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VAT MOSS not applied when using the widget

A topic by CrySoftware created May 03, 2018 Views: 181 Replies: 4
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It looks like VAT MOSS is correctly applied when using the buy button on either the project page, or when using the custom button api. After selecting your payment method it asks for your address, and then adds on the required VAT.

When using the widget, you select the payment method then it skips straight to the email and card details screen or paypal screen with no VAT applied and no address asked for.

So at the moment, someone buying from Europe will get my product cheaper if using the widget, as VAT won't be added.

Is this the intended behaviour?

Regards, TomC


That is not the intended behavior. Which game is this happening for? I want to check your account settings as well. Thanks

I have also checked my history, and two buyers from Spain have been charged different amounts.

$20 for the one using the widget and $24.20 for the one using the project page.

Regards, TomC



Sorry for not getting back sooner. We changed out widget implementation a while back to have checkout go through our standard flow in a separate window. This should have resolved the issue. Tell me if you're still experiencing the problem.


@leafo – yes all fixed now.