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Saw this on the front page and can't say how hyped I am to try this later tonight. Battle Network combat is the bomb

Hey itchy people! I'm a sophomore computer science/music major who recently got into making games. So far I have a couple jams under my belt, both hosted here on itch, and both solo. As fun as it is to work alone, together is better! And now that summer's here, I have a lot of time to think about and make games.

My main focuses are programming and music, and I've done a little bit of art but not much. I'm familiar with Unity, but I'm quick to learn so we can work with whatever. 

Check out my Soundcloud: (expect a new track soon!)

I'm a programmer/musician looking for a programmer/artist so we can complete each other like a rom com or something. I'm familiar with Unity but I'm quick to learn so we can do whatever. Check out my soundcloud:

And my games are all here on my itch account

I was wondering the same thing. It isn't the rubber duck thing, is it? If it is, the wording certainly makes it seem like that's just an example, not the actual game

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That is, can we sketch out our game and create assets, and then spend the hour on coding and implementation? If we are allowed to use other people's assets, it seems reasonable to me that we can make our own assets as long as the total time spent coding is an hour or less.

I write stuff and put it here

I can't do the 7DRL, since it's the hell week before Spring Break and I'm going to PAX the 9th-11th. I'd be totally down to game jam in the future once things settle down a bit.

what would you rather do? Programming or sound?

I'd love it if I could do both. If I was forced to choose, it would be programming

Hi friendly folk! I'm a computer science major, classically trained musician, and gamer who wants to start making games. I have a little experience with Unity but I'm down to learn any engine. I'm also comfortable in a range of programming languages, including C#, C, Java, and Python. I can write all kinds of music, from baroque classical to jazz to grunge, so we can work with the best genre for the project.

What I'm looking for in a collaborator: someone who can fill out the other aspects of game development (e.g. skills in art, maybe writing, additional programming) and who's passionate about video games as a form of artistic expression. I don't have a project in mind, so we'll be doing some hardcore brainstorming seshes. I'd also be happy to join any teams working on established projects who need additional hands.

Message me via and we can talk about our favorite games and how I'm loving Dishonored 2's level design.

Check out my SoundCloud! It's got classical music that's hip hop.