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I've wanted to see a demake of this game for a long time. Nice job! This first stage is *much* harder than the original, though, and I know at least one reason why: Those circle "popcorn" enemies should die with one hit, but they take a lot more hits to kill here and thus the player has to dodge the remaining ones as they move down the screen.

I guess that would work, but it's not the workflow I use. 2 REPLs seems confusing. First, I start my guile program (e.g. 'guile foo.scm', running 'make' first if I have a proper build system setup) and have that program spawn a cooperative repl server. Then all there is to do is connect to it with M-x connect-to-guile.

Yes, it's possible. I use Guile's cooperative REPL server (system repl coop-server) for this purpose, so you can integrate it into the game loop.  First, I do something like this to create it: (define repl (spawn-coop-repl-server)). Then, in the case of Chickadee, I add this code to an update hook: (poll-coop-repl-server repl). This way the commands sent to the REPL are processed at 60hz in the main thread and there are no multithreading concerns as there would be if you had used (system repl server) instead.  Once the REPL is up and running, you can connect to it on port 37146. I use M-x connect-to-guile in Emacs, which requires the Geiser extension.

On the topic of parallelism, I don't write multithreaded games, but I do write concurrent ones. For this I use coroutines ("green threads"), which Chickadee provides in the (chickadee scripting) module.

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Hi, I am the author of guile-sdl2, Chickadee, and Sly! Chickadee is probably the best thing out there for Guile right now, missing features and all. It is built on top of guile-sdl2 and guile-opengl.  A simple 2D game should be feasible with it.  There is some documentation but it's not great.  If you do end up using Chickadee, you can post questions in this thread and I will try to reply.

I don't recommend using Sly. It was an interesting experiment that I started back in 2013 and I used it to make my "lisparuga" game entry a couple years ago, but it's an experiment that didn't work out very well. Thus it has been abandoned.

Hope this helps!

Yes, anything in the lisp family is fair game here. Happy hacking!

Hi everyone! I plan on writing a tiny vertical scrolling shoot-em-up game that is a minimal clone of Ikaruga's gameplay and style. I will be writing it in Guile Scheme using my game engine: Sly. As always during game jams, I have a lot of other real life stuff on my plate, so I've tried to limit the scope of this project as much as possible in order to have a chance of finishing within 10 days. I will be using a very low resolution (probably 120x160) and using audio assets from OpenGameArt. I'm going to attempt to do my own sprites.

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I am working on a vertical scrolling bullet hell shoot-em-up game called MetaX. The MetaX is a special space ship made from reclaimed materials that can reclaim, or consume, enemy ships for bonus points and more power. I guess it's sort-of like bullet hell meets Kirby. I'm going to attempt to make about 5 minutes of gameplay: A single stage with a mid-boss and final boss.

Tech-wise, I'm using Guile Scheme and my own game framework called Sly that sits on top of an SDL2/OpenGL base. So far I made a title screen and am working out some rendering issues with my sprite batch implementation. I've never written a complete game with Sly yet, so this should reveal what really needs improving in the future.

Hey everyone, I'm David Thompson. I have been working on a game engine written in Guile Scheme for the past couple of years called Sly, and I'm hoping that I can use this jam to develop my first real game using it. I'd like to create a vertical scrolling, bullet hell style shoot-em-up game during the jam.