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So is there any recommended way to make the current version of a project downloadable or playable even if I upload a new version?  In particular, I want to be able to create newer versions of games I've submitted to jams, while also making available what I got done before the deadline.  The only way I've found to do that is to either reupload the file with a different name, or make sure I never upload new versions with the same name as my original upload (since there also doesn't seem to be a way to rename files that affects whether the file will be replaced).  Is there a better way to do this?

Not yet.  That's why it says "Work in progress" on the title screen.

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I tried to attach a file to a devlog so that people can download the original version of my game, but even though it says it's attached and it's listed under "Files", there's no actual link to download it that I can find when I view the log.  Is this a bug?  Did I do something wrong?  Is the a link I'm just not seeing?  Is there some other recommended way to make an old version of a game downloadable?

(In case it matters, it's a browser-based game, though I'm okay with having the old version just be a download if that's all that's possible.  I tried temporarily changing it to a downloadable game, but that didn't work.)

(Also in case it matters I haven't uploaded the new version yet; I want to make sure this is working first.)

> The run speed is way too fast and the animation that goes with it is rather jilted.

By the way, I forgot to mention this anywhere, but you can move slower by holding Shift.  I guess perhaps switching that around and making walking the default might fit the tone better in this case?  (Or are you referring to the weird glitch that causes you to move fast (among other things) if you press up or down in certain places?  That's related to the glitchy unfinished climbing feature where the character will try to "climb" bumpy/hilly surfaces as if they were walls.  That might also be why you walked in air.)

> Also the jump is quite high.

You mean a bit too high or were you expecting a more realistic less-than-your-body-height jump?  If the latter, then it may just be a difference of what we're used to.  (Oddly enough, I just tested the jump height in a few different platform games I had and it was much more consistent relative to character height than I was expecting.)

> when I was at the tree with the tire swing I pressed down and slowly went into the ground.

Known bug, didn't catch it in time to fix it.  (The character doesn't actually move down when that happens, only the graphic does; making the character and graphic positions separate was probably not the best idea I had...)

The newer version that I'm working on has the ability to climb, so that should (in theory) solve the pit problem.  There's also the cheat code I mentioned in the game description.

I don't know how much control the tools you're using give you over the JavaScript code, but if it's possible, in the keyboard handler, using event.code rather than event.which is probably better for WASD-style controls, since event.code goes by position on keyboard rather than letter typed and therefore I wouldn't have to switch to QWERTY.

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A couple issues: (1) it says "tap" for me, even though I'm on a desktop computer and clicking doesn't seem to do anything; (2) I have to press space to interact with it, but pressing space also scrolls the page down (should cancel the default action, or use a different key)