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ROC Studios

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An awesome game! I really enjoyed the mining mechanic; it made for a lot of interesting, tense choices since mining blocks could potentially make the green squid enemies more difficult to hit. The game had some cool sprites; I especially liked the mining animation. I think this game's mechanic is engaging enough that the game could plausibly be expanded and released on other platforms, kind of like what Celeste did.

A fun, challenging game; it reminded me of Super Meat Boy. It was kinda tough using a keyboard, so controller support would definitely help. Flickering was a tad annoying. It also took me a minute to figure out you push the up key to activate the orbs. Great job overall!

An interesting concept, although I noticed a couple of issues. As far as I can tell, if you win the game, it still says you lose. The combat was cool looking, but I felt the margin of error was pretty slim, since the devil could beat on you pretty hard if you didn't move right away. It felt a bit tedious since he had so much health and it would regenerate each time you died. I think a few small tweaks could make it pretty good though!

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.

Thanks :D That's what I was going for.

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Congrats on participating in your first game jam! I look forward to seeing what kind of game you develop.


No worries. I'm sure your next build will be leagues better :)

A fun game. Definitely reminds me of Puyo Puyo.

An interesting concept, but much too challenging. In addition, moving the buildings from planet to planet doesn't seem to be very effective. Some buildings grant more % than when you take them, but it's easier to sit in one spot and just move those buildings up and down; however, this makes you and other buildings vulnerable. I found an easier strategy was to shoot the ships and meteors and just ignore the buildings, since the ships and meteors can permanently destroy the buildings. Keep trying, though :D

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Interesting concept, although a small bug I found was that since the larger gaps can't be jumped through, the brides can potentially be manipulated into being unable to reach you. Good job though :) I especially liked the game over pixel art.

An interesting puzzle game. Music was a bit repetitive, but otherwise, great job.

Yeah, the dialogue was a nice snarky touch :)

An interesting spin on the Flappy Bird concept. Good job!

I found out the hard way easy mode ain't so easy -_- Otherwise, it's a fun game. The last level was pretty challenging, even with powerups. I also liked a lot of the pixel art. The bones in the background of stage 3 reminded me of Contra.

Very cool and interesting game! I also liked the ending; it played out very sweetly .

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Hey guys. I've decided to join this game jam to try out something new. I didn't even know fantasy consoles was a thing until I received an email about this jam. I'm excited to try to make a game with the VectorBoy. I fell in love with vector graphics when I was younger when I played Tempest X3 for the PS1. It also helps that I already have some experience using Lua. I'm not sure what kind of game I'll be making, but it'll be fun to see what the theme will be. Good luck, everyone!