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Sorry, but I found another bat uuhm bug: I filled the whole Sudoku but one field (because it would be a 5). Then I filled in the 5 because it was the only option left, so the Bat did its counterattack, which killed me. The game generated a new Sudoku (because the old one was filled completely) and went on. I couldn't do anything (because I'm gone) and the Bat cycled trough its cooldown/idle time, did nothing and idled again, cycling forever.

I really like the idea and implementation of the game, but it generates Sodokus with illegal/impossible combinations.

I had this multiple times, here an example: The only numbers missing in the left box are 2 and 5. So only the 2 can be in the circle, because of the 5 I marked yellow. But when I tried to insert the 2, it was an error and I got attacked.

Very creative idea. Right now I wish for a mouse, had to play it on a trackpad. Would be interesting to try this as a twin stick shooter, the left stick would give you more directions than WASD. Maybe even a way to upgrade without interuption of the gameplay? Cool idea, solid execution, I had fun: Great job.

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it.

Really fun game, once you get the hang of it. Took me a while to find out about the random power ups and that I have to press space to get them (tried to click the power up bar first). Maybe add the info about the space key to the game description. The music is a bit repetitive, good thing, the game is unforgiving and hard, so you get a pause every time you die ;-)

Cool interpretation of the theme, very well executed and fun to play, what else can I say, congrats.

Wow, this looks really great and I like the game idea with movement and action dice a lot. Those rolling animations, when you used a movement look good and are well timed (long enough, that you can enjoy them and notice that the die was rolled, but not to long, so you're not always waiting between movement).

Fun game, I like the idea, that all characters are like figurines. At some point it gets very repetitive, a speed up button would be nice. When the last wave was done, I felt a mixture of relieve and disappointment: Relieve, because it was getting boring at the end, when the enemies don't come far, but you have to wait for them. Disappointment, because there was still space for more towers and something in me wants to upgrade further and kill bigger mobs.

Love the clean, minimalistic visuals. Finished all the levels with full score, I get, that you have to paint at least until the number of the color is full, but should try not to paint much more, because that would cause deductions from your three score points. But it doesn't feel like this will carry a game, it would need another mechanic to make it less trivial: points where you have to refresh the paint so it doesn't run out, or maybe parts of the level that drop/get destroyed, when you leave them, so you can only pass there once. Good job on the overall presentation.

Cool idea, very clean visuals. Satisfying sound, when putting the die in the hole. An animation for the rolling would be nice and a undo function. A good idea, very well executed.

Unless you're at hole 4, yes.

Really hard to pull of, but a very cool game idea. Would have loved a music track you can try to hit the rhythm to. Good job.

Fun game with an interesting idea. Took me a bit to understand the concept, but after that the puzzles are pretty straight forward. I love the relaxed atmosphere with the subtle music and the visuals. Great job!

Cool idea, that you play on the dice and each roll decides the pips/spawn locations. It feels a bit unfair, that the initial life/energy is determined by a roll as well. Maybe start with three lives and then give player the opportunity to collect more lives in the game (those could be rolled)? At one point I think I saw an enemy vanish into a pip. If this really is so or if you could implement it, this could be an interesting mechanic, to lure the harder enemies into the pips. Overall a good and creative jam game, nice job!

I like the idea, but didn't see much difference in the easy/medium/hard enemies. The pixel art is beautiful and the movement felt smooth and good. Maybe add a few auto save spots and then more levels. Keep up the good work!

I found a bug, where my die was hovering in mid air and I could play it from there. This was after a shot I made to high and long by far.

But I like the idea and the for a golf game very uncommon visuals. Also love how the prediction feature is implemented. Mouse controls might have been nice and making trees invisible, when they are between the camera and the die, but that's nitpicking considering the short time span this was made. Great job!

Love the visuals, but the game falls a little bit short and the enemies could at least try to intercept me on my way. Anyways, I hope you will continue working on this after the jam, the idea is nice and I would like to return to this in a few weeks or month.

Super unique idea and very polished and pleasing visuals. I like the mix of technical super stylized levels with the pillars and stones added to them. The music could be a little bit more interesting. I get, that it is supposed to be calming and helping you focus, but only those chords repeating over and over made me turn sound off after the third level. Had to get used to the controls and finding the correct spot to put the die down for a bit, but after that a convincing and fun experience.

Thanks for playing and commenting. Yes, protection at the sides was one of the things I didn't manage to do in time before submission. With the arrows, timing is crutial, because you have to do a jump with much force in the right moment. When I made the video after submitting the game I had the feeling, that I was timing my moves after a beat, maybe I will change this into a rhythm game after the jam :-D

This was so much fun. When I was at the table with the two opposite corners, I wanted to quit, but after that I couldn't stop and I wanted to continue, even when it was over. Please continue this after the jam. Also the aesthetics, voice over and music just play along so well with the theme. Maybe add another key to switch dice (to avoid the mouse button) and some new levels, but apart from that, this is gold. Great job!

OMG, I love this. I was laughing so hard with the three stacked tables and the jump with the fire ring.

I love the casino aesthetics with the lighting and chrome/metal parts. Did take me a time to find out, I have to reload before being able to fire. And the jump is very floaty. I like the reload animation and the sound of the gun firing is oddly satisfying. Fun idea and beautiful implementation.

Thanks for your comment. First I went with a system that tilts the cube/die cleanly over an edge, but the physics/torque impulse thing somehow felt better, though ist hard to master. I think the movement would work better on a mobile device, if it was done by swiping. Then the force would by determined by swipe length or speed. It definately makes sense to time your powerful jumps/rolls to dodge the projectiles of the enemies.

Really love the look you went for and the music is matching it nicely. Like the movement and idea to have the enemies move in a 45° angle to you. I would have prefered to hold down the mouse button for auto fire, the button mashing is tedious and messes up your aim. Overall very coherent, nice atmosphere, good job!

Maybe the cooldown makes sense, but you should then only allow roling without spacebar. So while still in cooldown, check if the player is trying to do another dash, by holding the spacebar and if so, don't move at all. So an attempted dash ist not converted to a roll instead.

For your first game, this is very cool, congrats!

I like the idea that the number rolled is added and not the number of hits. However, I found it a bit difficult to control whether a blow/roll is rather flat or high/lobbed. A great enhancement would be to have a scorecard for all holes and perhaps adjust the order of courses so that the difficulty is ascending.

Nice idea, and clean execution. Good job!

This is so clever and beautiful. Exactly the kind of game, I like to play. With simple means, it creates an excellent atmosphere, with this relaxing forest level and later the last level where it intensifies with the humming and the occasional crackling of the core. Short enough to play through in the jam and still telling a little story. Great job, an excellent enty.

This is so clever and beautiful with its atmosphere. Exactly my kind of game. Looking forward to the d20 edition ;-)

Beautiful in it's simplicity and yet tricky to achieve some of the goals. Sometimes I wasn't sure, why I couldn't turn around a corner and sometimes it wasn't clear, which key to press. But all in all a fun and nicely executed game, congratulations.

Yes, We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

The Player creates the vast majority of the music ... in the game :-D

It's crazy, how my head sometimes messes with me, when you hear the instructors track and fills in beats, that aren't there. It's fun to play with the beats, selecting the dice faces could be a bit easier though. The left/right buttons cause a lot of work, when editing the beat.

Really creative and fun idea.

Cool game idea and art style. The music is unusual, but really adds to the overall atmosphere of the game. Was a bit confused at first, what button does what, but can find out quickly in the first round. It would be nice, if the actions were shown disabled, while you can't do anything. I ended up clicking them, when it was not my turn. And I had the feeling, I had to click them twice some times, even if it was my turn. Overall a fun game with unique aesthetics.

I love the idea and the presentation is fun like in all of your games. Was a bit irritated first, when in the second or third match there were dice in "my" color on the opponents side, but then got that the color is for the dice type. And it makes sense, that the team gets potentially stronger dice in later games. It's a tough decision whether you prefer to have team colors or say the teams are each on their own side anyways, I use the colors to better identify the dice types. From sports you're just used that each team has its own color.

Anyways, got a bit carried away: Fun game, great potential.

Love the aesthetics and how the graphics and sound fit together. Great idea and beautiful implementation. Please allow to dash multiple times without having to release the space bar in between. That got me again and again, I wanted to do another dash and then it got a roll, because I forgot to release and press space again. Apart from that, wonderful game.

If you get stuck, you can give the ball spin by clicking left or right mouse button and get back into the game.

I really like the graphics and how the player movement feels. Maybe choose another button for lifting/throwing, I would have liked to use the other hand for this. With some fine tuning this could be really enjoyable.

Grab wasn't working for me, how do I do it? I tried mouse buttons and several keys. You can multi jump out of the room, I'm not sure if this is intended. It's a shame, the game looked so promising, I really wanted to get it to run ...

Awesome idea, really enjoyed the mechanic and that different enemies have different types of shots and you get the same kind, when you grab them. Unfortunately the game glitched some times, resulting in me not being able to discard the grappled enemy. I'm not sure, but I think it had something to do with catching two enemies at the same time? After discarding one of them the game thinks you don't have one, but you are still running with the enemy sprite and you can't let it go...

Thank you, thats great advice, do you think a run button would help? Make the enemies faster and the player only be faster when he runs? Maybe start in a more open space an then make the spaces smaller for difficulty?

Thanks, it sure needs a lot of refinement, in the end I had just not enough time. This was my first three hour jam and the time ran through my fingers. Yes I participated in mizjam, it was my first game jam. I still had the art pack and thought it might be a good choice for such a short amount of time, so I don't spend to much time on animation...

Thank you, in the end I thought I should have left out the particles and use the time to improve the game mechanic more. But I had to make the infection radius visible somehow...

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Like the idea with the conveyor belts, had a little trouble to find out, when a skeleton kills you. Do Skeletons loose their heads, too, so you can collect and use them or ist skull and skeleton two seperated things in the game?