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It seems like an interesting idea, but it's running at such a high framerate that I can't play it at all. A single tap of a button teleports me to the wall, etc.

Hey, the lead programmer here! Our original plan was to allow the player to wall jump off the encroaching wall, but didn't have time to properly implement and bug test it. If we continue working on the project post-jam that's something I'd definitely like to implement, as well as improving the wall jump by making it its own state.

Also: the change with the frustration meter has to do with your physics. It starts subtle then ramps up. At frustration 100 you have ice physics, fall like a rock, have reduced air control, and have a quarter second delay between pressing jump and leaving the ground.

I like the concept, but I had some problems with the  aspect ratio cutting off my UI, so I couldn't tell how much health or energy I had. I also would have liked to see some in-game feedback that tells players that they can't hurt the robots, as a player who's just skimming the text could easily miss that detail.

The momentum in this game feels sooooooo good. You seriously need to keep working on this, man! I'd buy the crap out of a finished product.

I like the concept and aesthetic, though I do wish you built up gas a bit faster (perhaps rising faster to compensate), as the game's pace can feel a hair sluggish.

Also ran into a bug with the blue projectile enemies: the more their projectiles slam me into a wall, the more out of sync the camera gets. This caused me to soft lock on the level with several projectile enemies and the block in the middle, as the camera moved to where I was off screen and the projectiles kept resetting my gas meter, so I couldn't die to reset the level.

Gotta say, this is an excellent puzzle game, and one of my favorite games in the jam so far. Love the concept, love the art. Please keep working on this because it's definitely something I can see myself paying for in the future!

As for criticism: While I was able to figure out what all the towers did with some experimentation, their exact function could use a bit more explanation. I'd also like some quality of life changes, like being able to see the towers' power costs and target power to activate the teleporter.

I also didn't realize until about halfway through that you can delete towers by pressing Q while holding them, you may want to include that in the instructions, as it's not obvious (I figured it out by accident).

Finally, running back and forth to grab multiple towers while experimenting got pretty tedious. Not entirely sure how to fix it without interfering with the gate mechanic, but it's something to think about.

Cool idea, I always liked the idea of using stage hazards to kill enemies. I would have liked it a bit more if I had any noticeable control over where the roadblocks spawned. Ended up just being a bit of a spam fest.

The game definitely has an interesting concept, but hitbox on the car can be a bit misleading at times, and being able to shoot offscreen makes the obstacles pointless, since you can just spam attacks into the void and get rid of all of them before even starting.

Thanks for the comment! I'm part of the team that developed the game, and this error cropped up right before the deadline so we didn't get a chance to fix it. I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is, and if people are interested, I can do an unofficial patch and provide a link here.