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Impressive count.

Glad you enjoyed. Sorry walking didn't work: maybe it was on your end.

Thanks for playing!


Glad you did.


Enjoy your sandwich.

Yeah, the grappling was kind of off.

Glad you liked it! Sorry if there was another comment here, there was an error in the system. Posts are being posted multiple times.

Understandable, have a nice day.

Understandable, have a nice day.

Understandable, have a nice day.

I guess that technically can work since you spawn on the time machine. Speedrun strats.

Attack pots, get ingredients, get a sandwich.

You can hold the button to jump higher, maybe that was the problem.

Weird. Never encountered that bug.

The controls can be a bit wonky at times, but I'm glad you liked it in the end.

Grapple guns are fun


I'm proud, enjoy your ham


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Great graphics. The animations were really nice, and everything was pretty polished in general when it comes to the visuals. Good game, nice work.

Pretty cut and dry, graphics were nice, interesting concept about making it a ball bouncing around.


Fantastic name. The game might not be the most complex, but still nice. Very good job making it possible to change items with the numbers.


Thank you.

The AI was impressive, very good job still.

"Got past your invisible wall."

-Supermarket Item

Great music, great graphics.

The dual health mechanic is interesting but once there aren't any enemies around you're basically dead.

I heard the music, appreciated it. Tried running, it was impossible to play.

I liked the trail behind the cart.

The game looks nice, the audio is fitting. Making the sword and gun have automatically aim and attacking/shooting with right click would have made it much easier to play. Making the weapons strollable with the mouse wheel would completely remove the need to take your fingers off the wasd and space. Good game.

The game has potential. While I just got thrown into the fray in the beginning, it was obvious what I should do in the first 'upgrade screen'. The raid had some issues, though. First, the time limit for player movement really doesn't let the player pick and choose a really good move to play. Usually turn based games let the player take as long as they like because it's really essential to think. The "retreat" bar made sense, but here's the thing: 1. The npcs took up retreat time. 2. The npcs would sometimes get stuck mid-walk, losing the player time. The final big bug I found was that you can't attack an npc that's standing next to you. You have to walk to another square and then you can attack them. The game looks quite worked on, so nice work.

Funny, I liked it. Music is very fitting.

Hey, it looks like this is your first game ever, so I'll give you some advice.

First, maybe have some description of what the objective of the game is in the description or in the beginning of the game.

Second, make sure the firing particle effects don't take up almost half the screen. Fighting the bots is hard because you can barely see anything while firing.

Third, make sure it's obvious when something of the enemy type is coming. Nothing is more frustrating than dying to something that you didn't know was there.

Fourth, start the action earlier. I was confused and didn't think there was anything to do until I waited.

Finally, scale the UI with the screen size so that you can see all the text clearly at all times. (Do this in the Canvas' inspector in Unity)

For a first game, it was quite good. Looks like it's also your first game jam, so congratulations!

The mechanics are understandable, and the platforming is straightforward. The only thing that ends up being frustrating is failure. When falling off a height, you have to go all the way back up. Maybe add checkpoints next time.

It felt ok in the beginning, but then I got the cow. That was hilarious.

The game's art looks fantastic, right off the bat. It really does look professional. The concept is also quite interesting.

While the artwork and concept are fun, the game per day is quite "slow". Having to turn on the computer every time starts to feel tedious after a while. Maybe I missed an upgrade menu or something. This also happens with the printer gimmick. While these are just elements of the game, the thing that really feels off about it is the music. I don't know, it just didn't feel right.

Great job, though. Interesting game.