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Day 4

Serwus! Today is snowing and I'm s happy about it, it gives me more power for crying in front of Click Team Fusion xD 2 times xD. Just kidding, if there is something wrong its almost certain that the bug is so stupid that you want to dance like radiator in your CPU. I just need more time in this engine. Luv it so far.

What's up with game?

Going pretty well actually. Projectals are finished. Now you can shoot a magical spinning small squares. Those powers are only known to old ancesters and the fox friend. I did a oldschool flashing effect after cat get hit or vice versa. And also when enemy flashes you cant hit him for a few seconds. I think it will make it more challenging. Cat has 3 lifes so far...I have to test the levels and decide how strong is the main character. You can see on gif file whats new. Apologize for 20mb gif, I want to show you how it looks with 60 FPS.

I didnt set aa level yet becouse Im working on graphic for level 2. I have a good idea you will like it I hope :)

Mechanics = 100% done. Now the fun part that I enjoy the most. Visuals <3 .

Menu is 10% completed.

New events If someone fancy it. I have learned that you can group objects lik for exemple I dont have to make events all over again for the same mechanics. Saves a lot of time and tears :)

See you tomorow, bye bye.