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nice entry! here are my thoughts, in no particular order:

  • would have preferred seeing the cost for each action somewhere in the main game screen or on the itch page instead of in another menu. maybe on the buttons themselves?
    • would similarly have liked to know what determines when I get a point. is the amount of time between points always the same, or does it depend on my island somehow? how much time is there until I get my next point?
  • really enjoyed the sound design. the boop when you click a button you can’t afford is oddly satisfying
  • couldn’t put my 4th barrier down for a while for some reason. not sure if that had to do with how many trees I had or if that was a bug
  • curious what the ecosystem meter does. as far as I can tell, maxing it out is bad, because at a certain point having too many trees hurts your viability
  • had a little trouble figuring out what a viable strategy was at first, since the first disaster always took me out. had to watch your trailer to stabilize before I could experiment and see what everything did

WitchOS Version 1.1 Beauteous Brew

The first post-jam update! As always, feedback is very much appreciated.

This includes two big-ticket items - the magic menu and an improved difficulty curve. Additionally, there's been a lot of work on clearing out the technical debt from the game jam to make it easier to work on in the long term.

Magic Menu
Before, you were on a tight 5-minute timer to do everything - get settled in for the day, read your emails, cast your spells - but now you can take care of all the slow-paced stuff outside of the timer. Once you're ready to cast spells, you can start the timer whenever you want, but spells only work while the timer is active.

Admittedly, the difficulty curve in the jam version was pretty much a flat line. Now it starts out a lot easier and gets harder as you get better at clearing out your inbox.


I didn't really specify what I was looking for before, so I figured I should probably do that here.

I absolutely appreciate any feedback you might have about the game, so even if it doesn't fit with the stuff I talk about below, please do post it!

Here are some specific things I would like to hear about:

1) hook factor - anything I can improve on such as name or elevator pitch to make the game more appealing to click on?
2) core gameplay - how easy is it to follow the spell instructions? is it satisfying to finish spells?
3) tutorialization - is the README enough to get you started? could I maybe get away with less explanation?

For the cursor thing, have you tried ? That might be helpful

Made this for last week's weekly game jam and would love any feedback on it.

I was going for a kind of "cooking" game without any cooking - you complete orders by following recipes and keeping your workstation in order. That, and the idea of using a retro computer to cast curses on people.

Hey thanks for playing and for the feedback! I just uploaded a new version that fixes that bug and rebalances the game making phase, should address the things you mentioned :)

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Your deck is a poem, and you play cards by typing them out. It's the English language, gamified, and you use it to fight a demon, which is pretty sick if you ask me.

Check it out here - - and take a look at my other games too while you're at it (

Saw this on the front page and can't say how hyped I am to try this later tonight. Battle Network combat is the bomb