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David Thompson

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Posted in Racket

Yes, anything in the lisp family is fair game here. Happy hacking!

Posted in It Begins.

Hi everyone! I plan on writing a tiny vertical scrolling shoot-em-up game that is a minimal clone of Ikaruga's gameplay and style. I will be writing it in Guile Scheme using my game engine: Sly. As always during game jams, I have a lot of other real life stuff on my plate, so I've tried to limit the scope of this project as much as possible in order to have a chance of finishing within 10 days. I will be using a very low resolution (probably 120x160) and using audio assets from OpenGameArt. I'm going to attempt to do my own sprites.

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I am working on a vertical scrolling bullet hell shoot-em-up game called MetaX. The MetaX is a special space ship made from reclaimed materials that can reclaim, or consume, enemy ships for bonus points and more power. I guess it's sort-of like bullet hell meets Kirby. I'm going to attempt to make about 5 minutes of gameplay: A single stage with a mid-boss and final boss.

Tech-wise, I'm using Guile Scheme and my own game framework called Sly that sits on top of an SDL2/OpenGL base. So far I made a title screen and am working out some rendering issues with my sprite batch implementation. I've never written a complete game with Sly yet, so this should reveal what really needs improving in the future.

Posted in Introductions

Hey everyone, I'm David Thompson. I have been working on a game engine written in Guile Scheme for the past couple of years called Sly, and I'm hoping that I can use this jam to develop my first real game using it. I'd like to create a vertical scrolling, bullet hell style shoot-em-up game during the jam.