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Welcome! Sticky

A topic by Zayach created Jun 26, 2017 Views: 945 Replies: 15
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Hey everyone! Just wanted to take a second to say welcome to all 32 people that have joined this super cool Game Jam!

I got a few questions for you guys, though.

How many of you are planning on actually participating?

What do you guys think the theme will be?

Where did you hear about the jam?

Personally, I will be participating in the jam with my own game. I think a cool theme like... Undiscovered Jungle or something would be cool. I don't know I have always liked the idea of jungle themed games. Also, I heard about the jam through the Fantasy Console discord.

Let's get this community a bit active ;)

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I am the host of this game jam and I am also planning to participate with my own game. I obviously know the theme of this game jam, but haven't thought about what I should make, because that would be unfair for sure. And maybe I am schizophrenic, but I heard about this game jam from the voices in my head, so I decided to create it. Have fun. ;)


Hey there, I have to say that I am very excited to be participating in this game jam.  It really fits two short-term goals for me: getting to learn and program in an FC, as well as adding to my gamedev experience.  I have some ideas for games that would fit perfectly with the systems, I just hope the theme aligns as well :)

I am actually participating, with at *least* one entry, if not two.  I am using this week to play with the systems so i can pick two to use during the GJ.

I feel like if one of us guesses the theme, it may get changed ;), but I will take a shot: connected behavior(s).

I heard about the jam from twitter (@TRASEVOL_DOG retweeted  @trelemar).

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I am really excited and slightly nervous as I have never participated in a game jam before, but I feel like this is something worth doing. I too heard about the jam through the discord, and I  plan on submitting one game. I'm sticking with the TIC-80 as it's the only one I have used (at least, for more than a few minutes). I might not end up submitting anything this time around, but even if I don't, at least I'll have some practice for the next one :)

I do have a question though. To quote the rules:

  • You can submit multiple creations.
  • Everything has to be made during one week. (Choose only one of the two weeks.)
  • You don't have to work on it for one week straight, but the total time spent on making it shouldn't take more than  days.

(Also, I'm assuming that's supposed to say "more than seven days?")

If someone submits multiple entries, they can spend up to seven days per entry , right?

Edit: forgot to mention this, but mostly I'm excited to see other people's creations. I haven't seen that many games for these consoles, and I am curious to see how far people can push the limits on the consoles.

As @pistacchio said on the Discord channel:

I mean, what do you want? Do you want to make a game or do you want to impress those other people that program for that FC?

Because if you're interested in the latter (say, 200, 1000 people?) sure having limitations make other fellow programmer say "Look at what he managed to do with all the limitation on the console!"

I'm looking forward to being able to say "Wow! Look at what he managed to do with all the limitation on the console!"


I am sorry, yes, that rule was supposed to say "...more than 7 days."
As for the multiple entires, you can sumbit as many of them as you want to, but on each one of them you shouldn't spent more then those 7 days making it. ;)


Hello! Great jam idea!

I am planning on participating with friend doing graphics and music. I am in a pico-8 period right now so this is a perfect timing :)

I am hoping for a theme based on a game play mechanic. Just because I find it very interesting to see others interpretations of the mechanic. Any theme will do though ;)


Hi everyone! VectorBoy creator David Jalbert here! I just wanted to say thank you for listing my fantasy console in the jam's description. When I made it, I was sure it wouldn't get any attention, but now I'm considering keeping working on it and improving it, including building a complete UI with a code, sprite, and tune editor. And as always, it will remain completely free :)

Anyway, I wish you a good jam, and have fun, everyone! :D


If you plan to keep working on VectorBoy, I recommend you to join our Fantasy Consoles Discord Server, so that you can get your own channel there and get some more exposure. I like the idea of using vectors, because it's original and maybe something really interesting may be done with it.

I'll check it out tonight. Thanks!


Hey y'all.  I just joined this jam because I'm eager to start working on music for a game.  I haven't done one of these yet so is there an FAQ someone can point me to?  I have Qs.  For instance: can I just join as a composer?  Am I in over my head here?  Thanks!


You can join as a composer and make for example just an image for your game in one of the fantasy consoles, but I recommend you to team up with someone and make the game together, because not a lot of people are skilled in music and sound effects. ;)


I would gladly have you as apart of my team for music :D


I'm down! Is discord the place to talk about this?

Deleted 4 years ago

I've just finished a Space Invaders game in PICO-8 so this has come round at the right time. To make best use of previous code and assets, anything invaders and/or cat related would be good for the theme :)


Hey guys. I've decided to join this game jam to try out something new. I didn't even know fantasy consoles was a thing until I received an email about this jam. I'm excited to try to make a game with the VectorBoy. I fell in love with vector graphics when I was younger when I played Tempest X3 for the PS1. It also helps that I already have some experience using Lua. I'm not sure what kind of game I'll be making, but it'll be fun to see what the theme will be. Good luck, everyone!


Hello! From what I remember I saw the jam just browsing a part of itch at some point. I'd just bought PICO-8 as an exploration for something to possibly use to teach kids some programming so the Jam is a nice motivator to get up to speed.

I'm just playing around with getting something scrolling around the screen today but got an idea that was on the periphery of my mind for a while that fits the theme.