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Fun Game , can play it without ever moving the mouse.




There is a monster attacking your city and rubble is falling down, you have freeze time where you can move objects or other entities and save the citizens. Not everything should be movable, Instead of moving objects you might change the direction of the person running , or slow down a vehicle. Once time unfreezes we can see how much you can save.

There is no way to win, I always lose. Sadge.

Shadows on the boat would have made the jump look a little real. :)

Haha , Funny Game. Nice Art too.

Weird little game with creepy art, Tried to feed the baby but he was too huge already .:)

I have no clue on what to do, just kept making the monster big :)

Cool Idea, got to 89.74% percent. A Different color for the body would have been nicer.

Nice little game, Short and Clean. Cool Trasitions too.

The boss started to disappear and appear suddenly somewhere and sort of went in and out of the window.

Wow, amazing art work. Loved playing the game, was a little difficult. Would definitely play a full game version of this.

Nice Duel, Spam clicked the the entire time :p

Nice twist.

Wow great idea, the minotaur stood no change :D.

Amazing Concept.

The character feels great.I thought you put most of your effort into the art.

Cool Idea, The androids got to the citizens though.

Oooohhhh great idea nd nice execution. The boss kind of got glitchy at the fourth stage, I wasnt able to win sadge.

Cool Idea. The burger evaded so many of my shots.Nice work.

Nice Bounce mechanics , won easily :D

Nice Work! The music really matches the game, had fun playing.

Wow a really cool concept.  Would love to play advanced versions of the same.

Cool mechanic. Diffcult to control but fun nevertheless. Come here you pesky.

Cute little game, the jumping mechanics was really interesting :)

Nice little game :)

Will work on improving the difficulty :). Thanks for playing.

Yeah I started a little late on the game wasnt able to polish it,

Wow such a nice 3d game, one of the best in this jam. Nice idea that you can eat only until your arms are available. Didnt expect such a good game from the earliest submission in the jam. Did you make all these 3d stuff on your own?

Nice little game, the shadows throw me off though

Those quick litte bastards, hehe.

How do I play the game?

I cant seem to win, Sadge.

Nice little game, would have been better if I could know when I can eat the ants.

Cute little game, the UI looks amazing. Would have loved a little more difficulty in the game. Also I can move out of the screen if I keep pressing up or down.

Nice Idea, having a little trouble knowing when I am eating and when i am not.

Nice little game , also the triumphant music suits the game well.