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Merci! J'avais complètement zappé pour la build windows, je viens de fix ça, merci du signalement!

Très sympa visuellement, idem niveau son, le tout est cohérent. Pour le gameplay j'ai trouvé les contrôles un peu bizarres, on peut bouger la caméra avec la souris, est-ce voulu? La rotation du player est un peu bizarre et peu maniable, et le saut a une trajectoire un peu inattendue. Petit bug visuel, quand l'eau monte au niveau d'une plateforme on a du zfighting entre la plateforme et l'eau, tu pourrais la faire monter un peu plus au dessus de la plateforme. Overall le jeu reste vachement propre et polish malgré quelques bugs (on peut OOB en allant dans la direction opposée du jeu 👀)

Jeu assez simple mais ça marche! Il manque quelques feedbacks; la vie devrait plutôt être indiquée sur le vaisseau ou par une jauge, les ennemis ont pas d'indication de leur nombre de points de vie restants (et j'ai eu l'impression qu'ils avaient tendance à se superposer), et ça manque d'effets sonores/musique! En tout cas les visuels/shaders marchent bien et collent au jeu. Peut-être rajouter un peu d'inertie au vaisseau histoire de rendre la conduite un peu moins rigide?

Sympa, mériterait un peu plus de visibilité sur le statut du joueur (une jauge de vie au lieu d'un chiffre) et un peu plus de portée sur la frappe de base? J'ai pas eu l'impression que les pièces avaient vraiment un effet, peut-être juste une question de feedback. Peut-être voir un moyen de combo les deux? (lancer une pièce, la faire rebondir sur un ennemi et la renvoyer avec un coup de balai bien timé?)

Sympa, assez simple niveau gameplay mais ça fonctionne, même si je pense qu'une difficulté un peu plus graduelle serait la bienvenue! (le tir horisontal est aussi un peu trop aléatoire)

Sympa! Quelques problèmes de perfs sur la version web mais l'.exe marche très bien, certains des éléments interactibles sont parfois un peu hors du champ de vision mais à part ça plutôt cool!

Super jeu, ambiance chill et très cool! (En plus de prendre le côté jeu arcade un peu à contrepied)

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It's definitely quite impressive for a 2 day jam, though the game is held back by some elements;
Performance is quite bad, seemingly due to the web build? Next time I'd advise making a standalone build just in case, also maybe look into light baking and occlusion culling if you havent as it seems you didn't use any (could be wrong tho!)
Also, there are some affordance problems; the buttons especially don't really look like buttons so an easy fix would be to have them glow like the energy sources, so that the player can follow the basic rule of glow = important

Pretty nice althought quite hard! I noticed sometimes the characters have different collisions when they rotate, which means that on the same position they can either die or not depending on their orientation, which seems like a bug to me. Overall, nice and polished! (loved the smoke fx)

Really cool stuff! Love the fluid dynamics, really impressive stuff. The game does fall a bit short on the visuals/sound side tho, some more signs/feedbacks would be appreciated (like clearer indications on which ball does what, some sound when the level is complete, etc... Still, quite fun to play around in!
I also made a portal-inspired game, feel free to check it out if you want to!

Had some trouble with the controls due to WASD but overall pretty cool game! might be a bit hard, and some stuff would need to be tweaked (like the screenshake amount) but yeah, pretty nice!

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Thanks a lot, that was definitely the vibe I was going for!

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Hi, the game will release on the 7th of April both here and on steam.
If you'd like to be notified when it releases you can wishlist it on Steam!

Hi, Thanks for the detailed answer.
I just wanted to clarify that my comment wasn't made as an insult to the game or a definitive statement on why/if it's good or not but as feedback on what I thought would help improve the experience. I did not mean it in an angry/rude way and I apologize if it felt like it was (which looking back at it I understand if you did take it that way).
As for the update I'll definitely be checking it out and hope I'll be able to see more of the game. Cheers!

Pretty Hard, as in pretty but hard...

The game has a really incredible visual style that's well supported by the shaders, effects and animations. Everything from the intricate engravings on the walls to the robotic voices you hear at some points really show the '82 tron influence while giving it a slightly more pixelated feel (which also reminded me a bit of hyper light drifter).

Sadly, the gameplay and level design don't really follow the path set by the visuals. The controls of the characters are not that precise (especially the weird delay before stopping you sometimes get when pressing a movement key) which doesn't sit well with the platforming sections. That paired with a death recovery time that feels too long for the number of times you die trying to overcome the obstacles makes it all the more frustrating...
The difficulty is thus all over the place.
You've got really hard platforming sections in the beginning of the game (like with the tube and later the moving platforms) while also having sections you can basically just walk through (the red corridors w/ elevators between them).

Speaking of the moving platforms, the game has a reoccurring issue of missing the hitboxes of interactable elements when clicking (maybe due to alt-tabbing and/or the mouse cursor?). This is especially frustrating during the platforming sections where you need to make a path from platforms that aren't properly targetable because the hitboxes seem to be off. The same thing applies for the collectable memory-box-things where it's really fiddly to collect because of said bug.
There's also a slight readability issue with not really knowing which wall/surface is actually tangible and which one isn't, though that's a minor complaint.

I ended up being stuck in the big space where you have to extend the bridge. I completed the puzzles (which are quite fun tbh) of each sub station but didn't manage to find the proper code to extend the bridge despite having looked around for at least 10 minutes. I thought it may be a bug and thought i'd try restarting the game, and with no 'save' option in the menu I expected that the game would auto-save, which it didn't, leaving me with an hour of progress lost. I hope you'll understand that I didn't restart it after that.

All things considered, the game is a great visual and technical achievement, which would be already greatly improved by first fixing the targeting/hitbox issue, speeding up the death recovery, and clarifying how/when the game saves.
Some more improvement options would be to rework the level design/pacing to ease the difficulty a bit more. I haven't been able to try the combat but would like to see how it works.

I hope you'll be able to fix/improve on these issues as while the gameplay has issues, the incredible visuals were what had me playing for an hour, and I'd like to see more of them.

fixed !

Hi, when developing we were working on AZERTY keyboards, and thus weren't able to test the game with other keyboard configurations. Despite that, you can still move using the arrow keys if necessary. Thank you for playing.

Hello, inverted mouse is on me, didn't test it properly with clean playerprefs! Anyway, just press ESC and play around with the invert checkboxes and even sliders. Have fun!

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Truly a masterpiece of game design.

Bloquer l'achat en fonction de la population etait prévu mais j'ai pas eu assez de temps ^^ pour la musique je verrai ça pour la prochaine version! Merci beaucoup!

Really nice concept and design that would be even better if some of the graphical glitches were resolved! Keep it up!

Clever twist on the theme, as said previously the controls would need to be explained a bit better.


Really nice experience! Loved the environmental exploration gameplay, though I would have loved a better payoff for entering the tomb! There was just a little bit of collision issue (or lack of collision) near the clue at the (spoiler) village.

Now i'm curious about what the visuals look like without the B&W filter ^^

Small fun little game!

I'd like to see fanart of this :

Have fun!

Nah I spent more cause I made multiple tries but I really suck lol ^^

Great game! The game could use a little more tuning of the controls (I often had to restart because latency made me stop too late or too early) though that could come from the web build. Very interesting twist on the theme and well designed with great visuals. Me likey!

That was a really enjoyable and clever experience! Really fits the theme too! Don't know if there is enough 'potensh' for Mark but from my point of view that was really good!

Great game, nice puzzles, and would be improved with a little more juice! It can be quite slow though so a 'speed up' feature would be appreciated.

Great idea but there are problems with the controls that make it far too challenging

Great game from what I saw but I'm really bad at it. Great first 15 seconds ^^!

Really fun game! Almost like a solo dwarven overcooked with carpal tunnel syndrome ^^ love it

Great game. Successive improvements making your job both easier and harder is a great idea, and very well implemented

huh, didn't really think about it that way (you're not the only one) and it does make more sense now.

That was great, really interesting mechanic. Also graphically fantastic.

Nice concept, and would be improved  with more bonus/drawbacks to using certain weapons (esp. the shotgun which I found the most useful)

Nice game! Not particularly original in it's relation to the theme but it makes up for it in ennemy types and effects.

Definitely an interesting game, though it's not really meaningfully adhering to theme. Still, great experience.

Interesting concept but first levels are far too hard ^^!
Great game feel!

As 7pri2 said, would have been nice to see other levels. I'd advise you to maybe keep working on it, cause that could definitely lead to interesting designs!