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[ Devlog ] 4 Paws on Tony Belly

A topic by klawymichal created Jan 08, 2017 Views: 634 Replies: 16
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Ahoy everyone, this is my first time here. And also my first game jam ever. I'm here to check if I can make somekind of game in this jam time and also see where am I with my beginner skills.


  1. Click Team Fusion - I had some time in this program...I never finished a game I just tested what can be done in it...plenty of stuff, but no real pizza so far.
  2. Aseprite - I know this! Characters animations and moving objects.
  3. Adobe Illustrator - Helps me with adding food in I'm using my skills for any static graphics for gamejam
  4. Bathtub of tea.

What's on my mind?

4 Paws on Tony Belly - that is the name of game...I think.

It will be a 2D platformer. Main character is a Cat George. His main skills will be jumping, doublejumping and walljumping.

He has to collect all 4 paws pointed on each level. But i wont make it easy to collect...enemies, obsticles. At the end of level he has to Purrr ( attack ) on Tonys ( Cat Georges owner ) belly to wake him up.......for food. Just like my cat. Next level.


I will focus on sprites, level graphics, effects. I dont know how many levels i will manage to do in time but 3 is on my mind and pizza but thats not important now.

I will try to post main steps at progress.

P.S. I apologize for my spelling and mistakes in sentences...long time no use of english sounds.

For now here are some sprites I've made.


omg this is so cute.... i feel you my cats always purr and knead my belly to wake me up T__T can't wait to see more art!


Thank you :) more is comeing.


Day 1

Ahoy! What I did so far...

So far I had a lot of fun and puzzels to handle.


I have to change it. I forgot to make a box that overlaps sprites animations for better collidig. Now collisions are made with sprites.

Jump + Double Jumps + Wall Jumps

Z for 1 jump, Z + Z double jump, fast tap Z for wall jumping

Parallax Smooth Scrolling

That was a tricky part...

Here you can see the events, time for collectables, enemies and health.


I love the overall design of the visuals, looks great!


This is so cute! I love the way the cat just tromps up the side of the wall.


excuse me that's the best cat in the world

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Day 2

Ahoy! I did hard stuff today...Yesterday I have noticed that cat collisions arent perfect. Sprites went crazy when I was clicking left and right next to wall.

Problem: Hot Spots were different for each sprite.

I fixed it but I added some box colliders. It will help in a future.

One for simple colision ( brown ) and second for wall jump detection ( green ). This smaller pink one is for smooth scrolling.


Fun part

So paws for collecting are done just as paw bar.

Here is enemy1

He is white but I have palet of colors for other bad guys :)

Have a nice day!


this cat is SO CUTE i can't get over it ;;o;; the wall jump is also looking really nice! solid work!!


Thank you that you like it :)


Day 3

Ahoy :) Today I was struggling with health of a player_object, knockbacks, and attacking an enemy with special magical skills that cat George has. I came up with the story that cat was sleeping in a forest and a friend fox came to him and informed that the forest is full with monsters. George got scared but fox gave him a powers to deal with them. Tomorrow I will designe level, set enemy, and if time helps I will start to build a Menu.

Here's a fox.


A+ fox, I love how this is coming along!

this kitty and its animations are looking really cute! i'm also loving the background; those shapes and effects look great! and the white enemy is a good look imo; it contrasts sharply with the cat and distinguishes itself from the environment.

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Day 4

Serwus! Today is snowing and I'm s happy about it, it gives me more power for crying in front of Click Team Fusion xD 2 times xD. Just kidding, if there is something wrong its almost certain that the bug is so stupid that you want to dance like radiator in your CPU. I just need more time in this engine. Luv it so far.

What's up with game?

Going pretty well actually. Projectals are finished. Now you can shoot a magical spinning small squares. Those powers are only known to old ancesters and the fox friend. I did a oldschool flashing effect after cat get hit or vice versa. And also when enemy flashes you cant hit him for a few seconds. I think it will make it more challenging. Cat has 3 lifes so far...I have to test the levels and decide how strong is the main character. You can see on gif file whats new. Apologize for 20mb gif, I want to show you how it looks with 60 FPS.

I didnt set aa level yet becouse Im working on graphic for level 2. I have a good idea you will like it I hope :)

Mechanics = 100% done. Now the fun part that I enjoy the most. Visuals <3 .

Menu is 10% completed.

New events If someone fancy it. I have learned that you can group objects lik for exemple I dont have to make events all over again for the same mechanics. Saves a lot of time and tears :)

See you tomorow, bye bye.


That's an excellent looking fox. Interesting thing about the box colliders too - not seen that sort of things before. Not that I've looked anywhere they'd appear, but anyway...

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Day 5


today I didn't do much inside the game. Still working on graphics in Illustrator. Planets, mushrooms, and more :)

Also I realized that game needs sounds...

I have to work faster.


Day 6 + Day 7

Ahoy, still working on sounds with a little help of Ableton Live 9 Trail version and Audacity.

Fox Luke can now inform you whats important. What does the fox say? I made him bark becouse i dont know what does the fox say xD

Work still in progress.

Here is my friend from another side of a screen.