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A topic by Moblyn created Mar 23, 2018 Views: 583 Replies: 1
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This might be incredibly difficult to do but I think it could be a cool idea to try and add a pixel editor/animation suite into this. I could see it working like this.

Right click on the Generated  pixel character you want, have a menu that says something like "Output to Animator".  Then the program would populate a sprite sheet with the chosen pixel character.  Maybe you could edit pixels directly in the animator, but I think it could also be cool to have it generate procedural variations of the pixel character automatically, maybe have a little animation preview window.  Then have the ability to export the sprite sheet to be used in whatever.

I think if you could pull this off this would be a must have for any 2D game developer (I mean it already kind of is).  The ability to procedurally generate and animate sprites in one place could be pretty crazy.

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@Moblyn Thanks for the detailed input on this.

Animation is the most requested feature and something I hope to get implemented further down the line, maybe version 1.5.

I have looked into several different ways I could implement it, and will hopefully do some testing soon and get a plan in place for development.

Reference having a pixel editor built into the software, its very unlikely this will happen. I have always seen this software being used in addition to other great pixel editors such as Aseprite and Pyxel Edit. However, procedurally generating animated sprites is very much on the radar for future versions.

Watch this space!