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I'm glad you could fix the bug! :D

Fun but very difficult game. It took me about 20 tries to make the jump to the bridge after the window in level 1. I like the 3d model and environments.

Improvement suggestions:

- Controls feel weird because of misalignment between camera and world (45° offset). For example, when trying to walk forward the player needs to press both W and D at the same time, otherwise SSRB walks "diagonally" on the room.

- The first level window jump to the bridge requires too much precision. Especially since it's the FIRST level in the game, you should consider making it an easier challenge to let the player get used to the controls and game mechanics. The way it is right now I can see many players not coming back to the game in frustration after not making it through the 1st obstacle.

- Sometimes the SSRB will not jump AT ALL when standing on the window. Maybe can do ONE jump, but after it the SSRB stays in a "crouching" position and will not respond to Space Bar.

- Jumps are not consistent and feel awkward. In level 2 (fire level), some "momentum" is required to jump up to a different pipe and even then, the jump is not clean and requires "pushing" until the SSRB stands firmly on the pipe. I suggest making SSRB jump a little higher or helping position the player after a jump, so that every jump is successful and not get stuck/blocked due to physics colliders.

Good game. :)

True to the original.

Gotta love the Kiara voice line. XD

Good game.

Very fun game! Reminds me of "snake" game. Good job! :D

My best score is 68 watamates (casual mode) and 10 watamates (crazy mode).

I found an issue! The game will use a lot of RAM when going into the "high score" screen. It steadily climbs to over 20GB(!) if I stay on the screen too long. See screenshot below.

Awesome news! I'm glad everything is fine now! :)

Interesting... I'll try to reproduce the bug. Thanks for reporting.

For now, please try playing using Chrome or Firefox or get the standalone executable (recommended).

Ohh! I've heard of them but don't follow their content. Good luck with your project! :)

Oh hi!

Do you plan to update this little game or maybe make new holo games? That would be great! XD

I don't know why I couldn't find this page when searching by tag. (which I do frequently to find new projects here)

I only now found it when using the general search.

I'm glad you decided to follow my suggestion and make an itch project page!

Your cute desktop companions are great! :)

Thank you for your suggestion.

I'm working on something similar for the next update. It won't be exactly permanent boost unlocks, but something related to currency that can be used from the start of a run.

LOL they shouldn't.

Good catch! Adding it to the list of fixes for next update!

Thank you for your reply!

I wish you a successful English learning journey! Thank you for making this Korone game! :)

Wow, nice progress!

Great work convering Korone's Valentine date scenarios into a playable game! You even animated the objects just like in the original stream!

Do you have plans to maybe add an English translation? It would be great for kaigai niki to enjoy the game even more! XD

Korone's storytelling is always funny!

It took me some turns to grasp how the game worked but after a few rolls I understood the drafting mechanic and how to select the proper scoring combination for my turn.

Somehow I managed to beat the CPU on my first play. XD

It's a well made game! I like that you can play against a second player locally too!

Good game! :)

Cool game! I like the pixelart and the use of a grapple for movement.

However, it's hard to aim properly and especially when multiple chained grapples are required. I think some sort of "aim assist" would help a lot.

Also, I feel an additional checkpoint is needed in the jungle level at the middle part where all the electro traps with enemies in the water show up. It feels unfair to get to the half of that hellish section and have to do it all again when you die. An "easy" mode with infinite lives would be nice too.

Oh and the game locked for me when I got a game over at the boss fight. Ina kept showing the dialogue that triggers at the start of the fight for some reason. It happened on 2 different bosses and all I could do is close the game. There was no message to retry or go back to the title screen. (see screenshot below)

Overall, really nice game! :)

Cute minigame! Love all the animations, especially when you miss! XD

My best score is 141!

I like the game pacing, the character sprites are very pretty and the goal is hard but achieveable (I got to 19200 in one of my runs).

I know it's an alpha build and you surely have a lot of improvements planned, but I'd like to provide some feedback.


! Game crashes randomly after a certain time. It doesn't matter which character I play, but seems to happen more often with Risu. Happened both when fullscreen and in windowed mode. I tried a run without using special skills and it still happened. It may not even be caused by the player but something breaking in the back.

Improvement suggestions:

- Set the default volume at 50 so that the player can choose to raise it or lower it and not blast the speakers on first launch.

- In-game instructions say the goal is 10,000 points but it was changed to 20,000 in the last update.

- In-game instructions should include a sprite of the different types of nuts when talking about "good", "great" and "bad" nuts. As they say, an image is worth a 1000 words.

- Playing on an ultrawide monitor causes some small problems with the UI.

- The nut "pickup" sfx should be a bit louder for better player feedback.

- Speaking of player feedback, it would be nice to have a green "+(points)" pop up when picking up a good nut and a red "-(points)" when picking a bad nut.

- Make an icon for the game. It helps give it a lot more personality instead of the default Unity icon!

- Some assets may need optimisation. The game data seems a bit large for the actual content. Make sure you're compressing your audio data (Vorbis 50 is more than enough) and that your game sprites are reasonably sized.

Keep up the good work! :)

This is such a great game. Loved all the references included in the items, skills, locations, dialogues, enemies, npcs... everywhere! And the music is top notch too! Excellent work!!

Is there anything I would improve? I don't think so. The game is perfect as it is!

Oh and congrats on getting it played on stream by the holoEN girls! It's the highest honor for a holo fangame, for sure!

A great game!

Thank you for reporting.

Did you happen to hit two holopoly in a row while flying at that speed?

Any other additional information will help identify the possible cause! Thanks!

Thanks for reporting! I'll add it to the fixes for the next update! :)

To fuse powerups you will need 2 compatible powerups at the maximum level upgrade (red text). The next time you level up the game will prompt you to fuse them.

Keep in mind not all powerups are compatible with each other!

Very fun game! I loved seeing Magni play it on stream!

I see you addde more difficulty modes too, nice!

Good game! :)

Interesting game. First let me say I love what you did with the UI. I really gives the feeling of "Chaos" and just looks and feels nice. I also liked the idea of having to "catch" the councilRyS girls.

There was a little problem in the tutorial page, where I pressed ESC trying to return to the main screen but instead it quit the game.

Also, I don't understand how to make Bae swing in the direction I want. Somehow I can't seem to build up momentum and instead the thread reaches the max length and suddenly I lose all speed. It's frustrating.

Also in the pirate ship level I couldn't figure out how to keep climbing after I reach the deck. Bae shoots a web but just keeps rolling on the floor. :(

I only had one decent run where I miraculously managed to get IRyS in 10 seconds or so and got max points. I still don't know how I did it.

I think a tutorial video showing what buttons you press and what's the right timing to release them would help a lot to figure out the right way to play.

The controls are everything in this game, so making sure the player understands the right way to swing around is fundamental to make it a fun experience. Otherwise, it's truly frustrating.

Funny and short story for the holoID fans!

Thank you for making this. I wish there was a bit more to the story, but it was fun nontheless. I also enjoyed the inner commentary lol.

I would suggest adding the credits to the game page too if possible, since the ingame credits only play after finishing the story.

Good game! :)

Simple and straight to the point.

The defender mode is a nice and fun addition!

Good game! :)

Very creative use of Kanata's spin! XD

Thank you. I'm glad you're having fun playing!

Unfortunately, due to the associated costs, I cannot make and publish an iOS version of the game. :(

Thank you for your answers!

Now I have a clear picture of the service capabilities!

This looks like an interesting tool. Really cool work!

I'm interested in using it, but I have some of questions I hope you can help clarify:

About Limits:

1. Is there a maximum number of entries per leaderboard? What happens when the limit is reached? Do older/lower score entries get replaced?

2. Is there a maximum number of leaderboards I can create?

3. Is there a maximum number of entry submission requests per second? For example, if there are 10 different players who submit in the same second, will only the first be processed and the rest dropped? Is there a way to catch this error so that the game can retry submitting automatically a few seconds later?

4. Is there a limit to the number of times a client can retrieve the leaderboard data per hour/day/month? (I'm specifically thinking of data usage limits)

About Functionality:

5. Is there a way to retrieve only a range of entries from the leaderboard or does it always fetch the full data table? For example, if there are 10k entries but my game only displays the first 100 (so it's a waste to download all the data). Or if I want to use paging to display 20 entries per page so that only those entries are fetched from the server for a quicker app response time.

6. Is there a way to fetch the rank position of a specific player in the leaderboard without downloading the whole data table? For example, just querying for username + publickey and getting an int with the player position as result or -1 if the player was not in the leaderboard.

About Reliability/Accessibility:

7. Regarding service reliability, is the cloud provider running servers in a central location or does it have server farms in multiple locations globally? You don't have to specify where exactly but a region name would help if possible (America, Asia, Europe)

8. Are there any regions blacklisted or blocked from accessing the service? My games have players from all around the world, so it would be unfair/troublesome if some of them were not allowed to use the leaderboard.

Thank you for your time!

You need extra slots and double soda.

Thank you for your report!

Hmm... this should've been fixed in the last patch. I guess more testing is needed. I'll try to get it fixed in the next update!

Thank you for the report! I'll write it down to check it for the next patch.

You will need to get 2 compatible powerups to their max level.

Then, the next time you level up you will be able to fuse them.

Somebody posted the full list of valid combinations on twitter using the game hashtag #yeetirys

Have fun!

Interesting project!

I'll give it a try later for sure.

Also, don't forget credit the original creators of the assets you use (those not made by yourself) as well as to mention that COVER Corp. is the copyright owner of the hololive talents featured in the game!

Good luck!

Oh, I see. Well, good luck with your projects! :)

She's doing good in that game. :)

It was a cool suggestion!

Wow! Very fun and addictive game!

Good work!

Very fun rhythm shooter game!

Graphics are nice, Botan's 3d animation is smooth and the voice lines add a little extra to the fun. Extra points because it worked perfectly on my ultrawide monitor.

Some improvement suggestions:

- Give juuuust a bit more time for the player to aim. Like show the outline of the next target just a fraction of a second earlier.

- Include some more interesting statistics on game over such as: accuracy (% of shots on target), some kind of rating (S, A, B, C, D) depending on the score or accuracy, total shots fired, longest combo.

- I don't know if it's a bug, but sometimes when 2 birds were aligned I would shoot them down with one shot.

- Add in-game credits for 3d models, illustrations, music and of course hololive talents.

- Consider adding a download option without installer. Just a regular ZIP file is fine. Windows kinda didn't like the installer and warned me of unknown publisher.

Great game! :D