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Feedback from a Potential Buyer

A topic by Tyler Warren RPG Battlers created May 10, 2018 Views: 772 Replies: 1
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Very interested in this software conceptually, but would like to see more of what it can do.  I could only find one tutorial/video intro and while that helped me think of ways I could make a cool spaceship or sword, (which in itself was pretty cool) it didn't give me a great rundown of how to use/manipulate the other features.  I'd love to see more tutorials exploring the many ways to use the program.  Perhaps with themes like, make an NPC, make a building, make a lake, make tiles, make trees, etc. etc.  

I am also particularly interested in seeing what can be done with imported images (something I would do very often).  Aside from taking my time to play with the demo, some decent tutorials would greatly enhance the appeal of the software for me (and likely others).  Just my thoughts.  Thanks!


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Hi Tyler, first of all thanks for the feedback.

Documentation is something we've been working hard on over the last couple of months. Very soon a full set of Docs will be available on the website, breaking down how every feature works. I will look into getting some specific tutorials added to this page on creating certain sprites e.g. tiles, trees, humanoids etc.

We will also be uploading another Introduction Tutorial on YouTube, which includes all the features added in updates since the first video.

The demo version was originally restricted to creating 1-bit sprites, however is now fully functional with every feature except export. We also have 15 example grids you can load from the software Welcome Screen to get you started quickly.