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I'll add them in soon, but I made this for my niece and I had to sit through 2 and a half hours of bunny stomping. I did N O T want sound effects.

Using the Godot Engine

Working solo like always

Too much.

It was a good idea but I feel like the mechanics were a bit confusing, or not very well explained.

It was pretty neat but it did get tedious after a while.

Oh, me and you both xD I added the space to move since I would keep tapping the wrong keys and dying. 

Oh ok! Well thanks for the feedback anyway!

For some reason it reminded me of portal's co-op. It ran a bit slow on my computer though, so you might need to optimize it.

I thought it was interesting! Besides the more obvious bugs, there was something decent in there.

Very fun! I got around 2498, but I only got so far because I turned off the music. Not sure if that's a good thing.

It was a really good puzzle game! It could use some quality of life improvements like showing which is the beginning and end and where your line is going to be placed, but otherwise, it's solid!

This was a pretty neat concept!

Thanks! And yeah, it didn't have GREAT controls but I'll be sure to fix that post-jam.

Thanks so much! :D

Thanks! Yeah, camera controls are definitely going up ASAP xD I like your idea but I think using Shift or something to hold Hoppy in place might be a cleaner solution.

It was a good idea! but very hard to move or aim and the one hit kill system is just not fun.

It was a nice little puzzle! I wish it was a little more understandable though.


I got stuck in the first hole.

I had no clue what was going on but I beat it and now I'm confused.

The mechanics weren't very well explained. It was nice for a bit but there wasn't really much? It took me a LONG time to figure out why my astral projection didn't work.

The controls impacted it a lot for me because it made the puzzles more frustrating.

It was a little hard to see things on the screen since the bullets blended in with the background. It's a very good idea though!

Thanks! Yeah, I've gotten a lot of complaints on the camera angle; and honestly I'm there with you. And honestly, never even thought of that one, but definitely a change that needs to be made! Thanks for the compliments on the music! I've been learning music theory for YEARS now, not very good at it yet but thanks c:

Thanks! I have heard a lot of comparisons to Frogger, and honestly, I looked it up and yeah xD I think I just made Frogger.

Oh thanks! Oh, well that's alright. Yeah, I can see how the perspective is a bit funky with that. I'll probably not work on this anymore, I'm working on another game at the moment.

I have wack depth perception too so I get it xD Honestly, the only reason I am able to beat it is because I built the levels. 

I got a high score of 1340

Animation is lovely! so is the opening! but the combined controls, it was a little hard for me.

The movement really impacted the gameplay a lot. The interesting concepts weren't explained at all, so they felt gimicky at best.  The non-Euclidean portion could have been used to greater effect I feel. \I know minecraft isn't the same, but the non Euclidean houses that minecraft trollers make use these much better. The maze was hard, but not challenging; sort of in the way that Bubsy 3D is hard.  I do respect the technical know-how, but ultimately, it added very little but frustration to my experience.

It was a good concept I think. The controls and mechanics were VERY finicky at best though. It's nice that there was post processing, but the game overall was too bright and too dark at the same time and ultimately it didn't really enhance my experience. I'm not sure why you made it such a big file size, but probably the post processing had something with that. 

Very nice! I had fun!

It was hard, but not challenging :c It seemed a little odd that I had to download so much for a simple game.

I found it a bit annoying to constantly shift to 1 and 2 to switch characters. Since my hand is on the mouse and then my other one is on WASD, it would have made more sense to just move it to the click buttons or just e and q. I do like the graphics and the effects. The camera was a bit zoomed in though.

Some of the controls were unresponsive, but it was a decent concept. It reminds me of fireboy and water girl.

Restarting doesn't work too much; it's a good idea though.

It was sort of fun, but the lives system was evil especially since there was a lot of momentum to your chicken which made platforming a gamble.

It felt really good to play, and it was cohesive and the final puzzle was actually pretty clever like dang. I think this was very good.

I got stuck on the 3rd level :L I feel like the concepts were rather simple, but the 3rd level added a lot of new elements.