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v1.3.2 update includes macOS Big Sur support.

Apologies for the delay and thank-you for your support.

Are you using a mac with a M1 chip?

The next release should fix Big Sur and M1 issues.

Apologies, will try and get this released promptly.

Wow, really nice polished game!

Great to see CryPixels being used in projects like this.

When searching the store the results seem incorrect, it would appear it is handling capital letters in game titles incorrectly.

My tool is called CryPixels (all one word)

If I search for 'crypixels' it comes up dead last, with no other games having any reference of 'crypixels' ahead of it.

However, when I search 'cry pixels' with a space, it comes up first.

It would appear is assuming 'CryPixels' is two words due to my use of capitalisation?

Thanks in advance, Tom.

The original idea came from the open source algorithm I have re-written the code and added several features. I hope in the future to release the generation code as open source, enabling people to generate sprites at runtime from .crypix grids. This will enable the community to contribute and use the code for free (.crypix grids can be written by hand using JSON), or purchase the CryPixels editor if they wish.

Sorry, didn't realise you were using an algorithm to upscale! This looks really good, going to have a play with some sprites myself. Will look at the possibility of integrating this or something similar in future versions. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Great work! Glad to see your enjoying the software.

Just a quick note on the size, you can have a 32px generation grid and set the 'Output Scale' under 'Generation Settings' panel to '2x'. This would give you a pixel perfect 64px sprite. If your using batch output make sure you change 'Scale' to "Scaled' which will use whatever 'Output Scale' you have set.

Cheers, TomC

Good to hear!

@leafo – yes all fixed now.


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Hi Tyler, first of all thanks for the feedback.

Documentation is something we've been working hard on over the last couple of months. Very soon a full set of Docs will be available on the website, breaking down how every feature works. I will look into getting some specific tutorials added to this page on creating certain sprites e.g. tiles, trees, humanoids etc.

We will also be uploading another Introduction Tutorial on YouTube, which includes all the features added in updates since the first video.

The demo version was originally restricted to creating 1-bit sprites, however is now fully functional with every feature except export. We also have 15 example grids you can load from the software Welcome Screen to get you started quickly.


Update v1.2 now out with this feature included.

I have also checked my history, and two buyers from Spain have been charged different amounts.

$20 for the one using the widget and $24.20 for the one using the project page.

Regards, TomC

It looks like VAT MOSS is correctly applied when using the buy button on either the project page, or when using the custom button api. After selecting your payment method it asks for your address, and then adds on the required VAT.

When using the widget, you select the payment method then it skips straight to the email and card details screen or paypal screen with no VAT applied and no address asked for.

So at the moment, someone buying from Europe will get my product cheaper if using the widget, as VAT won't be added.

Is this the intended behaviour?

Regards, TomC

@Moblyn I too have needed this feature and it's already in the next build.

Instead of .5 pixels, its simply an option titled 'disable mirror on center line'.

This option will disable mirroring the center line of pixels either on the X or Y axis.

So if you had an 8px wide grid mirrored, it would end up 15px wide without the center line duplicated.

Will hopefully get this build release in the next week or so!

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@Moblyn Thanks for the detailed input on this.

Animation is the most requested feature and something I hope to get implemented further down the line, maybe version 1.5.

I have looked into several different ways I could implement it, and will hopefully do some testing soon and get a plan in place for development.

Reference having a pixel editor built into the software, its very unlikely this will happen. I have always seen this software being used in addition to other great pixel editors such as Aseprite and Pyxel Edit. However, procedurally generating animated sprites is very much on the radar for future versions.

Watch this space!

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This looks great!

Did you use a voxel program or a 3d modeller?

Hello all, my names Tom and i'm the developer behind CryPixels Procedural Sprite Generator.

Thought I would take the time to thank @leafo for all the incredible work constantly improving and refining the platform. From someone new to indie development it has been an absolute dream to work with and I will always make sure anything I release stays on so people can download it DRM free.

On a side note, if anyone has a YouTube channel or website and they would like a free copy of CryPixels to review just drop me a line.

All the best, Tom

CryPixels community » Showcase · Created a new topic Stormtroopers!
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Thought i'd get things started with some stormtroopers I knocked up after watching TLJ.

If anyone wants the .crypix grid let me know and i'll fire it over.

Thanks leafo!

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Have released a FREE version of the recently released CryPixels Pro software.

Free version is limited to 1-bit mode, but otherwise fully functional!

Examples of generated 1-bit sprites below, hope you enjoy.

Introduction Tutorial now on YouTube.

Design endless amounts of sprites using CryPixels procedural pixel art generator with easy to use GUI editor.

Build your own generation grid using pre-defined options, then start generating using the different output settings.

User has complete control over all the generation process, from the initial grid to the settings used during generation.

Includes a collection of pre-built grids to get you up and running quickly, which can be edited to suit your needs.