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Collaboration is the closest meaning to the real one of the theme, but since you can interpret the theme very broadly then the fusion interpretation is also right.

You can join as a composer and make for example just an image for your game in one of the fantasy consoles, but I recommend you to team up with someone and make the game together, because not a lot of people are skilled in music and sound effects. ;)

If you plan to keep working on VectorBoy, I recommend you to join our Fantasy Consoles Discord Server, so that you can get your own channel there and get some more exposure. I like the idea of using vectors, because it's original and maybe something really interesting may be done with it.

I am sorry, yes, that rule was supposed to say "...more than 7 days."
As for the multiple entires, you can sumbit as many of them as you want to, but on each one of them you shouldn't spent more then those 7 days making it. ;)

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I am the host of this game jam and I am also planning to participate with my own game. I obviously know the theme of this game jam, but haven't thought about what I should make, because that would be unfair for sure. And maybe I am schizophrenic, but I heard about this game jam from the voices in my head, so I decided to create it. Have fun. ;)

Well, more or less, yes, you did it for nothing. Because on this main page of this game jam was written since the creation of it that the theme for this game jam will be announced on monday. (even though I think it was announced on tuesday, that doesn't matter) You should have waited until the theme was announced and then decide what game will you make based upon the given theme.

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Hi, lately I've been seeing a few really interesting fantasy consoles based on the original PICO-8 idea, so I thought it might be a good thing to have one Discord server for all of them and not separated ones. The ideas, problems and people around these consoles are very similar, so I don't see a reason why it shouldn't be connected together into a one friendly fantasy console community. Here's the link with which you can join this Discord server, so I hope that at least few people will find a way around it and contribute to this growing community. -Kesi