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Really cool game! Wasn't sold at first but ended up playing the whole game in one go! Love the way you integrated the aberration theme into a chill farming game. Only feedback I have would be maybe to add a little more difficulty overall since right now it's pretty easy to get rid of the aberrations, and secondly some really minor visibility stuff where sometimes despite the fading of environment objects, some characters/items can still be occluded by the scenery.
Overall great job!

Really liked the presentation and the overall concept! I think a slightly more expanded tutorial would help the gameplay cause there were a few runs where I wasn't sure how to use certain tools and/or what I was supposed to be looking for to identify shapeshifeter objects. Still, nice work!

The presentation is pretty nice, I feel like the game would benefit from more variety but I understand that it can be challenging to add in a jam context. The game is also missing a safety for if you fall out of the map. Otherwise for a first project it's a good start! Best of luck for your next game design endeavors!

Overall really impressive production for a 2 week jam! The core mechanics definitely work and the mood and sounds are on point. I think the game is missing some overall guidance both in the objectives and the station's layout which I got a bit lost in (but that might be cause I was missing something). Also small UX issue but not knowing the range of the wrench I got really close to the pipes I had to repair, which made the repair bar be out of frame so that would be a nice QoL tweak. Either way, great job!

Sadly have to give a lower rating for gameplay but the premise is great, as well as the presentation! Love the literal definition at the beginning. Honestly wish there was a bit more but I guess that's a good thing. Good job!

Really strong presentation! Some of the sound effects can get a bit spammy at times and the gameplay can be a bit messy but I like the different enemy types you've managed to make!

Good job! I feel like the objectives were a little bit too cryptic for me to keep trying after the first 2 attempts but the overall vibe and atmosphere is really well made!

Really nice experience! The slow buildup of blending the regular idle and the hurt animation is really effective, I only realized that the character was getting cold when it was almost over. The snow trail effect is also really nice!
One thing that I feel could have made this better is if there was no invisible wall as it kinda pulled me out of the wandering expereice when I hit it first time. Either way, good job!

Hey! Sure, do you have an idea of the date/time/duration?

Honestly I don't know wether I'm more impressed by the game or by the fact that you managed to coordinate everyone to make it!
Really cool presentation overall, the pitch is really interesting and the gameplay is quite nice, although a bit hard. Great job everyone!

Kinda sad that you didn't get the time to implement the fishing, but the idea is really good and the presentation is super chill and enjoyable!

Great submission! Loved the writing, the idea is really smart and the overall presentation is really good! I did feel like the difficulty spiked up a bit quickly but that might be on me. Awesome game!

Nice game! Some of the cards were a bit unclear at the start but after a few rooms you get how everything works. Balancing was really good, felt like there was a well-controlled difficulty!
Great job!

Great submission! Had a bug (purely due to user error though) where I tried putting the game in fullscreen with Alt+Enter, which broke the layout and then couldn't put it back at the default resolution, so sadly it was a bit broken but it's totally my fault.
Nonetheless really nice game, the mechanics are pretty unique and it's awesome that you managed to put a scoreboard in there! Only thing it kinda lacks is on the visual side but I've seen on stream that you'll fix that for the post jam version.
Great job!

I was abit confused about how it fit the theme at first, but the late twist was a good surprise!
The presentation being a bit laggy is a bit of a shame but the experience still holds up. Good job!

Interesting aesthetic, kind of reminded me of babbdi somehow. I'm not sure how I feel about the gameplay, although your description kind of makes it make more sense I guess...?
Either way, nice interpretation of the theme!

Interesting premise! Definitely opposite to most SCP based games I've seen. I do think that maybe the gameplay could have focused more on where to move so as to avoid being seen and distracting guards, like somewhat of a stealth game. Other than that a pretty good submission!

Really cool game! Good premise that fits the theme, satysfying gameplay, great art...
Only suggestion I'd make is to make some more dynamic/animated UI so the win screen feels more celebratory, but other than that, great experience!

This has some nice dual-purpose design, great art & presentation and is overall pretty fun! good job!

A pretty original take on the theme! The artstyle is really nice and it's a pretty nice accomplishment for a 2 day jam! Only issue I see is the difficulty and the control of the weapon, for which the artstyle of the game doesn't really help since you loose a lot of depth perception. I'd suggest adding a top-down shadow to the Chakram to help with that, aswell as on the arrows.
Either way, still a really fresh experience, bravo!

Really liked the presentation, and the gameplay is pretty nice. Good job!

Fun premise, I think you could maybe play around with the balancing since once you hit a certain size you don't really have to dodge anything with how easily you can replenish your health. Either way, good job!

Pretty neat game! the presentation is really nice, though it would definitely benefit some music!
Also small control suggestion; right now up and sideways movement go at the same speed; I'd suggest scaling the up/down speed so that going diagonally follows the map's grid.
Otherwise really nice submission, good job!

Pretty cool presentation! A bit challenging though, maybe something to tweak post jam!

Definitely a fun premise of role reversal! Loved the intro cinematic and overall artstyle, I think the game would have been even better with a bit more explanation of the mechanics & clearer communication on resource costs/benefits of the different pots. Either way congrats on the game!

Didn't get how it was fitting the theme at the start since I had forgotten how Uno works! Pretty neat twist of the mechanics, and the artstyle is really appealing! Only things I'd note is that the tutorial feels a liiitle bit dry, and that maybe you could try having right click to make a set instead of Shift+Click, but honestly those are some pretty minor details. Good job!

This feels like it might have benefited from a bit more time but the art is pretty nice!

Pretty polished experience, some of the elements do blend together a bit; the different 'levels' of bricks for exemple, since they're shades of a similar color, it's a bit hard to distinguish which ones are at what stage. Either way still a nice game!

Really great game, with a surprising amount of depth and a great execution! congrats!

Merci! J'avais complètement zappé pour la build windows, je viens de fix ça, merci du signalement!

Très sympa visuellement, idem niveau son, le tout est cohérent. Pour le gameplay j'ai trouvé les contrôles un peu bizarres, on peut bouger la caméra avec la souris, est-ce voulu? La rotation du player est un peu bizarre et peu maniable, et le saut a une trajectoire un peu inattendue. Petit bug visuel, quand l'eau monte au niveau d'une plateforme on a du zfighting entre la plateforme et l'eau, tu pourrais la faire monter un peu plus au dessus de la plateforme. Overall le jeu reste vachement propre et polish malgré quelques bugs (on peut OOB en allant dans la direction opposée du jeu 👀)

Jeu assez simple mais ça marche! Il manque quelques feedbacks; la vie devrait plutôt être indiquée sur le vaisseau ou par une jauge, les ennemis ont pas d'indication de leur nombre de points de vie restants (et j'ai eu l'impression qu'ils avaient tendance à se superposer), et ça manque d'effets sonores/musique! En tout cas les visuels/shaders marchent bien et collent au jeu. Peut-être rajouter un peu d'inertie au vaisseau histoire de rendre la conduite un peu moins rigide?

Sympa, mériterait un peu plus de visibilité sur le statut du joueur (une jauge de vie au lieu d'un chiffre) et un peu plus de portée sur la frappe de base? J'ai pas eu l'impression que les pièces avaient vraiment un effet, peut-être juste une question de feedback. Peut-être voir un moyen de combo les deux? (lancer une pièce, la faire rebondir sur un ennemi et la renvoyer avec un coup de balai bien timé?)

Sympa, assez simple niveau gameplay mais ça fonctionne, même si je pense qu'une difficulté un peu plus graduelle serait la bienvenue! (le tir horisontal est aussi un peu trop aléatoire)

Sympa! Quelques problèmes de perfs sur la version web mais l'.exe marche très bien, certains des éléments interactibles sont parfois un peu hors du champ de vision mais à part ça plutôt cool!

Super jeu, ambiance chill et très cool! (En plus de prendre le côté jeu arcade un peu à contrepied)

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It's definitely quite impressive for a 2 day jam, though the game is held back by some elements;
Performance is quite bad, seemingly due to the web build? Next time I'd advise making a standalone build just in case, also maybe look into light baking and occlusion culling if you havent as it seems you didn't use any (could be wrong tho!)
Also, there are some affordance problems; the buttons especially don't really look like buttons so an easy fix would be to have them glow like the energy sources, so that the player can follow the basic rule of glow = important

Pretty nice althought quite hard! I noticed sometimes the characters have different collisions when they rotate, which means that on the same position they can either die or not depending on their orientation, which seems like a bug to me. Overall, nice and polished! (loved the smoke fx)

Really cool stuff! Love the fluid dynamics, really impressive stuff. The game does fall a bit short on the visuals/sound side tho, some more signs/feedbacks would be appreciated (like clearer indications on which ball does what, some sound when the level is complete, etc... Still, quite fun to play around in!
I also made a portal-inspired game, feel free to check it out if you want to!

Had some trouble with the controls due to WASD but overall pretty cool game! might be a bit hard, and some stuff would need to be tweaked (like the screenshake amount) but yeah, pretty nice!