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Sounds like your Chrome and Firefox are too old. You need Chrome 119+ or Firefox 121+.

Since people only play these games for a few minutes we wanted to err on the side of a gentle difficulty curve. Thanks for playing!

I thought the music for Tower Institute of Linguistics was great! So did my wife, who walked into the room while I was playing and was immediately drawn in by it. Thanks for sharing your jam experience!

Unfortunately the Linux binary bundle didn't work for me on Guix. I think the ELF binary has some baked in assumptions that don't hold on Guix. I might try to build from source another time.

Took me awhile to get the hang of what was going on but after that I was having fun raising my little gnome armies. My session ended with an "attempted to get out of range pixel" error, unfortunately. Nice job on the art and UI!

For Guix users, I launched the .love file like this:

guix shell love -- love

I'm not very good and kept getting caught. :( I couldn't figure out a way to retry without closing the game and re-opening it. Did I miss something? Would make it easier to try again. Thanks for using Chickadee!

The easiest way for me to play this was to clone the Git repo and use Guix:

git clone
guix shell -f guix.scm -- bloatrunner

It's okay to stop whenever you've had enough. :) We just wanted a bunch of puzzles for those that got hooked.

This game feels very 80s with the graphics and music! It's a simple but fun game and I can't tell you how cool it is to see someone else publish a game built with Chickadee. Would be cool to have some more stuff to do in the game but I appreciate how simple the controls are and how easy it is to just start playing. Nice job!

For anyone on Guix, you can run the game from the source directory like so:

APPDIR="" guix shell guile guile-chickadee -- guile turbo.scm

I noticed that turbo.scm does (getenv "APPDIR") and assumes the result is a string. I did not have this variable set at all, so getenv returns #f and the program crashes. As a workaround I launched the game like: APPDIR="" guile turbo.scm

If you do (or (getenv "APPDIR") "") or something that should take care of this problem.

Neat idea! Simple but pleasant presentation. It crashed a few levels in but I was getting to the point where I'd have to refresh my memory on the game of life rules anyhow lol.

Yeah this is connecting to a baked-in node that Spritely is running during the jam rating period that hosts the rooms and some bots. If multiple people were online at the same time you'd see them. A localhost server is used to provide the web UI. Everything is rather cryptic at the moment, and there isn't much of a game to be had yet, but it's the very beginnings of a p2p virtual world. Extrapolating a bit, you could imagine hosting your own rooms on your machine that other players can visit in a truly p2p way.

Felt kinda like adding another dimension to tetris! I had a really tough time with the controls. I just couldn't get the plate to move in the way I wanted. It's like when a touchpad doesn't scroll in the direction that is intuitive to you or something. At some point my tower got too high and the game stopped dropping blocks. I assume it meant that I lost but it didn't tell me so. :)

Made it through several levels before crashing too many times. I found the controls to be a little floaty. The controlled descent with the down arrow was crucial, otherwise I would have failed much sooner!

Loved this! Beat all the levels. Very clever little game. I don't think I've seen S7 used in one of these jams in awhile, if ever. Great job!

Loved this! Simple controls, easy to pick up and play. Was pleasantly surprised that I could match characters that I hadn't yet tethered. That helped me out of some sticky situations. The frame rate really tanked when things got intense and there were a lot of characters on screen, though.

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I found the above table hard to read. What I really wanted to know was the language breakdown in raw count and percentage form. So, I took the data above and did my own quick calculation:

languageentries% (rounded)

The various Schemes are all significantly different enough to be considered their own languages.

Cool concept! Would be nice to see a more playable version sometime. I found using K and ; to rotate a bit awkward. Thanks for trying out Hoot!

Cool concept! Would be nice to see a more playable version sometime. I found using K and ; to rotate a bit awkward. Thanks for trying out Hoot!

Seems that the rocks are all that's there besides the player:

I liked the retro theme a lot! It's so easy to get sucked into Sokoban games lol. Very clever puzzles. I just wish I was playing your own puzzles and not a set developed by someone else.

Thanks for trying Hoot! We hope to have a better debugging story in future releases now that the core is starting to work quite well. I'm not sure what kind of game you were trying to make but I like the little slime sprites.

Thanks for giving Hoot a shot! If you revisit this in the future, a computer controlled opponent would be nice for those of us that don't have a second player.

It was very cool to see how you combined Hoot with audio generation stuff! I loved the visualization but I had a hard time figuring out how to cancel the signals. A lot of the time I felt like I was adjusting sliders to no avail. I'm curious, why does it only work on Firefox and not Chrome?

Had fun with this one! I found that bombs were essential because the maze generation algorithm can generate mazes that can't be completed otherwise. Likewise I also saw gold placed in inaccessible (without bombs) areas. It would be cool if the mazes were always proper mazes and the bombs could be used for strategic shortcuts.

A new genre: the juggling type game! I always enjoy jam games with simple controls that are easy to pick up and play. I do wish the hitboxes were bigger for the player's arms as I felt like I had to be too precise in my movements to keep the juggling going. I'm about as good at juggling in this game as I am in real life (which is to say: not good!) It's so cool that chose to use Hoot for this project!

Sooo I did not make it particularly far lol. It was a fun, more stressful take on classic Breakout! The game felt smooth and snappy and I liked the particle effects.

I've never had a more challenging time getting to the number 42 lol.

I can't run this due to the included shared lib using glibc 2.38, which is more recent than what I'm currently using. When distributing pre-built Linux binaries, the trick is to perform the build on the oldest version of a distro you can find that is still being supported. That will maximize your chances that the binary will work on another machine. I like to use the oldest Ubuntu LTS for this purpose.

Also, has a /bin/bash shebang  which is an assumption that doesn't hold on some distros such as Guix. /bin/sh, however, is a standardized thing so changing the shebang to that allowed the script to run.

Had to restart once because I just didn't understand what I was doing and ran out of lil guys. The second time I was able to make a pretty tall tower but I was still pretty far from defying god. I didn't quite understand how the colors factored into everything and how I should be adjusting staffing based on that. I had fun, though! Loved the music.

Love the look and feel of this. Would love to see an expanded version with more stuff to do and an enhanced editor!

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Loved the vibe of this one! Played 9 holes, got 2 hole-in-ones! Got a bit confused by the camera at times but I had a lot of fun. Just wish the action would move along a little quicker as I found myself waiting for the ball to settle at the start of each hole and then the slow rotation to line up the shot was a bit tedious. Still though, had a blast! Nice job! I definitely laughed at what happens when you choose "don't play" at the beginning.

I always have a tough time controlling games with rotation and thrust controls. Even the original Asteroids is hard for me! Seeing my own bullets stick around and potentially kill me was scary lol. Very cool that you made this with Hoot!

Yup, this is to be expected currently. Safari does not enable WebAssembly GC or tail calls in their production builds currently and Hoot relies on both features.

Glad you found Chickadee pleasant to use! I look forward to trying your game!

Hi everyone! Due to the downtime yesterday we are extending the rating period through Sunday, June 2nd to give everyone plenty of time to try as many games as they can.

Technomancy and I used the downtime as an opportunity to consider if 3 days was really enough time for everyone to rate entries to begin with. We don't think it is, especially with the record number of entries in this edition of the jam. So, we've decided to increase the length of the rating period to 1 week from the end of the jam going forward.

I look forward to trying everyone's games!

Records that can be subtyped must be marked as #:extensible. See this unit test of records for an example:

I haven't actually used this feature for myself, yet. I hope it works okay!

Hoot's `define-record-type`, which is in (hoot records), supports parent types. The `define-record-type` exposed in `(scheme base)` conforms to R7RS-small and does not support additional flags like #:parent.