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Nice idea and execution, I wish I had some more levels and mechanics :D But as a beginning I think that there is a good potential!

Cool idea and execution! The intro was great, art is super-nice and I enjoyed the puzzles, they were pretty clever :) 

Cool idea, it should be super-fun as a multiplayer game!

Unfortunately I didn't get well how to play and what's the purpose. But nice art and concept!

Pretty cryptic :D But I think it's a really nice idea that you can interact with your past-selves. Oh, and I love this type of minimalistic art.

It's a cool idea! Would be nice if, instead of changing the gravity every N seconds, it changes every N steps from the player. And maybe with a button to run, but that makes also the gravity change faster... I think that with some more time and iterations could become pretty cool!

Really cool idea, I never thought about it! Would be nice to have a button to speed-up the tetraminos, but otherwise I think it's an idea that could worth having as a complete game!

That was a cool idea! Controls are pretty hard and it took me a while to understand how it works, though. But the idea is really cool, I hope you iterate more on it! :)

Good job! The idea of random encounters where you have to dodge the attacks reminded me of Undertale :D

Cool idea, I had fun playing :D I was going to suggest to use a different sound for every object that you touch, but also the idea of the exploding cat is fun :D Good job also with the art and the level design!

I think that it's a cool idea for an abstract game, and it gives you the right idea of trying to stop a virus that is spreading around! With some balancing and maybe trying different shapes of the grid, it can become very strategic. Good job!

Good job guys! It's a nice idea and it was fun to play :D

Maybe I would suggest to let the player know three seconds earlier when the controls are going crazy, because sometimes it felt a little bit unfair! Keep making great stuff like this one!

Cool idea! Would be cool to make the whole "trial-and-error" process faster between different sessions, but I think that the idea is pretty unique!

Really cool concept for a puzzle game! With a little tutorial and improved graphics (+ maybe some audio?) I think that it would be a great game!

It's a pity that you didn't manage to get the final version working! The dialogues are really funny, and actually also moving/shooting feels great with that art. I hope that I'll get to try the final version :)

Cool stuff! Once you start to grow potatoes, you become rich super-fast and it's actually quite rewarding. Would be a cool a system to power-up the character stats (like strength  and speed)!

Cool concept, congrats for coming up with the idea and developing it as your first project :) Keep going like this!

It really gives a good idea of chaos when you are an adult and you have to take care of a lot of kids :D
Oh, the art is amazing, congrats! :D

Really cool concept, it reminds me one of those games and toys where they teach you how to king as a programmer :D The camera movement makes everything more alive, but maybe for every single step is a little bit too much? Anyway congrats also for the presentation, it's really polished!

Really cool idea, I think that there is a lot of potential! I couldn't pass the first 6-7 platforms, though, but if you guys improve the learning curve, it can be really fun! Also, I love the pixel-art!

Great work with the idea and the level design, it's really a good-balanced game!

Good job, I had fun while playing! I was missing the last hit to the last tree and then I ran out of time :D

Great job! I love the art style and the controls of the game feel very fluent. Also it's pretty fun when the weapons go crazy :D

Thanks a lot, really! :) Yes, we realized too late that the controls are very hard to use. We are probably going to fix it in a newer version of the prototype!

Thanks a lot, we really appreciate! :)

Thank you! :) Yes, we realized only now how "uncomfortable" are the controls when you have to control + carry things. We thought that it gave a better idea of "double effort" (controlling + carrying) but at the end it was just bad :D We are definitely going to fix it for a next version of the prototype!

Thanks a lot! Yes, we are considering going on with the project and we would definitely experiment more with the level design!

Thanks! We wanted to use the CTRL key because of the word pun in the title ("hold the control", but yes, at the end it kind of messed up everything :D

Good job! Pretty fun and hard, I couldn't pass the last level :D

Congrats for the art and the idea! The animation is really cool, it looks a little bit like a crazy croissant :D

As you already said, there is some issue with the pacing. It's  a pity that you didn't have more time to fix it! Anyway really good job!

That's so cool! Great idea with an awesome execution. You guys should really make the complete version of it :)

That's a really cool idea, with a great realization :D Congrats for coming up with this!

I really liked the aesthetics of the game.The mechanics are a little frustrating but original

Hi, thanks for telling us! Unfortunately we realized about this problem on the browser when it was too late. We added some technical notes where we recommend how to play. If you play from the browser and play with arrow keys (instead of WASD) you should be fine.

Sorry for the trouble and thanks again for letting us know!

Thanks, we are really glad that you liked it! Unfortunately we realized about the browser-problem when it was too late,  thanks for telling us! We just added some technical notes where we recommend how to play it :)

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Hi, we are very glad that you like it, thanks a lot!
You can also use the arrows key instead of wasd (we just updated the description, thanks for telling us!)

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you can use also the arrows key instead of the wasd buttons. Glad that you like it! :D