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Same, everything is working again.

Maybe a server issue? When called with authorization token the endpoint gives me a 404. Same call worked for years.

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately I was not able to find a solution. I have send the files to Microsoft and they say everything is fine. The rule"Trojan:Win32/Fuerboos.A!cl" is not an actual virus but a heuristc rule. Maybe this rules change frequently ... so that neither me nor MS can reproduce your finding... :(

I was unable to reproduce this so far... can you tell me which windows version you are using?

Many thanks!

The game is pure .net ... no game engine used. The only external dlls I use are from the FMOD sound system. I will investigate this. None of my testers had this problem.

Thanks for your effort.

Does windows defender tell which file has the problem?

There is definetly no trojan in there. The heuristics of antivirus is quite aggressive when downloading executables with dlls.

I will provide an installer for direct downloads...

UNTIL THEN: I recommend using the itch app. That is more comfortable anyway and you get some extra protection when activating the sandbox.

No problem! Wondered about the Mega-Drive comment and checked the server!

Hey, you mixed something up. This is an online game and I can see you never started it. So obviously you cannot rate it!

My first game project is finally finished! After 1 year of development and a few weeks of beta-test I am happy to release:

Cosmic Card Chaos

Core features are:

  • Online multiplayer with automatic matchmaking vs equally strong opponents
  • Different races that play completely different
  • No "buy card pack" mechanic - deck can be developed in a strategic manner without any luck
  • Strong AI
  • Online league with 2 week seasons
  • Lots of achievements for long term motivation :)

Hope you like it!

Pattern tool tips are now online!

Thanks for the detailed analysis. This is really helpful!

I am working on this  project for over a year now. It is my first game
and I would like to finally finish it, but there are a few problems:

1. It is an online multiplayer game. I released the beta in december, but I have
no testers. So how to balance a multiplayer game without testers? Is this even
the right place for this type of game? I found no online multiplayer game that
is primary based on with a living community. Maybe I overlooked a game?

2. I am no artist, I focused on game mechanics and on a performant server, but
I think now that a well made trailer is the most important part of a game to
get attention. Apart from my lack of knowledge about creating videos, the game
has some strategic depth but no fancy graphics to show off in a trailer.

3. I created this game because I was annoyed by the concept of all collectible
card games out there. I think there is a gap in the market, but I may be
wrong. Maybe everyone else likes it as it is.

4. I like this game, and friends who play it too. But these are no objective
opinions - maybe the game is simply too bad to continue development?

I am trying to decide what to do next. My options:

1. abandon the project
2. replace the working title with a cool name, create a fancy trailer, release
without balancing
3. slowly improve the game and hope for the best

Has anyone a suggestion how to attract beta testers?
Has anyone time and patience to review the mechanics?

Any comments are welcome!

Thanks in advance!

Link to the project page: D5869

Thank you!

I am already working on the tool tips.

Made for Minimalistic Jam 2. So don't expect more than 10 colors or any fancy effects!

The few people that played the game seemed to enjoy it. I even got a donation for this! :) Thanks for that! Maybe you like it too ... find it here.

The game is an abstract puzzle game where you have to merge all shapes in the level and guide them to the green spot.

For a single shape this is quite simple and easy to predict:

For multiple shapes movement is still deterministic but hard to predict. The game shifts more in the direction of run, guess, run again, guess better,... :

But guess well - you have only a limited number of retries for a single run.

For every run new maps are generated. Each level has a similar difficulty in all runs, but has a different challenge on every run:

Try it out here: Shapemania

There are already some small additions planned. So stay tuned on twitter.

If you have any comments or suggestions please send me a message!

Thank you!

And yes the patterns are hard to remember. I programmed it and played a lot but often I am unsure about the patterns. I will add the tooltips!

I am glad you liked it!

I had the same doubts about the movement patterns. They are deterministic but except for red triangle & square hard to predict. I often run the level to see how the shapes move and then make a guess how the correct wall placement could be.

I am thinking about adding tooltips on the shapes that show the movement pattern. But I am not sure if that is actually an improvement. Maybe it is more fun to guess & retry than to do the brain twisting calculations what will actually happen?

Found it out myself. Should have played in fullscreen ... when not maximized the visual clue is not visible on my screen.

(1 edit)

I am stuck at a level with a big gap ... I have pulled over the picture once in that level, but then I am in the same level without that possiblility. Can I have a hint... :)

I like the game ... minimalist yet stylish. But I am bad at such games ... so I found an exploit:

Yes, I know. :)

When I created the shapes I had planned to align the outline with the chessboard pattern that is created when shapes merge. But then I changed the spacing of the chessboard, so that this makes no longer sense.

I will convert the shapes to vector graphics ... but maybe not for the first release.

Game mechanic and level generator finished for my puzzle game:


  • Configure walls so that all shapes merge and move to the green spot
  • Movement is determined by color & shape

Movement is very hard to predict for higher shape counts. This will be a guess & retry kind of game!

I have an idea for a game. But I am relatively new to game development and without any experience with game engines that create html output.

Will it be fine if I have only a windows executable?

That worked. Thank you!

What about the OAuth-Key? In my profile I can see that they are linked to the OAuth application. Can I query that information as well?

I have a multiplayer game using the API-Key for passwordless access. When started via the app I use the API-Key given by the app otherwise I use OAuth to get the API-Key.

In the case of the app the process looks like this:

I now realized that this is not secure as it can be exploited like this:

The documentation here says that the key is game specific. But I don't know how to verify that the key is for my game. If the itch server would tell my server at step 6 for which game the key was created the flaw would be fixed.

Is there a possibility for my server to find out for which game the key was created?

Whe the game is not started via the app I use the OAuth-API to get the API-Key. That has the same problem: I don't know how to verify that the given key was created for my game.

Did I miss something? Or is it not possible with the current API to implement a secure passwordless login?

Maybe this is not a real problem ... who will steal access to a game that is free anyway?

A friend of mine has a similar problem. He can't play my game because he cannot pass by the captchas. When he solves one he is presented the next in an infinite loop. Maybe this is related to an issue he had with a previous version of the app where he got an "unexpected end of json"-exception at the startup? (OS is Win7)

How you get new cards

To get new cards you have to research them. Therefore you need Science:


You gain science in two ways:

1. Win training matches vs the AI:

You gain more science when winning against higher AI levels.

2. Win matches in online play:

You gain 100 science for winning an online match. Additionaly you get a science bonus for playing fast.

You research new cards by spending science points:

Card prices vary based on the card type (there are two types: base & special) and how many instances of the card you already own.

Also all cards get more expensive the more you totaly own.

Due to this mechanc you will be able to quickly compose your dreamdeck. But modifying your deck or building a complete new deck gets harder over time!

Some more details:

There are two types of cards in the game:

  • Planets create resources and add special abilities.
  • Ships are for attack and defense. They can be placed in front of planets to protect the planet from attacks.

Pick one of four races with different abilities:

Humans (Image above - bottom):

  • Extra ship production
  • Extra firepower
  • Powerful AOE damage
  • Ship upgrades

Shokarr (Image above - top):

  • Cloaked ships & planets.
  • Cloaked ships can pass by defenders and directly attack planets
  • Have traps & decoys

Mazaz (Image below - top):

  • Recharging shilds on ships & planets
  • EMP to disable enemy ships before attacking
  • Shield upgrades for common ships

Krrkrk (Image below - bottom):

  • Growing insects swarms that get stronger over time
  • Hives that automatically create new swarms
  • Planets that defend themselves

You win the game by destroying the enemy home planet!

(1 edit)

I am trying to create a collectible card game with a new mecanic for card acquisition that is more friendly for casual gamers. You should be able to get a good deck rather quickly (if you make the right choices), but it should be hard to get a more versatile collection. There should be NO "continuous payment" - the common business model for CCGs.

The game is in a beta state. Working features:

  • Online play with automatic matchmaking
  • Online league with seasons
  • A strong AI for training
  • 4 playable races

I need help to:

  • Balance the races
  • Find new ideas for cards & races
  • Balance the cards for strategic depth
  • Find bugs

You can find the game here: D5869

Please install via

Many thanks!