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A tiny puzzle game about restoring power to a facility
Submitted by miniglitch (@_miniglitch) — 2 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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Game Description
A tiny puzzle game about restoring power to a facility

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andie#5639, N/A

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First time

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Wonderful game, would love to play more levels with more intractable objects. Didn't figure out that that some blocks cant be moved and I have to use the explosives to break them up until someone mentioned it in the chat. The buttons of the door where not so prominent, maybe some sort of animation on the button would help draw the attention of the player that the button must be interacted with, like an soft glow or a light blinking effect maybe.


This is a nice puzzle game! The art is really stylized. I love the use of the rope to pull the objects, and the various mechanics you managed to create from that! It's really creative!

Points for improvement would be to include the instructions in-game instead of just the readme. Most people tend to just open the game and play, then try out buttons to see what happens. Some instructions in-game would definitely help in not getting lost.

Overall a great game! :)


Absolutely loved the art and theme! Really good job, it was very fun to play. The little robot is so cute.

Submitted (1 edit)

This was a really neat little puzzle game. I like how you had a help file with instructions, but I can see some additional hints can be helpful in case some people get stuck.  If my other half didn't walk in on me while I was playing and tell me to connect the battery to the switch next to the door, I probably would have to quit in the first room.   Love the simple pixel art you have here! Took me a while to figure out the barrels were bombs, but it was extremely satisfying once I figured out how to set it off with the battery! 

Great job, easily one of my favorite of this jam so far!


Please export your game for Windows, Mac, and Linux as per the submission details - It is required. Thanks!


Oops, didn't see that was required. I've uploaded a Linux build.


Very nice little game. Great consistent graphics and pretty nice sound. I found it hard sometimes when pulling stuff around when it would just get stuck at some corner and would have to backtrack to be able to pull it in different way. Great entry though, love it :)