wanted to make some midway between exactly that and Factorio!!

Oh what the heck, Tab should work! I'm sorry the web port of Love2D is messy. There's a downloadable version below!


this is sick!

thank youuu!! <3 and yeah true after seeing some people play it i wish i made everything clickable - if i release an extended post-jam version, you'll be able to play the whole thing with clicks!! tysm for playing

sorry the word "money" is copyrighted by the US government so i cant use it 😢

thanks so much!! i'm happy to hear you like it despite not playing the genre much, im flattered by that!! tysm!

thank you so much!!!!! 💞 im glad you liked the chainsaw intro i was proud of that ahah, tysm!!

this is outright DEMONIC.... I'm so impressed that's so sick, thanks so much!! 

I looooved this game I was smiling the whole time, I don't know what it is, but the sheer spectacle of the final boss hits so hard after the slow buildup it surprised me so much s;ldkhgsdg banger game lmao

Awesome art and I can tell it's a really cool concept - the lack of feedback lets the game down a lot, it's really difficult to tell what's happening, who got hurt, who's dead, who's turn it is, etc..! Lots of potential!

This rips!!!

🥺Thank you so much!!

I got hit by the boss while next to a wall, got shoved into it and now I'm hard stuck ;v; Interesting idea! There's a lot of potential here!!

Omg thank you that's very high praise!!! And true, I wish we could have leaned into the theme harder... We experimented with a few different ideas for makeshift gameplay (scrap falls off bosses which you can use for environmental cover, crafting upgrades, or making modular makeshift weapons) but they were either not very fun or would take too much time ;w; so we had to settle for something simple!
I appreciate the comment a lot, thank you!

Thanks for letting me know! I've uploaded a fixed version, with a keyboard remapping feature I completed a while ago.

I assume this is on Windows, so I've re-uploaded a fixed Windows version, but I'm no longer able to maintain a Linux version. Feel free to let me know if the new version works, thank you!

Cute cute cute!!!

Awesome game!! Also Love2D gang omg based

This is so cool!!!! You're killing it as always

That's absolutely hilarious & I'm so sorry I NEED to fix this freaking game!! Thanks for playing anyway, how did you even do that <3


!!!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕 Thank youuu!!! I'm really glad you liked it

Masterpiece!!!!! Oh my god this owns 💖

SUCH a fun game, the cutest & most fun bosses I've ever fought by a long shot

Unreal!! Fantastic piece of software

Getting a vampire early sucks but also the stakes are extremely low, you don't lose a lot. 

"There's nothing deductive you can do" thaaaaaaaaaaat's gambling! Welcome to Las Vegas 2024 baby


Thank you very much, glad you like it! And yess we were worried that this approach might not feel magical-girl-y enough.  We tried to derive away from frilly dresses + swords,  and instead built our game around different common tropes and themes from the Magical Girl genre. They might be quite hard to spot! We pretty much used Sailor Moon R as a bible throughout the dev of this game ahah

This one is really strange for a jam entry ahah. I feel like there's something very personal buried in this, I can't quite figure out. Neat & intriguing game! AND gooood luck on your Dissertation~!

This is really cute, I enjoyed this a bunch! BUT WHAT STUCK OUT WAS THE ENDING FIGHT. IT'S SO EXTREMELY COOL. I absolutely love it!!! 

We don't have a Linux build because there's no way to distribute a portable Love2D project for Linux. HOWEVER, you can still run it!

If you have Love2D installed on your system, you can download the Windows build, unzip the folder, and run "love Sylvie.exe" and it runs fine, natively! I've only tested this on Debian, so let me know if it works for you!

We don't have a Linux build becasue currently there's no good way to distribute a Love2D project cleanly for Linux specifically. HOWEVER, you can still run it!

If you have Love2D installed on your system, you can download the Windows build, unzip the folder, and run "love Sylvie.exe" and it runs fine, natively! Tested on Debian!  Let me know if there's any problems!

Thank you so much!! We tried to make combat as varied as we can in this short time, it's hard ahah. We might revisit the idea in future~! And  Momodora is a huuuge inspiration to me too, it's the reason I wanted to start making my own games 😊

I'm really sorry!! In my rush of getting a bugfixed version up I packaged it wrongly and missed out SDL2.dll.

I've fixed it now for people in future, thanks for letting me know guys! ;-; I hope you enjoyed the game regardless

These bugs are so weird, I've double-checked SDL2.dll and it's 64bit, so I'll keep looking into it.

Thank you again for the help, and the nice feedback! 😄

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Thank you a ton for catching this! This is quite a difficult bug to track down because it's machine-specific.

I think I've fixed it, please try and let me know if it works okay~! We'll update the Mac version soon too. Thanks again!

I'm in love with this! This is such a clever idea! This concept feels so solid and the levels were designed suuuper well, good job!