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CryPixels community · Created a new topic Stormtroopers!
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Thought i'd get things started with some stormtroopers I knocked up after watching TLJ.

If anyone wants the .crypix grid let me know and i'll fire it over.

Hello Sharm, first of all thanks for the feedback, I take it all into consideration whether positive or negative.

Results not usable:
I believe all the screenshots on the product page have perfectly usable results, bare in mind not every single sprite generated is going to be right, it's designed to generate a couple hundred over and over again until you find the right one.

I fully appreciate that a pixel artist is going to rather do this work by hand, and it may well be a useful tool just using the 1-bit mode to generate ideas and rough mockups and then take into a different program for detailing, and if I was a pixel artist that's probably exactly what I would do and yes $20 would sound a lot. However I feel for game programmers wanting quick art you can get very good results which can always be touched up at a later stage.

Improving the generated art
I'm currently working on implementing a lot of the extra options you speak of, and hopefully this will give someone who requires a finer control on the outputted pixel art style what they're looking for. In regards to selecting a specific Hue this is in the next version.

The Price:
I want to make this software the best it can be for non-artists to be able to develop decent art for their games. I believe the price is fair, and will enable me to spend enough time in the future developing this product so it can reach it's potential. 

1-bit mode limitation:
The 1-bit mode isn't really designed to be a limitation for a demo, but more a fully functional version for people who want that style of art. Or for pixel artists who want to generate ideas for a basic sprite to start with before moving into different software for colouring/detailing. If pixel artists want to use the software, this is probably how they'll use it, in which case I wouldn't say the price is over the top as the price is free. Adding an additional body colour to the 1-bit mode is a great idea, i'll look into that!

Explaining how the procedural generation works isn't ideal, and hopefully i'll come up with a better way to explain the different brush options used in the grids more clearly! That video is designed more as a temporary fix while further documentation is made. I believe however the video along with the example-grids download should get most people up and running quite smoothly.

Thanks again for the clear & concise feedback, it's always appreciated.

Thanks leafo!

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Have released a FREE version of the recently released CryPixels Pro software.

Free version is limited to 1-bit mode, but otherwise fully functional!

Examples of generated 1-bit sprites below, hope you enjoy.

Introduction Tutorial now on YouTube.


Design endless amounts of sprites using CryPixels procedural pixel art generator with easy to use GUI editor.

Build your own generation grid using pre-defined options, then start generating using the different output settings.

User has complete control over all the generation process, from the initial grid to the settings used during generation.

Includes a collection of pre-built grids to get you up and running quickly, which can be edited to suit your needs.