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All great feedback! Thanks for playing our game!

We allowed for some bouncing in the game when you impact the ground really hard. Not sure if we will leave it in there for future iterations, but for now it's a "feature". We agree there should be better hit notification on the fires! We didn't end up having enough time to add player health and being damaged by the fire. Also didn't get to the ending... Good old 48 hour game jams... 

I'll definitely take a look at your game! Thanks for playing!

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There are a few tricks all relying on fooling around oddly with the physics of the game, however, we did see that on some machines with lower frame rates an increased difficulty while trying to reach higher places. If we coded it more properly instead of quickly this wouldn't have been the case.

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Agreed! Thanks for playing and leaving some feedback! We were short on time and for the game jam and an actual ending didn't make the cut.

Wow, what did I just play? Really enjoyed all of it. Fitting music, great visuals and hilarious gameplay. Well done!

Not bad. Could use some polish for sure. Always fun to send stuff flying so I had a good time.

Looks nice but was very challenging. I did enjoy watching my truck do 8 random barrel rolls though.

Looks nice but was very challenging. I did enjoy watching my truck do 8 random barrel rolls though.

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Yeah, we had some placeholder music that we put in and then ran out of time and forgot to change it. We have a newer build with new music waiting until the rating period ends. Appreciate the feedback!

Direction dashing was a bit wonky, but I liked the style and atmosphere a lot. 

Wasn't what I would call out of control, but it was very creative! Reminded me of Trine!

That computer is a complete loss. Time to reformat...

Very creative and different! I found some levels to be quite challenging, but really liked how original your game was. 

I actually think you could adapt this to a mobile game pretty easily. I'd download it.

The barking between levels was hilarious. I really enjoyed the art pair with the music. The gameplay was very relaxed and overall I really enjoyed my time!

Was a bit hard to understand what I was doing, but I did enjoy spam firing at everything!

That was my favorite part

I like the direction this is headed! The different guns were fun to use. Having different systems turn off randomly definitely adds some chaos to the mix. 

How do you not have more reviews? Really had a great time playing it. Art and gameplay were solid. Loved the music.

Very interesting! I had to slow down a bit to understand why I was dying sometimes. Liked the style overall and the sound FX were fitting. Well done!

as long as it's not one of those 4 coins to start and 2 to continue kind of arcade games...

This was a very charming arcade style game. Kind of made me want to sit back with a beer and some coins and play. 

Once I figured out I could spawn as many mines as I wanted and the explosions would chain I promptly broke your game with the biggest explosion I could make. 10/10.

Music and visuals were great! The player movement was a bit janky at times and it took me some time to figure out what to do, but I enjoyed running around and exploring the different moves.

I kind of stopped trying to progress and started knocking over everything I could! Really fun to watch big towers crumple over. I think the FOV was a little narrow and the controls being limited to horizontal movement only was a bit challenging, but for 48 hours you did excellent. 

Kind of spooky retro mix with the visuals + rising acid. I enjoyed exploring your game! The jumping was a bit difficult and made me feel a bit robbed sometimes. Felt like I had to jump really early or I'd fall. 

Controls are a bit crazy! It was certainly an out of control game! Loved the sound FX.

Very fun game! Spent more time playing your game then most! The difficulty ramped up fast, but that wasn't a bad thing. Well done!

Very relaxing game! I enjoyed walking around and picking up the flowers!

Really like the art style and atmosphere! I would have like the player to move a little bit faster, but beyond that I thought it was a really cool looking game!

Rewiring the controls was a great idea! Really enjoyed your game!

Fun but hard! My main feedback would be player movement speed felt a bit too slow. 

Very interesting concept! I really enjoyed it!

My 4 year old daughter played your game. Here is her feedback: "We should tell him his game is the best game ever, but we should tell him that it was running slow. Can I type on the keyboard? I really want to type on the keys." 

I also played it and thought it was very charming. Well done!

Thanks for the feedback! There is definitely some jank in our game. Time was short and the jank just ended being a "feature". haha

Thanks for the feedback! We definitely could have handled hit registration for the fire better. Seems to be a pretty common theme among those that played. Really appreciate you playing our game!

Hope you got some sleep by now! I really liked it and for 16 hours you did great.

Good old 48 hour game jams... I definitely thought your game was out of control.

You tackled a lot of game mechanics for 48 hours! Very impressive! Overall I thought your game was quite charming! The UI was a little confusing in some spots, but certainly not a deal breaker. For a game jam you should be really proud of everything you fit into your game! 

MLG Gamer right here with ASERTY and sticking with it! Hahaha! Thanks for playing our game! We really appreciate all the feedback! Nice game you made as well! I loved the lighting.

Thanks for playing our game! Our end goal was to have a timer that you were rushing to beat, but ultimately the game jam timer did us in on that feature.