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Nice work!

Have I missed it?

I've been checking back frequently for this too.

It's a free game but I'd be honoured if you'd add Sandman ( to the collection. I have read you're not adding free games to the bundle, but happy to show my support regardless! And yes, I've bought the bundle already :)

The end boss was hard

Yes I realised I could have TWO tweets worth but I was so close to getting it in under one I thought I'd push for that.

Similar to Don't Die Mr Robot and Pacifist Mode on Geometry Wars 2, but that's fine because they're both excellent. Obviously more polish would be good, especially on animation (sometimes the toasts don't animate and the jam doesn't at all) and personally I'd like to see big jammy explosions for everything, but the basic gameplay is great!

May I direct the good Sir at a not entirely dissimilar game I did a while back: :) 

There shouldn't be an executable - it's HTML and JS. Either run it in the page, or load the HTML file if you've downloaded it.

I've just finished a Space Invaders game in PICO-8 so this has come round at the right time. To make best use of previous code and assets, anything invaders and/or cat related would be good for the theme :)

Can't get it to run - it needs some audio files that appear to be missing?

This looks quite similar to a game I've been working on, although plays differently. Still love the cat. Can't figure out how not to die though!

19XX! :)

And here it is!

I'm finished! Just going to tidy up and submit!

It's terrible but I'm SO EXCITED ANYWAY!

Quick update (no gifs, sorry):

I've tweaked the hitboxes so that any part of a cat hitting the basket counts as a hit, but the dogs can only be "caught" if their bottoms hit the top of the basket.

I've also slowed the basket down slightly, but implemented a "turbo" button to allow you to move faster. Basket speed was "3" before, now it's 2, with turbo being 4. Should make weaving through the cats more doable.

Going to make the cat collisions do something next, aside from decrement the lives counter. I'm thinking explosions with fireworks.

That's an excellent looking fox. Interesting thing about the box colliders too - not seen that sort of things before. Not that I've looked anywhere they'd appear, but anyway...

Loving the pixel art here. Bobbing head animations too! How on earth will you get this done in time though? Seems a lot of assets to create.

(1 edit)

Update! No cat collisions yet, but:

Current thoughts:

  1. Too many cats
  2. I think I have cats and dogs round the wrong way
  3. Perhaps the "basket" at the bottom should be a bonfire?
  4. Tweak the hitboxes so you can't "catch" dogs from the side
  5. Sound effects
  6. The game is now officially called "Cats. And Sometimes, Dogs"
  7. Minter Mode
  8. I've not used any cheeses as variable names yet


It does have a face, but another cat spawned over the top of the first one blotting it out :)

PICO-8, yes.

I am LOVING that cat in the tree.

99% complete then:

I don't have a name yet. But I do have the world's most adequate pixel art:

The top one is a cat and bottom one is a dog. Obviously.

And I've a cat-creator function called TOOL_FOR_CATS.

So I'm clearly working to the correct priorities.

Love the Speccy graphics!

1. deKay! Hello :)

2. No! This is literally My First Game Jam

3. Metroid/Castlevania/Mario/Sonic/Zelda. I like to try and make simple, silly games though.

4. Not really. I've programmed for 8bit computers, written some stuff in AMOS on the Amiga, and dabbled with various game makers. Currently using PICO-8.

5. Games!

6. Not yet :)