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Typed 300, played some minesweeper, then won! Loved this take on the white paper, nicely done and a unique entry for sure!

I loved the idea of him slowing down if you didn't progress fast enough, I also liked the multiple paths to get to the destination, some leading you down a longer path that could cause you to fail. Graphics were nice, platforming felt decent, only some minor collision issues. Overall nicely done, I got him home!

Loved this one, build on some simple mechanics and teach them incrementally for a great puzzle game, it was short, but it was certainly well done! Nice job!

I also got to the king when it froze for me, not certain what took place. I loved the voice over and intro scene, great addition. I felt the controls were a tad difficult to get used to, but overall was a unique experience.

Loved the retro feel with both the art and the audio. The animations for attacking were nice and the enemies had good variety. Sadly I decided to just jump over everything as the combat for killing enemies didn't seem worth the trade off. Overall was a nice experience and level design was well done!

This was a fun experience to complete, I thought the levels were a bit big to travel, but once you get the dash its pretty quick. Also loved the 3d rendered for 2d, nice addition. 

I got a kick out of the sound effects. The throw mechanic was a bit slow and difficult to dial in, but overall it ended up being a fun mechanic to puzzle your way through.

I really liked the visuals, animations were good! Sadly it was very short, but I can see the beginning of the idea here! 

I enjoyed the cast spell mechanic, well done! The level layout made it more difficult than I think needed, and the bottom floor seemed to be useless, I couldn't shoot out of it. Overall the graphics and gameplay were fun, I just wish I could have been faster during the later waves, it got tough!

I also had troubles launching the game, and when I was able to get it to launch, I couldn't read any of the text due to the lack of fullscreen.

Great feel overall, well polished both visually and mechanically. Nothing felt buggy, the game worked as you would expect. The visuals were well done and came together well. I like that it was a fairly short experience, the feedback from wrong ratios was really well done!

Very fun! Nice and simple yet well guided. I enjoyed it for sure!

Thanks for catching that, I was able to fix it ( after waking up ). The updated zip file should contain the more stable version. Hope you enjoy!