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fixed !

Hi, when developing we were working on AZERTY keyboards, and thus weren't able to test the game with other keyboard configurations. Despite that, you can still move using the arrow keys if necessary. Thank you for playing.

Hello, inverted mouse is on me, didn't test it properly with clean playerprefs! Anyway, just press ESC and play around with the invert checkboxes and even sliders. Have fun!

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Truly a masterpiece of game design.

Bloquer l'achat en fonction de la population etait prรฉvu mais j'ai pas eu assez de temps ^^ pour la musique je verrai รงa pour la prochaine version! Merci beaucoup!

Really nice concept and design that would be even better if some of the graphical glitches were resolved! Keep it up!

Clever twist on the theme, as said previously the controls would need to be explained a bit better.


Really nice experience! Loved the environmental exploration gameplay, though I would have loved a better payoff for entering the tomb! There was just a little bit of collision issue (or lack of collision) near the clue at the (spoiler) village.

Now i'm curious about what the visuals look like without the B&W filter ^^

Small fun little game!

I'd like to see fanart of this :

Have fun!

Nah I spent more cause I made multiple tries but I really suck lol ^^

Great game! The game could use a little more tuning of the controls (I often had to restart because latency made me stop too late or too early) though that could come from the web build. Very interesting twist on the theme and well designed with great visuals. Me likey!

That was a really enjoyable and clever experience! Really fits the theme too! Don't know if there is enough 'potensh' for Mark but from my point of view that was really good!

Great game, nice puzzles, and would be improved with a little more juice! It can be quite slow though so a 'speed up' feature would be appreciated.

Great idea but there are problems with the controls that make it far too challenging

Great game from what I saw but I'm really bad at it. Great first 15 seconds ^^!

Really fun game! Almost like a solo dwarven overcooked with carpal tunnel syndrome ^^ love it

Great game. Successive improvements making your job both easier and harder is a great idea, and very well implemented

huh, didn't really think about it that way (you're not the only one) and it does make more sense now.

That was great, really interesting mechanic. Also graphically fantastic.

Nice concept, and would be improved  with more bonus/drawbacks to using certain weapons (esp. the shotgun which I found the most useful)

Nice game! Not particularly original in it's relation to the theme but it makes up for it in ennemy types and effects.

Definitely an interesting game, though it's not really meaningfully adhering to theme. Still, great experience.

Interesting concept but first levels are far too hard ^^!
Great game feel!

As 7pri2 said, would have been nice to see other levels. I'd advise you to maybe keep working on it, cause that could definitely lead to interesting designs!

Interesting take on the game, definitely fits the theme. Nice!

I don't like turtles anymore.

As others said, cardinal movement + angular rotation is really weird. Game is good though! the bullet's trajectory was a bit confusing to me and with some control tweaking i'm sure it'll be great!

That's a really good game! Simple, relaxing, some of the later puzzles might be a little difficult but that's probably on me. Great job!

Great visuals and game feel, and the controls would be improved if made more consistent, as right now it seems a bit too hard to me. Would totally see it as a (easier) casual mobile game!

Nice game, though I felt that the controls were a bit too confusing. Great work on the effects!

That's a really cute game! Level design is not too hard, not too easy, mechanics are simple yet deep... Great experience!

Well... There is a goal, it's to get 1000$.

Didn't you read the intro text/help text?

Interesting gameplay ideas, and sometimes the levels are a bit too drawn out and take far longer than they should, still a nice game!

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I plan on making a more polished version, yes, but I needed it to stay on one plot for it to stick to the jam's theme, plus adding more plots would mean reworking a lot of code cause the code is completely based around there being only one plot ^^

Thanks for playing!

Yeah I forgot some = signs somewhere so it's bugged :/ added disclaimers in the description to warn people but sadly not everyone looks at the page first ^^.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Glad you appreciated this!

hippity hoppity

I'm on my phone so this is sh-tty

Thanks! Don't worry the 5+ = >5 is not on you, I f--ed up when coding the game, was as surprised as you when I played it ! ^^

Great idea, others have already said much more than I could have, I'd love to see this refined a bit more!

Excellent game feel & visuals, although sometimes a bit visually confusing. Great!