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Top men!

Sry the image is broken :(

I can't find the lava lamp in discord so I'm calling for help! Before the jam is over we should be able to find it!

Thanks for playing! :) Unfortunately no one in the team really knows how to make music so we focused on what we know. Also we have a plan on building a arcade cabinet and put it out for display at a local coffee shop. This means the music will not be playing anyway :)

Well done! Thanks for playing! :)

We maybe should rename the game to "Got Caffeine!?" and add a tea option :P

Thanks for playing! :) 

Nice feedback! That is actually a good point. Right now there is not really a lot you can do to mess things up.

Thank you for playing! :D Glad you liked it!

We are thinking on adding the ambient stuff and will definitely fix the miss spelling in next patch :) 

Haha thank you for playing my games :D you played another game of mine not that long ago. Also we meet about two years ago at Castle Game Jam in Sweden. I went there this year aswell.

Also me and my friend made a game for coffee jam that you should try when you have the time :) its still work in progress though :P

Thank you! :) the source code is actually updated with some awesome player feedback so its more playable. We Still work on though, but for this game jam we did finished all the feedback stuff.

Thanks you! Yes we are still working on implementing the feedback for the player. 

Yeah for some reason it wont work in the browser :/ you need to download it. 

It is! :D

Thanks for playing :) unfortunately there is a lot of feedback to the user missing. So it does not really make sense if you are not the developer I guess :(

Thanks for playing :) unfortunately there is a lot of feedback to the user missing. So it does not really make sense if you are not the developer I guess :(

I guess "You are the Weapon" sort of falls in here.

Only YOU can get your studies done!

Thanks you so much :) yes balancing is something I fond really Hard to do. I Will try to add some of your ideas to ser what I can do :) Thanks for playing!

I spent almost the entire first day implementing the map generation xD. Next jam I will try to prototype a map maybe in Tiled. I like Godot so Will also try to increase My Speed using it. 

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Thanks I totally missed this! I will do!

EDIT: Added a zip with the project folder! Thanks again!

Should be fixed now! :)

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I built My game with the c# version of the engine but write it with gdscript. Did I miss checking some variable?

EDIT: I built this with the non-mono stuff and now it works.

You are missing the Mono sdk

Install instructions

You have to install Mono SDK 5.12 first.

Linux: Run "sudo apt install mono-complete" in terminal.

Windows/Mac: Mono SDK download link:

I will try fixing this when Im getting home after work :)

I now added new installation instructions :) Those should work.

Ah you need mono.

I didnt event use mono, but I built the game with the mono version of the engine. 

I will try rebuild it, Thanks for the heads up! :)

Oh! So that is why your alien keep stealing my ice!!!

Okay so if everyone write here what they voted for we can figure out the theme :P /jk

Yay! Thanks for contacting them! My game got mentioned :D Super awesome!

Oh my god! This is super exciting! :D Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you :D 

We actually meet at Castle jam in Sweden a couple of years ago. I have your sticker in the laptop I made this game with :)

Hey thanks for playing! :D

Thanks! Glad you found some joy from it ! :)

Hello! Great jam idea!

I am planning on participating with friend doing graphics and music. I am in a pico-8 period right now so this is a perfect timing :)

I am hoping for a theme based on a game play mechanic. Just because I find it very interesting to see others interpretations of the mechanic. Any theme will do though ;)