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It was a blast to participate in the making and playing so many good games. This was my first GWJ and now I know that it definitely was not the last. Cheers to everyone!

Hey. Congrats on making this cool looking game with very nice graphics and well fitting sound. I've had a bit of a hard time doing good runs though, seems I'm better at it in real life than in this game. Seems there's always an old lady that will kick my ass for running into her ;)

Congrats on this entry, keep up good work!

Great little game! So cool to see little details like eyes on the "box" turning in direction of key presses and how the "dash" was implemented. It was great that the gameplay isn't too stressful, it gives you enough time to react to everything that is happening. I think the slow mo effect on death was also great addition. Cheers for this entry!

Thank you for your constructive feedback! Yeah, I didn't really pay attention to cohesion between story delivery and gameplay, probably because the decision to add the story story to drive the game was added after the visuals were already mostly done. If I improve it further I will consider the suggestions you made :)

I happened to stumble upon this gem by chance. Boy what an experience. I don't play games that much lately but I honestly find it hard to remember a game with an atmosphere so rich as this one. Really, the looks, the soundtrack, it all just fits so well together.

I would love to see some more adventuring and perhaps a bit less of fighting even though death was not punishing. I hope to see more like this or this one developed further :)

Great game! Nice to see all the little details that were put into it, from gaining additional abilities with the hook as well as those "traps" that actually help you. Something that I found a bit confusing was the fact that sometimes you needed to die to progress. But I guess that was done intentionally or maybe I was missing something. You also managed to pack a lot of level design into it aaaand the sad ending ;(. Oh well, not every story can have a happy one right? I think this could be developed further, perhaps throw in a bit of atmosphere music and it will be a great game.

Cheers for you entry! Oh, and a great discord username ;)

Hey, this is a very nice little puzzle game. I liked the controls and even when I forgot to select the correct color it was nice that I didn't have to "switch off" before changing the color and continue to make the line with new one. The concept is great, graphics are well done. The only thing I found reaaaally annoying was that short music loop. But I finished it none the less :)

Congrats on good first entry, keep up good work!

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Great puzzle game! Pleasing graphically and with well fitting audio as well. I have to congratulate you on the amount of content you put into this one in this short time, though I have to admit I gave up on the "We take time" level, it just didn't feel like I have the coordination in my fingers and head to finish that one. It found it quite hard to mentally figure out in which direction the bird would move when I changed the direction even after finishing quite few levels :)

Even though this jam produced quite few connect the dots style games, this one has to be one of my favorite. Not just for this type of game, but for the jam overall as well! Keep up good work and I sincerely hope to see more from you :)

EDIT: Oh, and nice too see fellow developer from neighboring country ;). I'm from Slovenia.

Well, this is just amazing! Really, just great how you managed to put such simple idea into an addictive game using different interactive blocks. It is probably the best entry I've played so far and would love to see even more of it. The graphics, sound, music... it all just fits together so well :)

The only thing I struggled with a bit was the direction of the arrow since I couldn't see the mouse pointer where it was being aimed. Would be interesting to see this on mobile as well.

Hey, thanks for the feedback and all the suggestions. I really like the idea with spending points for some upgrades, at least replenishing lives would definitely be a welcome addition. Good score too, your country thanks you! :D

I already implemented touch controls just for fun and to test how to implement that at all. I also moved the HUD to the upper part of the screen for that purpose. I have to say that personally I found it easier to play on keyboard than by touch. But there was no additional tweaking besides simple mapping of touch behavior to existing keyboard controls. I might continue working on it and throw it as a freebie on Play store if it turns out to be cool.

Thanks for your feedback. I am glad you liked the background story, at some point that became the main driver for me to push the game to the finish before the deadline :). The gameplay is a bit challenging and I did not put much effort into making the learning curve smoother. So that's definitely something to consider if I do some more work on this.

I didn't go above the base grid size as I found it challenging enough for my taste. But now that you asked, I might just do that :D. I have to say I really liked the game design from perspective of playability, once you get the grasp of how things work.

Very nice idea and how you made it into a fun little game. Quite challenging too I have to say. The graphics fit in so well, really makes you feel you are being chased by something and making you make a mistake again and again. Cheers for this great entry. Definitely looking forward to see more from you :)

Very nice game! Idea is great and how you implemented it as well. At first I thought all totems always needed to be connected but turned out that was not the case :). Congrats on making this cool entry on your first time and also the amount of levels you managed to implement. Good job!

Well, if something I definitely suck at bomb making :D. You did a nice little game there, pleasing graphics and music fits in well. Keep up good work :)

This is great! I love how much mechanics you managed to put into using just two buttons. Graphics look great and the music fits in very well. Congratulations on doing this little game :)

Very nice graphics and cool animations you managed to do there. Music fits well with it as well. I wish you could have pack in more gameplay but hey, it's all about fun doing it :). Keep up good work!

My god, it took me a while to figure out the number represented the number of connections required and not time... I was like, why is the time running out so fast on meeee! Until I finally read the text lol.

Anyway, this is a really nice looking game. I like the simplistic design, low amount of colors used which produce great overall effect. The music is okay as well. Cheers for this cool entry, keep up good work! :)

Cool little game. I really liked the whole 8-bit feel it has to it. Perhaps it could use some additional mechanic to spice things up a bit, maybe a larger bird now and then that would require more than one zap.

Congrats on making this cool entry! Keep up good work :)

Wow, I have to say this is one of the best entries I've played so far. I've seen some screens from it before on Reddit but didn't get around to play it until today. I love, absolutely love the graphics. It makes the game so calming. Perhaps the only improvement when I would suggest when it comes to visuals is maybe try to give some depth to tiles and buttons, unless you intentionally went for a bit of flatter look. Music is nice and fits in quite well but I don't know why I expected some strings instrument, probably I associate that with Celtic stuff.

Really great game and a pleasure to play it! Congratulations on making something so pleasing anc complete on your first go. Hope to see more from you :)

Hey, thanks so much fort the constructive feedback. The unavoidable decelerators were kind of intentional, maybe to give more incentive to "master" the optimal pathing. But I guess that can be a double edged sword. Perhaps a good solution would be to make them avoidable every time, just to prevent player from loosing speed, but still provide a better path which would give additional point bonus if chosen. I was also considering making a level where you would start with a very high speed and would be practically forced to slow yourself down a bit to be able to survive at all, but ended up not implementing that due to other priorities :)

Very well done game, congratulations on your first entry and finishing it as well. Graphics are very pretty and the tempo gets wild really fast. Maybe a sound effect or two when placing tracks/bridges would add additional little bit. Keep up good work :)

Nice game with very well done graphics. Atmosphere is pleasant overall as well. I found it quite hard on third level already though and didn't manage to complete it... slow shooter :D

Keep up good work!

Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated!

I haven't tried making anything for mobile so far, but given that there's basically just two input events I'd need to handle I might just give it a try :)

Thanks for explanation. I see you took similar approach with not moving the player :)

I tried playing in Chrome and Firefox and didn't have any problems. Didn't try other browsers though. I've uploaded exports for Windows 64bit, Linux 64bit and Mac OS X now as well. Hopefully you will be able to play it.

Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate it. The controls were done that way intentionally, wanted to have something different from classic push to move. But I have to admit I struggle with them sometimes as well, especially when things get fast and hairy :)

Congratulations hero, the country thanks you for your service and feedback! My revolutionary counterpart managed to do a bit better but not by much. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Very nice little game. Great consistent graphics and pretty nice sound. I found it hard sometimes when pulling stuff around when it would just get stuck at some corner and would have to backtrack to be able to pull it in different way. Great entry though, love it :)

I loved the atmosphere of this game. So relaxing. I think you did amazing job putting it together! I hope to see more from you :)

I like the idea and hope you add some more content. I did struggle with controls a bit, but that's probably due to the fact that I felt the need to have 4 directional control :). And not sure if that was considered cheating but I found it quite easy to get past moving obstacles by just pushing against the wall to stop myself from moving while waiting for them to move away.

Cool entry!

Good idea but quite hard to master. I've had real struggle picking up that gun, then eventually I somehow just glitched past that guy that usually shot me. So kind of cheated my way to the next level where I just miserably died every time very fast. I liked the graphics though. Keep up the good work! :)


Amazing little prototype game. Graphics are freaking great and the music fits very well with the theme. I loved how you handled the connection thing ,with little window showing her at origin point. I am at loss for words, really, just love it and would love to see it developed further!

I found one little bug, where you don't immediately get killed by spinning wheels if you're under effect of just being shot by turret.

Cool! This looks similar to my submission in a way, similar concept but the control scheme differs a bit. I'm curious how you implemented the line drawing behind the ball, that was something I was thinking of doing but ended up scraping the whole idea since I though it would not add anything to the game. Works very well in yours though since the object you control is pushed much further up the screen.

I liked how the movement area expands after some time! Good work :)

Nice concept and very appealing visuals. I think the gloomy yellowish colors and music match amazingly well. And all the little animated bits, just adds to the whole thing a lot!

I did struggle with controls though and honestly didn't manage to complete the whole thing. Picking up parts just seemed quite hard for me, perhaps it would be a bit easier if buttons for opening and closing the claw were closer together (I use ENG keyboard).

Good job overall, and if this is your first Godot project, wow! Looking forward to seeing more :)

Wow, what a cool little game! I was surprised to see how many different mechanics you managed to pack into it. And the pixel art is very good as well, the final scene with the river especially.

I did not hear any sounds though, tried both web and windows versions. Too bad, I'm sure they would add much to atmosphere.

Looking forward to see more from you! :)

Interesting concept, but I don't think decision to go with two buttons here was the best idea. Perhaps you can continue to work on it, add some more customers each with specific needs and different pickup points at the counter, maybe have color coded connections between pick up and delivery points.

Congratulations on your first entry! Keep participating and keep 'em coming :)

Oh, I loved the robot's nose :)

Thanks for noting this and posting this helpful post. I added 64bit build as well.