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Yes we did submit it to a one page rpg jam last year :)

That is so cool to hear! Glad you had so much fun with out game! Just curious, how did you first hear out about the game?

Cool atmosphere and story.  The resources were well spaced out and I had to use the knife sometimes when i ran out of ammo which made for a tense moment. The map could use some more filler as it is quite large and empty. Nice entry!

Thank you for playing and rating! 

I'm glad you enjoyed our little creepypasta experience. We did focus on making it fully playable and to provide a short spooky experience. So we cut some corners on some of the art assets. the keys are indeed very large so you cannot miss them :p

Kept me busy for quite a while. Felt like a mad escape room. Very nice entry! Thank you for the experience :)

Audio only, or heavily audio reliant games are very hard to get right. In the current state it was quite confusing to navigate an environment you cannot see. Concept is cool though congrats on your entry.

This would be right at home in an arcade machine. the stye is charming and the music compliments it well. The difficulty curve is steep and it is sometimes hard to understand where you can move. The eye mechanics do invoke a feeling of dread and suspense so even though it was not scary, it was still suspenseful and unnerving. Nice entry!

Very nice visuals! Looks like a game that would be a good fit for mobile. It does need more mechanics to make it a little more engaging. Like some big ticket items to win. 

Interesting to see an rpg among the submissions. I personally like to engage in a lighter activity after watching a horror movie.

Some feedback. This could have probably fit on one page with some clever formatting as a one-page rpg. And the handwritten font is on theme but sometimes a little small and hard to read.

Fun shoot-em-up game. More of an action game than a horror game so an intense song to get you pumped up would be a nice addition. The shooting feels good but the difficulty curve seems a little steep.

Thank you for playing and rating!

Thank you for playing and rating!

Thank you for playing and rating!

Congrats on making your first game! Atmosphere is nice and I liked the changing environment. The pictures on the wall look  awkward with the rest of the pixel art.

Cool game prototype! I like the atmophere and the vehicle controls are smooth and nice to use. I had to set my widescreen monitor to 1920*1080 to be able to read the UI/text boxes. Might be worth looking into if you keep working on the game.

Hi Qwertock! It makes my day to hear you had a good time with our game!

Very cute visuals!

Thank you! It makes my day to hear that :)

Unapologetically weird. And wonderfully artistic! Loved it!  Too bad i got stuck inside the character in level 6. 

hilarious presentation and concept. well done!

Love the graphics and the concept. I did not mind learning the clunky controls as i feel like that was the point of the game. But I think the random selection of items was frustrating combined with the time limit. If you get unlucky you cannot continue because of the long wait on the reroll dice. Charming game tho. Well done!

Interesting game that proves I should never work in a hospital

The weapon selection dice mechanic worked really well and the weapons felt fun to use. Well done!

Charming art and easy to understand. Well done! Camera was very quick to scroll and made me a bit nauseous. Maybe keep the character in the middle of the screen? 

Because of how physics calculations are tied to framerate. A Godot bug causes the paddle to be very slow on monitors with a framerate higher than 60 hz sadly :(

Surprising depth to this game.  Well done!

Cool concept! finished all  3 decks. Love the little characters.

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Cute art for the beetle! The vertical levels possible in this game add some potential for interesting puzzles. Since you want to expand the game later: There is a bug(haha) where you can walk into the ramp and glitch out of the level area.

The roll-to-kill enemies mechanic is cool. After I read the description the game made way more sense haha. Enemies have a lot of hp and are sometimes hard/impossible to dodge

Nice puzzle mechanic

Sadly not available for download :(

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Probably a good impression of how hard it is to do this in real life. Fun little simulation!

Thank you! Love to hear that you liked it :)

Thank you for playing!

Glad you had a good time! synthwave aesthetic is my jam

Thank you for playing and your nice review!

Fun and quite challenging puzzle game! I love the victory animation of the guy

Funny/unnerving small experience. Thank you!

Fun concept but the mouse sensitivity setting makes it very hard to play

Very nice graphics :)