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I'm pretty sure you can upload more than one ZIP file to your project page on itch.

Just mark the executable game as "This will play on the browser" and for the source file tag it as Source Code and you should be fine.

Nice game!

That was an interesting twist on the minesweeper game!

I love how you used the Smol Ame animation to transition between board changes. Also the cute sounds are a nice touch.

I managed to beat it in under 10 minutes! (yeah, I'm not pro player)

Good job! :D

Woah, that's a lot of work on the game!

Congratulations on releasing the complete (almost hehe) version! :D

Wow, this is a really nice hololive VN!

I really like that you included voice acting in the game.

I feel the voices you chose, especially for Nemu, are very fitting. Sometimes the intonation is a bit off, but in general the AI generated voices do a great job!

The music was really nice too for each of the different scenes and moods.

I got two endings while playing, not sure if there's more, but I liked the story!

Suggestions for improvement:

- In the story, I didn't understand why Nemu needed to prepare a chalice. She just wakes up and talks to me about it as if I should already know.

- Something similar happened when the Grandpa Gildenbark is presented. The way it's narrated feels like the protagonist knows stuff they shouldn't or something that was taught to them while off-camera. It would be interesting to obtain this lore from a character, teaching it to the protagonist.

- The Kirin all share the same face. It would be nice if you could give each a slightly different face (eye shape, face shape). The hair change and recoloring is a step in the right direction, but could be improved.

- The Kirin branches on the character sprite heads look off, since they're drawn in a different style. Try to match the anime cel-shading and the sprites will look a lot better!

- Some characters are introduced to the reader by name, like Perspa, but the dialogue title still says "Kirin" after we already know their name.

Great job on the game!

Fun and addictive game.

Good job!

I'll give it a try tomorrow.

Good job working on the internal improvements. They may not be visible to the player, but if it improves the game, it's worth the effort.

I said it before and I'll say it again: Great work on the art and the gameplay!

I'm glad to see many people recognise the quality of this game.

Great job! I'm eager to try the new content! :D

Very cute game!

The game is very well done! I love how you have Nene dancing on the side while you play to the music.

I can't believe I haven't checked this game out until now.

Good job!

OMG you also shared the Unity project? Wow!

I'll give the updated version a try for sure.

Reply to this message when you have it uploaded so I get a notification. :)

Glad to see you listened to the player feedback.

The team color rings, arrow pointing to the score goal and instructions are a great improvement!

Great game!

I thought I was doing well in the game until the end of the match. As I celebrated my team victory I noticed we had actually lost. I had been scoring in the wrong side of the court! XD

In the middle of the action I completely forgot which side I was supposed to score in hahaha!

I don't know if you can add a color marker to know who are my teammates as well as where I'm supposed to send the ball to. Something as simple as a red arrow for the red team and a blue arrow for the blue team would be useful!

This game's battle concept looks interesting, but sadly I couldn't get it to work on my computer.

The battle is triggered but I can't see the screen where I'm supposed to aim at the enemy. :(

I gave the demo a try and it looks promising.

Pretty sprites for Ame and the Takodachis, as well as the environments.

I hope you can release the first chapter of the story soon!

Good luck on this project! :)

I'm glad you could finish this game! It took a while, but it's finally here! :D

Here's some feedback:

- I like the character and chibi art as well as the fitting music you chose for each scene.

- The level up system is quite unique, as I was wondering why I was not getting EXP during the fights. I didn't realise how it worked until a while later when I decided to check one of those mystery items I'd been getting from chests.

- I have no idea how the Chaos and Law system works or how it affects the game. I'm guessing its similar to elements? I didn't see it explained in the game. Maybe I accidentally skipped a tutorial?

- Going back to the first room at the start of the maze section resets the enemies in the map when you go back into the maze, which also reset the tutorials I had already seen.

- When looking at the items in the inventory, they show a stat labeled "Cards". I'm guessing it's supposed to be "Stamina"?

- A settings window would have been nice, to change the game volume.

- I know this is how the engine works, but an option to have a 2x window size would be awesome. The game window looks kinda small in my ultrawide screen.

I didn't finish the game, but up to where I played the story was interesting. :)

Good job on making this game!

OMG I just saw she's gonna play your game tomorrow!

That's awesome!

Thank you for the ZIP folder suggestion. I'll keep that in mind for the 1.1 release!

I had to group Staff and Other because they're too few members in each group (2 each) to have them in separate categories. In version 1.1 AZKi will move to Gen 0 and Nodoka will join Staff, so this category will be renamed Staff and HOPE. :)

Very cute game. I watched Ollie play it and it was great!

Suggestion: Add the "hololive" tag to your game for more visibility in the search results. :)

Thank you for the feedback!

I'll note that down. :)

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you liked the game.

I have other projects in my pipeline, but maaaaybe someday I can come back to this and make a Potris 2 or something, hehe.

May I ask what part of the game would make you play it for hours? What did you enjoy the most?

This is a cute Risu platformer game.

I especially like the sound effects you used (the dying sfx is great lmao) and the cute Risu sprite.

The only thing I would add is a timer on the top-right corner of the screen and a scoring system based on how much time it took to clear a level, the number of enemies defeated and the number of lives left.

Great job!

Woah, this is nice for a first game!

I like how you provided screen and sound settings in the game, as many early gamedev projects usually forget to include this!

I know you mentioned you may not have the time or knowledge to fix bugs or update the project, but I would still like to leave some feedback:

- Ame spawned twice in a row on the ocean. It would be cool to have her spawn somewhere on land instead. This would require additional logic to search for a proper spot on the map before spawning her.

- I can't see where Mumei is coming from. A marker arrow or just a number on the screen showing the distance between her and Ame would be nice.

- The screen color change to signal 'danger' of Mumei being nearby should trigger at a greater distance, considering Mumei moves extremely fast and most of the times is out of sight.

- Does it help in any way to walk? If it doesn't, maybe have running mode enabled by default and remove the shift key.

- The movement direction doesn't seem to follow the character facing direction, which makes it hard to control.

- Audio settings reset between scenes. Check if you're reading this setting and updating your music player object when loading a scene (start or awake methods).

- Performance wise, it takes a long time to load scenes and the game has quite a large memory footprint just at the main menu where there isn't much going on. For comparison, most other Unity games I've played (including the ones I've developed) sit at around 200Mb at the main menu screen. This game jumps up to 700Mb. I think there may be some cleanup to do somewhere in the scene. XD

I hope you find some time to make more games in the future!

Good job!

Great job on the mascot!

I love that you included two costumes as well as plenty of voice lines and situations to interact with her.

Some things I noticed that could be improved:

- Add a "reset position" button that places Rushia on the center of the screen. I saw someone comment they couldn't see her but only hear her so maybe she's offscreen.

- When first loading the app, the english texts on the settings panel cannot be read. To fix it I have to click on Japanese and then back on English.

- Clicking on the ? buttons next to Activity and Collections does nothing.

This app uses quite a lot of CPU power, so if you're running something else on your computer or have a lower performance PC, the mascot will run poorly.

For reference, this mascot uses 33% CPU on my core i7 6700k and about 13-14% of my RTX2070.

Woah, this game is amazing!

Very well made crafting and building system, day/night cycle, cool shadow effect when using the lantern at night and of course cute art and beautiful music!

The only thing I miss is a map. I got lost a couple of times and took me a while to find my way back home.

Also, I suggest you add the "hololive" tag to your game, to improve visibility!

Very good job!

Cute game. The Reine-Kiara fused creature is funny.

Suggestions for improvement:

- Sometimes the game doesn't react to the jump key press. It needs multiple presses to actually have the character jump.

- The screen edges are 'sticky' and don't let the character slide down.

- To make the game more exciting, consider speeding up as the player score rises.

- The platforms spawning can be seen onscreen. Consider making them spawn further away.

- The player can jump while mid-air. Not sure if that was intended.

- Adjust the character collider to fit the legs and maybe add a second collider for the heads. Right now it looks funny when the character doesn't fall even if the legs already left the platform. XD

Very cute art and clean game design.

I love it!

One suggestion: try adding tags "hololive" and "holostars" to increase visibility!

Good job!

Oh wow, I gotta look into this particular case!

Thank you for reporting!

Hey, I'm glad you enjoy my game!

Thank you for pointing out the typo! I'll add it to the list of stuff to fix for the next game patch!

Hmm... if you tried to play on the web, I suggest you give the downloadable version a go.

The performance if much better and you may have a better experience. If it doesn't help... well, sorry.

I get motion sickness when watching other people play FPS, so I know how it feels. Good luck!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked my game!

I suggest playing the downloadable version. It's higher quality and more stable than the web one.

Also, if you're trying to play from your phone, the web version may have problems working properly.


Can you provide more details regarding your problem?

Are you playing on the web, Windows or other platform? What part of the game freezes?

WOWOWOW! That's a lot of new stuff and changes!

Good job! :D

Wow, that's over a year working on this project! That's real dedication! (I've spent almost 6 months on my current game and I'm already feeling like I don't wanna see it anymore lol)

I can feel that the janken was rushed, as it doesn't look as polished as the rest of the game, but I understand, since you've spent such a long time working on it and wanted to get it done asap.

If you want completeness... Don't forget about Holo ID! XD

Hey, this is a pretty good looking game!

The UI looks very polished and the game definitely captures the gacha experience very well.

Having Tsunomaki Janken as the only income source gets a little boring after a while, but I guess that's OK since the core game experience is the gacha gacha GACHA! XD

Of course, if you sometime in the future decide to add some other minigame, it would be neat! :)

Collecting and editing all the illustrations and the voice lines must have taken a long time. Impressive work. (I know it can take a long time, since I had to collect many voice lines from different talents for my own game)

Which hololive talents does this game include? Only holoJP from Gen 0 to Gen 5?

Once again, great work on this project!

This game looks promising, but I feel I'm missing something or my game got bugged.

Is the game supposed to end after defeating the tree boss? It was over in under 15 minutes and not much of a story was told. I just got a black screen at the end.

I liked the active battle system, which makes fights more engaging. However, the camera moves too much during the battle, which made it hard to aim at an enemy when trying to attack. It also got very annoying after the third fight.

I would also suggest improving the HP and MP bars on the battle UI, since the way they are animated now, it's hard to see how full they are at a quick glance.

If this was a traditional turn based RPG, I would let it slide, since I would have all the time in the world to check my stats and plan my moves, but the active battle system means that the enemy won't wait for me and keep attacking while I'm reading, so every second counts.

I also got 2 enemies get bugged in the screen right before the boss fight. They would run up to me but not trigger a battle. Instead they would follow me around the map, which was quite funny.

Good job on the game!

I hope you can improve it and expand its story in future updates!

Hmm... that was an interesting experience.

Can you tell me how this game relates to Moona? Does she like stacking stuff?

Here's my first try score.

Cute game.

I hope you find the time to add more content and maybe a more complex battle system in the future! :)

Hey, this is a pretty cool game.

Some improvement suggestions:

- The game UI kinda breaks in ultra wide monitor. Maybe consider adding a windowed mode setting.

- In my third hole (the one on top of a drawer) , the ball fell through the map after a couple of bounces.

- There are no instructions ingame regarding changing the camera view (at least I couldn't find them while playing in ultrawide monitor, maybe they were hidden from my view)

I hope you get back to this game sometime and get an improved version out! :D

Good job!