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Now I'm hungry

Hey, I'm glad you like the music!  There's a really fine line between writing a catchy melody and not driving the player insane.  Have a nice day!

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Nice!  Did you do the music?  edit: also nice art style

jmm#1372 hit me.

Hey everybody!  If anyone wants to add some music to their game, get at me.

HMU if anyone wants some music!  Here's some stuff I did on the Pico-8:

Anybody need music?

Hey friendos, if you need music or sound then hit me up!  Check out these choice jams:

I can do sound!

Can you make a discord server or give me your email?


If anyone needs a friendly sound/music maker, let me know!

32-MB Game Jam community · Created a new topic SFX n Music

If anyone needs a friendly sound/music maker, let me know!

I can compose for you!  Get at me!

Hooray, I won....

Really nice game!  You found a cheeky way to play with the jam's theme.  And the rolling ball looks amazing!

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Might be better to say "music arranged by grubber99" and not attribute it to him, especially given how popular the song and its composer are.

Ahem.  Hi guys, if you're looking for music made for your game, get at me!  Here, have a SoundCloud link!


I'm down! Is discord the place to talk about this?

Hey y'all.  I just joined this jam because I'm eager to start working on music for a game.  I haven't done one of these yet so is there an FAQ someone can point me to?  I have Qs.  For instance: can I just join as a composer?  Am I in over my head here?  Thanks!