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Sorry about that. We didnt have the issue until late in development and didnt have time to fix the terrain mesh. We haven’t done a lot before with 3d environments, and we definitely learned what not to do next time. 

Great feedback. We had planned to swap textures on things as they burned for more clarity and have a “Smokey the bear” enemy trying to put out the fires, but we had some issues taht cut into our jam time, so we had to make some feature cuts.

I love the screen rotation.  It made the game harder until my brain adjusted, but provided a great effect that I think actually helped keeping me engaged.

For your first game jam, this is quite the well made game.  Great job.

Thanks so much.  I'm glad at least someone likes the song, that's the part I was most worried about since it's the first time I have ever recorded vocals.

The third referenced comic was intended to be (157 + 221)

The only real clue was the main hover text saying something like with “A real XKCD fan would use math to figure out why this text is relevant”. It isn’t a very good mystery, but I thought it was clever enough. 

Thanks for playing. There are numerous problems with the experience. I created it all in under 2 hours due to just having so little time that weekend, so very little thought was put into the finer details. Still, this is good feedback on what I presented. 

I’m sorry to hear that the title was cut off.  Rather thank adjusting things dynamically, I tried to lock the experience to certain working resolutions, which I knew wouldn’t work for some people depending on their default resolution. This means you may also have been cut off from using the button to turn off the sound and/or the exit button, as well as some of the hover zones not being quite in the right place.  

Probably the first ever bullet hell space shooter to make me hungry.  +1

Great job!  I love the idea behind the game and it is well implemented.

Thanks for the tip Eltea.  New zip is uploaded with folder included.  If it still doesn't work, let me know.

Exe should now be contained within the zip and source code should be gone.  Game is now playable with a gamepad.  Menus are mouse only and Esc key brings you from game back to main menu.

Correct, there is no executable.  We did not build because we introduced a game breaking bug that broke all of our menus.  The zip contains the source and it is (mostly) playable through the Unity editor, but cannot be played elsewhere until I find the energy and time to address the issue.