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Thanks you so much :) yes balancing is something I fond really Hard to do. I Will try to add some of your ideas to ser what I can do :) Thanks for playing!

I spent almost the entire first day implementing the map generation xD. Next jam I will try to prototype a map maybe in Tiled. I like Godot so Will also try to increase My Speed using it. 

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Thanks I totally missed this! I will do!

EDIT: Added a zip with the project folder! Thanks again!

Should be fixed now! :)

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I built My game with the c# version of the engine but write it with gdscript. Did I miss checking some variable?

EDIT: I built this with the non-mono stuff and now it works.

You are missing the Mono sdk

Install instructions

You have to install Mono SDK 5.12 first.

Linux: Run "sudo apt install mono-complete" in terminal.

Windows/Mac: Mono SDK download link: https://download.mono-project.com/archive/5.12.0/

I will try fixing this when Im getting home after work :)

I now added new installation instructions :) Those should work.

Ah you need mono.

I didnt event use mono, but I built the game with the mono version of the engine. 

I will try rebuild it, Thanks for the heads up! :)

Oh! So that is why your alien keep stealing my ice!!!


Okay so if everyone write here what they voted for we can figure out the theme :P /jk

Yay! Thanks for contacting them! My game got mentioned :D Super awesome!

Oh my god! This is super exciting! :D Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you :D 

We actually meet at Castle jam in Sweden a couple of years ago. I have your sticker in the laptop I made this game with :)

Hey thanks for playing! :D

Thanks! Glad you found some joy from it ! :)

Hello! Great jam idea!

I am planning on participating with friend doing graphics and music. I am in a pico-8 period right now so this is a perfect timing :)

I am hoping for a theme based on a game play mechanic. Just because I find it very interesting to see others interpretations of the mechanic. Any theme will do though ;)