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We also just published a write-up about making WASM Wireworld, featuring a much improved version than was submitted during the jam that you can play with right in the blog post!

We wrote about what went into making Fantasary here:

This is a really neat idea! I'd love to play a version with more plot and with more responsive bots.

This is a really neat idea! I'd love to play a version with more plot and with more responsive bots.

This was relaxing and fun. The purr at the end of each level sure was satisfying!

Fantastic game! Relaxing, very aesthetically pleasing. Feeling like a good sandpiper right now. Love how much it feels the tide even though it's just a few shapes.

That 1KB cartridge file is not a Guile program, but a Guile program built the cartridge. What's happening here is that Guile is being used to generate GWAT (the Guile dialect of WAT) that is passed to the Hoot assembler to produce a WASM binary. It's not actually compiling a Scheme program to WASM, which as you mention would require the GC extension which WASM-4 doesn't use. Check out to get an idea of what's going on.

I was curious about the language breakdown but didn't want to gather the data myself so THANK YOU!! This is great!

Worked great for me!

Loved this game! Nice use of a minimal color palette. I had fun collecting all the mushrooms and taking the leap of faith to collect one of them.

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Ah yes, that's an oversight. I wrote that help text in a rush so my bad!! And yeah we punted on auto-disconnect to clean up dead clients due to time constraints. Glad you had some fun exploring, though!

@terpri discovered through making this wireworld demo that there's a bug in guile-hoot (the thing generating the wasm file) that is causing the corrupted cartridge error when running in a web browser. Seems that the native wasm engine isn't running a strict validator so it runs.

Interesting to see a game made with Carp! Take breakout, remove the bricks, and you have single player pong. The difficulty ramps up quick! I only got 16 points.

I like the sprite! Good luck developing your game ideas further!

Love this! I had fun selecting for doubled flowers (multiple layers of petals) with lots of petals. Ended up with something resembling New England Aster (though that only has a single layer of petals.)

Love this! I had fun selecting for doubled flowers (multiple layers of petals) with lots of petals. Ended up with something resembling New England Aster (though that only has a single layer of petals.)

YES! I befriended all the bunnies! Lovely little game. The click+drag movement for throwing things moved the opposite of what is intuitive to me, which I guess is like how some people want swiping down to scroll down and others want it scroll up. I made it work, though. :)

Ahhh I was addicted to Icy Tower many years ago and this is kinda like that but in reverse! Very fun. Very challenging. Played smoothly.

I like the undead-killer-for-hire theme! I had trouble actually hitting things, though, and my health when into the negative. Could be real fun with a bit more work!

Combining Super Hot with a roguelike is a great idea! Loved it!

Hmm, that's where I'm running it.

Strange! I tested on Ubuntu 20.04 so I'd expect the situation to be better on 22.04. Ugh! Well, thank you for trying all this! I'll have to try for myself in a VM and see if I can reproduce.

What distro and version are you using? The bundle has all the libs packed within it and the launcher script sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH accordingly, so a failure to a link to a library suggests there's some incompatibility.

Seems that the Linux binary was built with a glibc that's too new to run on somewhat older distros, like Ubuntu 20.04. I'd like to just build it from the source archive but I'm not sure how. Do you have instructions for that?

Cute game! Nice skybox, although I couldn't look at it much because I liked having the camera facing down a bit. I found the player hitbox a tad too big because sometimes I'd hit a barrel that I really feel like I shouldn't have hit.

I tried building from source but got this error:

$ raco req -d
file-exists?: contract violation
  expected: path-string?
  given: #f
   body of "/home/dave/.local/share/racket/8.8-guix/pkgs/req-lib/req/raco-req.rkt"
   body of "/gnu/store/2mhw66fpdlf5i6iamyc1zc4kvnj7k9lf-racket-vm-cs-8.8/opt/racket-vm/collects/raco/raco.rkt"
   body of "/gnu/store/2mhw66fpdlf5i6iamyc1zc4kvnj7k9lf-racket-vm-cs-8.8/opt/racket-vm/collects/raco/main.rkt"

I don't have a new enough ECL version to play this one, unfortunately.

The repetition + increasingly meta commentary was pretty funny. I'm unsure if there's more to the final loop than I experienced given the map changes but I got a "you beat the game" dialog at the end!

Instead of debugging, I switched to an old Ubuntu laptop and it worked there. I had fun with this! I think I was just one ball shy from beating the 58/60 level! Very cool that it was written in elisp!

I modified launch-game to use /bin/sh instead of /bin/bash so it would launch, then got this error:

  error("[XELB] Connection failed: %s" "Authorization required, but no authorization proto...")
  xcb:-connection-setup-filter(#<process XELB> "\0@\13\0\0\0\20\0Authorization required, but no authorizati...")
  accept-process-output(#<process XELB> 1 nil 1)
  #f(compiled-function (obj) "Connect to X server." #<bytecode 0x1e662ff612a0c7c4>)(#<xcb:connection xcb:connection-b119ca>)
  apply(#f(compiled-function (obj) "Connect to X server." #<bytecode 0x1e662ff612a0c7c4>) #<xcb:connection xcb:connection-b119ca> nil)
  xcb:-connect(#<xcb:connection xcb:connection-b119ca>)
  command-line-1(("-L" "./vendor/xelb-0.18" "-L" "." "-l" "xcb-boomshine" "-f" "xcb-boomshine-new-game"))
I use Guix so I'm used to having to fiddle with pre-built stuff but I'm not sure what to do here.

Thanks! I'll see if I can reproduce the problem in a VM.

Aww, bummer! What distro and version are you using? The shared libraries like libpng are bundled in the lib directory but perhaps there is a glibc incompatibility or something that's causing problems. If it's something I can fix I'll add it to my to-do list for next time. Thanks for trying to run it anyhow!

Pushed a correction to that post.

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The Kawa one was the only one I had noticed at the time. I saw the Racket one after I published but I missed those Chicken ones because it was not obvious from the project pages that they used Scheme. Thanks for the correction!

I wrote a little wrap-up blog post about how the jam went for me:

Links to our entries:



Blog posts about both forthcoming!

This looks really cool! Make sure you upload a source archive to this page as well to capture the state of the source as it was when the jam ended.

We're big supporters of making games (and just applications in general) that run on WASM platforms (web browsers mainly.) The Guile Hoot project is broken into several phases. For this first phase we're targeting the r7rs-small Scheme standard because it's rather minimal. In a future phase we will add support for as much of Guile as possible in a web context (no POSIX API, for example) and will figure out how to interact with the DOM to render web pages. Our goal is to ship applications built with Guile and Goblins so that anyone with a web browser can use them. The gamer in me is hoping we'll eventually be able to hook into WebGL/WebGPU someday. :)

And yes, Scheme implementations use a garbage collector. For Guile Hoot we are using the WASM GC extension. Native Guile also uses the boehm collector but it's going to be replaced in the coming years with a better one called Whippet. I should also note that Guile Hoot is not using emcsripten. It's using a purpose-built assembler, disassembler, and compiler that outputs WASM binaries.

I'm pleased to say that I work for a very cool place called the Spritely Institute and we will be dedicating some time over the next week to participate in the game jam! Our team will be split up on 2 projects:

  1. A text-based, networked game using our Goblins distributed programming platform. (Christine and Dave)
  2. A demo using the in-development Guile Hoot WASM assembler. (Robin)

This jam provides an excellent opportunity for us to spend some time eating our own dog food. To that end we've spent a bit of time prepping some scaffolding to support project #1, which can be found here:

This  means that I most likely won't have time to use my Chickadee library this time around for a personal entry, but if anyone else does feel free to reach out on IRC if you need help. :)

Hey everyone,

If anyone is interested in making a game with Guile Scheme using Chickadee, I have created a minimal template repository to hopefully make it easier to get started:

You can clone the repo like this:

git clone

The README is here:

Happy jamming!