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Neat little frogger-like game... and an interesting idea :D

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Took me a minute to really get the hang of it, but once you do, this is a neat little idea of a game :D

I think the goal is to make 2 houses for the guys? Whatever the case, this is a really nice and small game. Very cute, decent graphics, nice mechanics. Not much to complain about except the graphical glitch when picking something up that causes a hundred copies of the word to slide across the background.

Gonna Agree with Merlin on the font. Otherwise, a really good concept and a fun game!

Not sure where "Union" plays a part here, but a good Tron game nevertheless 

It's an interesting game, but there are times that the ducks are simply too far away to even get to them. I suggest adding some sort of "dash" button/option that allows you to quickly get to the other side of the screen!

Replied to jmmusic in Welcome!

I would gladly have you as apart of my team for music :D

Currently my favorite is TIC-80 as well.

Created a new topic Welcome!
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Hey everyone! Just wanted to take a second to say welcome to all 32 people that have joined this super cool Game Jam!

I got a few questions for you guys, though.

How many of you are planning on actually participating?

What do you guys think the theme will be?

Where did you hear about the jam?

Personally, I will be participating in the jam with my own game. I think a cool theme like... Undiscovered Jungle or something would be cool. I don't know I have always liked the idea of jungle themed games. Also, I heard about the jam through the Fantasy Console discord.

Let's get this community a bit active ;)

Yeah, I've been trying to figure out how to change the difficulty without making it impossible :I

Hi there Melloland, I'm totally interested in helping you out if you're still looking for a pixel artist. This project or otherwise. I too am a starving game developer and really I just wanna get my name out there as much as possible.... If me doing some art every now and then is gonna do it then I'm down :D

Hi Waffle! I would love to help you out :D 

A few things: What are you operating TIC on? PC or Mobile? 

Second: Do you have discord? If so, what is your name and tag?

Thanks a bunch!

Title says most of the small talk so I'll just hop into it!

1.) Commercial Use? Mostly, I'm just wondering about the legal limitations for creators using TIC. What can we sell, what can't we sell, what do we have to include on screen/in the code to legally distribute..... Those kinds of things. Not that I plan to sell any games anytime soon... But who knows! I'm really liking TIC :D

2.) The other question I have is really two: How does the SFX and Music Editor work? I know that is a really broad question but I'm having trouble figuring either of them out :/