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You're welcome :)

You have to click the red button on the right like the boss says for the hero to have to fight creatures.

I don't think I've completely finished playing a lot of game jam games, but this one was worth it. 10/10 fantastic work don't stop making games

Very cute artwork. I love relaxing games.

Very fun to play, great atmosphere. Love the announcer.

Cute artwork.

Cute character, nice touch with the story through text.

Very nice tutorial.

The items going back to where they originally were made it worth clearing the whole map, nice work.

Interesting concept, great integrated tutorial, simple gameplay, all elements of a good jam game. Nice work.

It's pretty brutal to get thrown into but I love the idea and the graphics.

Very cute, loved the graphics.

Great work! The controls are intuitive and it's nice that you can see how much your jump has been charged up.

Thank you so much!

I love it, you nailed the theme.

10/10 crosswalk Captcha made me laugh. Super cute game.

Love the aesthetic.

This is worthy of being paid content. 10/10 love the frog

I wanna see Mark play live on the GMTK channel. Ngl he won't be able to control himself around these baddies.

Tip: Lock your door and save an explanation to whoever's gonna inevitably walk in


Thank you! I tried to get the atmosphere down in the limited time I had.

Really easy to understand the goal and straightforward to play. I like the flowers.

It's very easy to pick up from the get-go, the leveling down mechanic is creative. It's brutal that you die to one hit, but I just got too used to being overpowered in the beginning haha. Nice touch, adding the preview of what your weaponry is going to look like the next round.

Unique concept, clean visuals, nice music, satisfying sound effects. Nothing like having a face card when you're at 11 for a quick finish. Very well made!

Very easy to understand, faced paced, and short. The interpretation of the theme is great and the characters are cute! Nice work.

Interesting concept, but it's hard to get the UFOs to survive because they player places towers faster than the UFOs can reach the exits and you don't start with that much money to buy advanced UFOs. Maybe if there was a way to interrupt the towers right as they were going to shoot down the UFOs? Great interpretation of the theme, though.

Appreciated that every single action in the game has its own unique animation. That really ties the game together.

I LOVE IT. It's wacky, short, and I didn't even need a tutorial, which is one of the most satisfying things ever to experience. Really good work.

The controls and gameplay is intuitive. You might a steep difficulty curve, but it's better to have a hard game that's hard because its levels are challenging and not because its controls are impossible to understand. Nice work on everything, especially having a main menu with level select!

I've never seen a level-builder game that plays like an endless survival. They're always level based and this is refreshing. Very interesting!

Nothing like a good call-and-response game to practice memory with. Cute graphics!

Impressive count.

Glad you enjoyed. Sorry walking didn't work: maybe it was on your end.

Thanks for playing!


Glad you did.


Enjoy your sandwich.

Yeah, the grappling was kind of off.

Glad you liked it! Sorry if there was another comment here, there was an error in the system. Posts are being posted multiple times.