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The art, audio and writing are super polished! I gotta admit it wasn't the most clear what the target was for the different minigames, maybe more consistent iconography / instructions would have helped (e.g. instead of "smash", say "mash"?)

The intro story was hilarious, very manga style.

For returning players, the major addition was support for Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny. You can find them if you have these games installed from Steam/GOG, or you can download the shareware version from and decompress into the C-Dogs SDL missions/ folder

I think you just need to add some padding between the tiles

art department was given a different palette; I take no responsibility

Whoa is this some sort of reverse perspective here... trippy

Phaser 3, it's pretty good for simple 2d sprite games

Thank you! I've managed to play it now. This is so ambitious for a 3-day jam! You started really well and then the game abruptly ends >.<

I enjoyed it while it lasted, very charming

can  you try exporting a web version? That will be easiest

Cool puzzle game! It's a very interesting concept.

mac version doesn't work unfortunately

nice music, where did you get it?

it's a shame it's too zoomed out to see the main character clearly

cool idea; the 3d physics are a bit janky though. Great protagonist!

Very cute game, love the VN :)

Thanks for trying it out! I think there's a bug where textures disappear after reloading a mission. If you restart the game it should work the first time. I'll work on a fix soon.

Keep waiting until you see what looks like a starting screen; sorry but I haven't added a loading screen.

Here's the sources: