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Wow! This looks very exciting!

Also... looks like you're working on a lot of stuff at the same time. Don't spread yourself too thin! X_X

Thank you for playing again and trying the easter eggs! :)

Awww, this was such a cute game! I can't believe I didn't find it before! (added to my Hololive games collection)

Good job making it in just 24 hours!

Wow, such a difficult game!

Congrats on being featured on Haato's stream!

I'm glad you liked my game!

Thank you for your feedback!

Hmmm I'm using Time.deltaTime in my player rotation code... maybe it's something else that's causing the janky controls.

Did you try the downloadable version? The web version usually has more hiccups than the standalone one, so you should have a smoother experience with the latter one.

Once again, thank you for leaving feedback!

Thank you for trying out my game! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh, there is a way out of the river if you fall.

You can use a moving wall that lowers if you press Spacebar near it. It will take you back to the starting side of the garden. I think I colored it differently from the rest of the walls down there, so it should be easy to spot.

Thanks for the feedback!

Take your time and work at your own pace!

That's a lot of Ara Ara I can hear there lol

I'm not a fan of bullet hell games, but I managed to clear the demo stage!

The voice effects were funny! Also the art is unique and the story intriguing.

Good job making this game!


The music source is listed in the game credits. It's from a japanese website called Dova-Syndrome.

Many streamers use their tracks for livestreams as well.

Gracias! :D

Hola! Estas jugando la versión Web o la descargable?

Recomiendo la descargable para que tengas una mejor experiencia.

Woooah! This is the second Hololive game I see made after a mockup animation was made of it (the other one is the Hololive Muse Dash clone with Gura and Kiara).

Thank you for the nostalgia trip back to the days of playing the original game on my NES!

Excellent job! Also... the Haachama theme was spooky! XD


Amazing job recreating the game and adapting the artwork!

I want to make my own rhythm game too! XD

Oh, thank you for the info!

Cool game!

Would be great if there was a way to adjust the volume. Game is a bit loud for me.

Thank you for your feedback!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

If you can, please try the downloadable version, since it has better performance and may provide a better game experience! :)

Thank you for playing! Great to know the game runs on your device!

Thank you for your feedback!

Doog 2? Hmm... it's not in my plans, but who knows... if I get inspiration, I may go for it sometime in the future.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for the honor!

I'm glad you enjoyed my game! :)

I only found your game today! Fun game and well made!

今日このゲームを見つけました! 楽しくてよくできたゲームです!

Thank you for your detailed feedback! I really appreciate it!

There are some points you mention that I also considered including, but for simplicity reasons decided not to, since my initial goal was to make the most basic DOOM clone in about 2-3 weeks. (Yeah, I was waaaaay to optimistic with that timeline, but I had no point of reference since this is my first game lol)

Automap: Looked into it and I figured it would not be worth it, since my game levels are relatively small (and one of them has 2 floors that overlap... so a top-down map would be confusing)

Save/Load: Since the game is short, the levels are small and the player can get almost all weapons back after dying, I figured it was unnecessary to implement this system.

Backpacks: I found out about this bug after some playtests, but found it funny that Korone could carry that much ammo (Rambo style!) so I left it there lol.

Animated face: It's an image sequence I captured from one of her streams. Making it update to a sad version would require a lot of time to search through hours and hours of Korone's streams for an appropriate moment and also would make the game filesize larger, which is something I've been trying to avoid. So I figured the minimum viable option was to only include a normal and a dead state.

Aim assist: There is only a simple vertical position check at fixed angles for hitting targets. That was the simplest approach I could find to meet my goal of fast development. Gamepad support was added later only as a learning exercise.

Keybinds: Yup, I know it's weak and with time I've learned there are better ways to implement it, but currently I don't feel like investing additional time to change it.

Enemy insta fire: Yup, I noticed it too. You can stand at the edge of the door to open, but it's tricky. I tried adding a small delay to the enemy attack, but it wasn't very effective I guess. :/

Once again, thank you very much for your feedback! It motivates me to keep moving forward in my gamedev journey!

Thank you for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thank you for making a video! :D

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the game! :)

Wow, que dedicación!

Muchas gracias por el mensaje, realmente me motiva a seguir trabajando en mis proyectos!

Thank you! Cute was one of the keywords I thought of when planning to make this game.

Thank you forever!

Fun and straight to the point.

Get em yubis! XD

Awesome work!

Keep em coming! :)

Thank you for your feedback.

Indeed the camera rotation is a bit jumpy due to framerate. If you played on the web version, give the downloadable version a try as it reduces some of that performance issue.

Also, you can adjust the rotation speed in the game if you feel it's too slow/fast.

Thank you again for playing! :)

Please try downloading version 1.02 and let me know if movement works properly now. Thank you!

I uploaded version 1.02 for Win/Linux. This should have the movement issue fixed.

The web version will be updated later as the Unity build takes longer for WebGL and I need to do some additional tests on that one.

Let me know if it works on your side! Thanks!

I think I figured out what's going on.

Working on a fix right now. Thank you for your quick answer.

Thank you for your feedback.

Are you on Windows 10? Do you have a gamepad connected? Did you try the downloadable version 1.01 I just uploaded today?

For the web version, I recommend using Firefox or Chrome. Which one you are using?

The overlapping texts problem should be fixed in the version I just uploaded (v1.01). It only affected the downloadable version.

Holo Bass livestreaming your game yo!

Does the web version work OK for you?

Also, could share what kind of computer you're running the game on? Is it Windows 10?

Hey this was fun to play! Thank you for making this and can't wait to see what you'll add next!

Ese es el plan... pero toma su tiempo. :)

Very fun game!

Made it to 220 points! :)

Fun game!

Suggestion for improvement: The game is very easy, so it gets repetitive fast. Maybe make the objects move faster after the player reaches a certain score? (every 50 points for example) So it gets harder and harder to avoid taking damage and makes for an exciting experience. Maybe make the music go faster as well!