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No problem :) I thought maybe it was the case that the game was unwinnable, but when I saw the gravestone saying to get rid of the doll, I started wondering if there was a way I wasn't thinking of, like trading it away somewhere. Makes sense to make the game that way so the horror's unavoidable like you said.

Spoilers ahead, just fyi for anyone reading:

So I booted the game up, made my party, bought supplies, took the doll, and went on my merry way. I went hunting after a while, and shot the hanging person out of curiosity. Umm, I think the doll attacked me after that? I wasn't sure who it was honestly.

Afterwards, I re-loaded and continued on as normal. After the gravestones and the stormy river, my party had a bad feeling and we all died :(

Also the game REALLY wanted me to take the doll. Sadly I couldn't trade it away to someone as far as I could tell.

The jump scare definitely got me because I didn't expect it the first time with my headphones on lol. All in all, it did feel pretty faithful to Oregon Trail. Good job! I'm guessing there is no way to get to the end of the Oregon Trail without dying?

Oh and if you make more games, feel free to hit me up if you need help with beta testing, I love playing other people's games :)

Awesome, glad you liked it! I'll check your vids out :)

Yep, I started work on this game immediately after playing through the nes macventure games back to back :)

I was playing the windows version through the standalone launcher, if that helps. I didn't hear any music once the screen went black. I can give it another shot later tonight, see if it works for me on a second run.

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your kind words. The hidden items were a bit of a tough choice for me, but I was worried that people might finish it too easily otherwise. I agree, more character interaction would have been nice. I ended up cutting some dialogue and key terms out for time, but I plan to put them back in to add a little more to the game.

Thank you! I appreciate the kind works :)

In terms of the key words, there should have been somewhere around 17 that you could get I believe. Some of the key terms would lead to a chain of them, where you'd have to use one after another to get them. I probably didn't make it obvious enough, but if a term in the dialogue had braces around it like [this], you could learn it, but you had to go back in the menu, then press learn, rather than just click on it or something. It was more confusing then intended.

The dagger had a clue but you had to ask about that key term "ceremonial dagger" from the guy in the forest. So if you didn't have the key term, then you wouldn't have known where to look unfortunately.

I'm glad you liked it in spite of the issues you ran into. I plan to polish it up in the near future with some more key terms, art, music, and maybe an extra item. I do plan to make more games like it in the future :)

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Had a lot of fun with this one! I liked the voice acting - the princess was an amusing character to listen to. The puzzles felt just right in terms of difficulty (although I mixed the candlestick and garter completely by accident). The visuals were pleasant to look at and the music was nice. Maybe a little short, but pretty good. I personally felt the princess could have just thrown the garlic at the vampire though :D

What a crazy game! Loved the psychedelic look, the super jank bike and the variety of characters. Sadly I got stuck and couldn't deliver the last pizza, or find the last guy, but I had a lot of fun :D

Nice work! I really felt the gritty, dark tone of the story with some suspenseful buildup. The mix of 2d and 3d graphics grew on me as I played it. The characters also felt solid and believable. My only question is, was something supposed to happen after taking "The Nightmare" drug? My screen went black and I wasn't sure if something more was supposed to happen in the game. I couldn't figure it out, so I had to close the game. Overall, great game.

Thank you!

Really solid game overall. Good puzzles, chill music, nice hand drawn art, and I got a feel for everyone's personality. Felt like a Sealab 2020 puzzle adventure game :)

Nice work! I felt very emotionally engaged with this one, even getting a bit teary eyed near the end. I'll admit this hit a bit close to home for my own childhood. If this is based on your own life, I honestly hope you are in a better spot. The sound effects and music really helped enhance the mood, and the story/dialogue felt very realistic.

In terms of feedback, the sokoban barrel puzzle felt like it was put in just to say there was a puzzle in the game somewhere. I would suggest either cutting it or making puzzles a more involved part of the game.

Nice job! I really dug the mysterious atmosphere with this one. I liked most of the puzzles, although the one involving the semaphore gave me a lot of trouble. I don't think I could have finished that part without a guide; I didn't even realize there was a man standing on the boat or that I needed to move the beacon in the direction of the bell sounds. It was hard to figure out what things were clickable, so I ended up just trying to click everywhere on each screen. The disks also, it wasn't obvious to me that they were supposed to go from brightest to darkest top left to bottom right, and a couple plates in the middle looked identical in color.

I feel like the mostly grayscale color scheme was probably to enhance the mood, but I think maybe a bit of variety with the color here and there would have helped identifying things that were important for the player to look at (like maybe the man's flags were colored red or something).

That angry seagull made me laugh for some reason, I think because it was happy looking but then mad when you click on it :)

Nice job! Really dug what you did here. The game had a really cool atmosphere and old adventure vibe to it. The story had me intrigued - wish I could have found out more about it.

In terms of sticking points, I just had a couple small ones. I would have personally preferred if walking didn't continue once you let go of a movement key. The other one was I had a bit of difficulty knowing what I should type into the parser. Some suggestions about what you could type into the parser and how to structure commands would have been nice.

Overall, excellent work!

Thanks! Yeah, I think that music would work well for the mood the game is aiming for :)

Thank you! It is not a real 486 emulator sadly, although that would be really cool. I made the game in Monogame to just look like it. Sorry there is no music or sound effects, I straight up ran out of time and energy at the end of the jam.

Thank you! Really appreciate the kind words.


Thank you very much!

Thank you, that's exactly what I was going for 😊

Thanks! You know what, I had that exact thought, and then I uh... didn't get around to changing it for some reason 🤷. I kinda dropped the ball there, but I plan to fix a couple things post GMTK jam voting, and that is one of them.

Thanks! Yeah, I wish I could have done more with the dice theme too.

Thank you very much! :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Wow, what a real cool game! Great visuals and peaceful music :)

A very pleasant game! Cute little ducks and a relaxing atmosphere :)

A potential contender for the scariest game ever, I think.

Nice job! I liked the large variety of creatures in the game.

Thank you! :)

Thank you very much! :)

Thank you! :) You are correct, I ended up working on the art a lot so the enemies and boss fight got neglected until the last minute. When I have some time, I'll see about polishing those elements up since they are definitely lacking.

Thanks a bunch! :)

Thank you very much! :)

Thank you! :) Yeah, the upgrades are optional, so there is that replayability as you mention. I wanted to add a bit more to the areas where you acquire them and use them, make it feel like a little side quest, but I ended up running out of time.

Thank you very much! :)

Thank you! :)

Of course! I really enjoyed what you had so far :) I had seen you post about the game a lot on twitter, so I finally decided to pull the trigger and try it out.

Key mapping sounds like a good idea. Personally the key bindings were fine for me, but I could see someone else wanting the controls mapped differently.

Hey, nice work so far! I had fun playing through the early version. Feels like a mix of classic Doom and Alien. I dug the fog that came in on the last floor alongside the encounter.

I know this is a work-in-progress, but I just figured I'd mention a couple things I noticed.

  • Could mouse sensitivity be added as a option? I didn't see a way to change it and the default felt a bit slow to me.
  • A couple times, the tags or enemies seemed to be inside the floor instead of on top of it.
  • I believe the first item machine on the last floor said $300 for shotgun ammo but it actually cost $1000.

I look forward to see where the project goes :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it. Ending 5 is one of the more difficult endings to reach.

For the computer voice, I recorded my own voice and used Audacity with the Krush VST plugin Then I just tweaked the settings until it sounded good. It helps that my voice is already kind of monotone sounding ;)

And yeah, my voice is saying 0 8 3 5. Sounds like you figured out where to use those numbers :)