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Let's give it some attention! (

I've been developing this asset pack for quite some months now. I started making it with the intentions of having it be as simple and minimalistic as possible for the average game developer and or newbie game developer (like myself). 

The whole theme of the asset pack is a 'Side-Scroller 2D, 16x16, Platforming Tropical Adventure'. So far I've added all the possible themed tilesets, vegetation, world objects, Player NPCs and their respective animations, complete with the animation sheets and files as well as the .json files for the animations. 

Right now I'm working on adding in more SFXs, giving more attention to the GUI theme and layout and as a whole I'd like to add more NPCs and or creatures, like the Crab. As well as more vegetation, world objects and any needed changes or fixes. 

Sprite-Sheet Preview:  (*Updated Sprite-Sheet, not in asset pack currently*)
*The Coin is also featured in the asset pack currently, and in this image you can see I've made changes to the palm trees and a few other things for the next update!*

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Hello, I go by Asymmetric and I'm a 24 year old pixel artist from the United States! I have near 2 years experience with minimalist type pixel art as well as experience with freelancing work! My commissions are currently open and I'm posting on here to reach out and look for more work! I do prefer to be paid, though depending on the project at hand and more info on the matter, I could offer up my services for free. 

My skills and services have a wide range of flexibility, I do prefer to stay in the minimalist style though I can stray away from that depending on what's at hand. I can draw anything from a 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and some 64x64 sprite and or canvas sizes. I can do animations and my art style is flexible as well, some examples of my work can be seen below. If you would like to get in contact with me you can reach me by email, or over on Discord, Asymmetric#7115



Hello everyone, about a week ago I released my pixelated 24x24 social media icon pack for all to use! Yesterday I made a small little update and added 4 more new icons of which include, Google Chrome, Twitch, Discord, & Wattpad! I also made a small little devlog to go along with the new update, in which I state that I plan on adding more icons here soon. 

With this post I'd like to go over more on what I plan to do with this icon pack and ask for the communities feedback on what should be changed and or added, so for all who are reading and find interests in this icon pack please feel free to leave a comment down below on what more you'd like to see and or have changed within this pack! To touch on what I'd like to do with this icon pack, I'd love to just keep adding more icons from well known websites and or apps and any that are requested. This pack is more of me brushing up on my minimalist skills than a serious project of mine, so with that being said updates won't be often but I'll still try to make them as frequent as I can. 

Thank you for taking your time out for this read, I appreciate it and any kind of feedback! If you'd like to check out my Social Media Icon Pack, you get it here ( !

Heyy thank you very much, I'll be looking forward to that!! I plan to add more here in the near future, so I can add Wattpad if you haven't already lol 

Hiya! I'd be interested in helping out with this death animation and whatever else needs doing.  I've become pretty decent I'd say with drawing things in the 16x16 dimension over the past year, most of my projects that involve graphical assets for games are in the 16x16 dimension. You can get in contact with me on Discord if you have one, Asymmetric #7115.  Or on my email

Today I've released something I've been working on since the summer, hence the name xD A Tropical themed 2D, 16x16, platformer asset pack. I put it up for early access with a sale price of $1.35. I do plan on making a lot more updates and improvements for it. With that being said after early access is over with so will the price tag, as I plan to bump it up a tad. So if this is something that really peaks your interest, do check it out! Thank you =)'s beautiful! Hey thank very much, I'm gonna work off this design you made if that's okay it's given some very good ideas and a new perspective on how to draw roofs!I appreciate you taking your time to draw that and share ideas and persepctives with me, it helps a lot to get feedback and others perspectives on this, so I shall improve!

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Hey thank you for even saying anything. But my whole thing here was to try and make a whole world (island world) and so thats why I put so many varients of the sand tiles too. Plus I'm using the Arne16 palette which only has 16 colors so I'm limited with how realistic I can make the sand look, which is what I'm going for anyhow, a minilmist style. But what do you think about the roof on the hut, i was hoping someone would mention that since I'm not to much of a roofer lol how would you go about making a roof to fit that hut properly? Shoot and I just realized I uploaded the wrong picture with all the assets in the scene..but the roof thatching next to the crate in the sprite sheet is what I'm referring to with my question lol my bad

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I've been working on & off on this asset pack idea I had and I wanted to share some of what I got so far for you guys. Everything you see in the sprite sheet is what I have drawn so far, as you can see im going for a tropical island theme (hence the title of this post). If you guys have any feed back or constructive criticism it would be greatly appreciated! :)

This is just all the assets quickly put together in a scene to give a rough idea of what I'm going for.

Where did you get stuck at exactly?  The castle room with the spikes on the floors?  Or can you maybe post a screenshot of where you got stuck and i'll see if i cant help you out or figure out whats wrong? 

Awesome I'm happy you like it! Hey don't forget to post your game on here when you finish it, id like to try it

Hahaa your welcome. Glad you like it. Enjoy!

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As you can see with the title, I have a little poll running over on my Twitter on a "yes" or "no" decision on whether to add something to my project or not, the project is a asset pack i plan to put up for sale. It is a 2D16x16 Tropical Island themed asset pack and you can read further into the project which is a WIP at the moment, here. But I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to add themed characters to go along with this asset pack?? If the decision comes down to a "yes" than that'll tack on more time to this project which is no biggie, but also had planned to be near or around done within 2 months from now and if I do add the characters I'll then have to add all they're animations which can be time consuming so if it comes down to a "yes" and I keep saying "2 months from now it'll be done" don't be dissapointed with me if it isn't lol as I'm sure I'll keep you guys updated. Sorry for the long read I appreciate your time, and please go and VOTE(<--link to vote)!!

**Be sure to follow me on here and my twitter to get frequent updates on this project and others!**

Wow I love the look of the pixel art! Looks like a real fun game to play, I'll forsure be following dev log! 

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7/29/19: Today I began work on this random idea I had to make a tropical island themed platformer asset pack. I made at least over 10 different assets for it so far and I plan on adding a ton more including a ton of animations. I also plan on putting this asset pack up for sale, not for a huge price but for a evenly fair price everyone can afford because of the amount of time and effort I want to put into this is the reasoning behind me putting this up for sale as not all my content will be put up for a price because I like to offer my content for free, but I am making an exception for this. You can read the latest dev log for the project here,  I go into further detail as to what I plan on doing with this project and where it's currently at.  Thanks for reading! :) 

7/31/19: Spent some more time adding in some assets and I decided to compile together a little spritesheet so you guys can see all of what is made so far. I appreciate any and all feedback! 

8/2/19: I've been thinking that maybe there should be some characters to go along with this asset pack. If i do add the characters than that'll tack on more time until this pack is released, because I had planned at the very least to have this project done or near done 2 months from now. I've decided to run a poll over on my Twitter on whether there should be characters added into this pack, the poll will run for the next 7 days so go and vote! Link to the poll here

So how would I take the preset outside tiles from RPGMaker MV and convert each individual tile into a resolution or a canvas size of 16x16? Without copying and pasting over each tile and changing it that way and basically remaking the whole spritesheet

Hey thanks for your little review, I really do appreciate it! But what was the thing you didn't like about the Goblets exactly? So I can  take notes for the future

Welcome, this is something I worked on for some time and published last year of August. Updated it with more torches 19 some days ago, this is one of my projects that gets the most views and downloads weekly but I have yet to recieve any sort of comment/feedback on it. So I'm hoping this post can shed some much needed light on my project that I've been looking for. Thanks for reading! :)

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    COMMISSIONS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!                                  

Hi there, I'm a 2D pixel artist looking for some unpaid/paid work and or projects to expand my reputability, and well money is short at the moment. If we're talking a paid project and depending the type of drawing and size we can negotiate a fair price, because I know money may be short for others as well. For contact information you can email me at and also message me on Discord  Asymmetric #7115 orr you can also just leave a comment down below too :)

I've had a hand in drawing 2D pixel art now for about a year, I'm not much for character design but I am willing to give my best try at it, that's not to say I've never tried I just think it isn't my best. I do pretty well with special effectsanimationstilesets, and object based assets*examples below*


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LoFi tunes are always the best for spacing out and going into work mode. I'm sure there's some stations on Spotify or something, just type in "lofi" and I'm sure hundreds of stations will pop up, any will do. The genre of music mostly consist of instrumentals and remixes. Buuut, if you were looking to maybe evoke a dark theme or mood try Abominable Putridity, Cannibal Corpse, Gutteral Slug, and their all in the genre of death metal or subgenre grind core lol or try Nargaroth their sorta like viking metal 

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Freaking amazing!!! Love it, the artstyle, atmosphere, gameplay, and the music is what tops it all for me. Seen the game on twitter and just found it on here and I had to try it because it looked so interesting! Love it!

Hi there I'm going to make this as long and as detailed as I can so if you don't like long stories please go back now! So my names Ken, I like to go by Asymmetric when I'm online . I'm writing this to detail my struggles and some of my triumphs, basically I'm writing this to get certain things off my chest and out to the public and the general community and maybe some people will find this a bit inspiring for those who are in the same or similar situation I am.  Spoiler Alert though, there isn't so much of a happy ending to this because as I said, I'm writing this to get things off my chest.

As I was saying, my names Ken and I like to go by Asymmetric online. I am 23 years of age and I have a 3 year old son (more on that topic later) and I work a minimum wage job at my local cities restaurant who've I been employed at for now 3 years.  I'd say a couple years before I became employed at Nannas (that's the restaurants  name) my uncle passed away. At the time my little sister began high school and she needed access online to do some of her homework, so my grandma gave us, our family his laptop. Because at the time we didn't have a computer or anything like it besides our phones to go online with.  So eventually my sister never used it nor did my mom, I should also note that I still live with my mother and sister in a 2 bedroom apartment.  So because my sister never used it, I took it over. Now a bit of a back story, I was a huge computer nerd when I was 8 up until 13 years old when the computer broke, just wouldn't turn on anymore and after that I was a xbox kid all the way after high school.  After months of having the laptop and replaying and redownloading old games I use to play a friend had recommended me a game called Starbound. I played Starbound for hours on end everyday for months, it was my first newer game I had and first game I felt like I could get into  without trying if you know what I mean.  Afterwhile I started to figure out how to mod Starbound and that was my first intro into coding, scripts, pixel art so on and so forth and I fell in love.  Thus begins my adventure into game development and pixel art .

I aspire to be a solo indie dev or at least somewhere in that field of being a game dev; it's my dream I've always wanted to make something people will like but I could just never figure out what to make and now I feel like I've found it, that being game development.  I don't have any plans to go to college for this, I don't want to be in debt. See my son, I don't get to see him and I haven't since August of last year. I want to be there for him, I want to be a father but me and his mother have never been on good terms, prior to August of last year I had made a rude comment to her which then set off a chain reaction of events, or event to where she cut off all contact with me and my family. So I can't get ahold of her, I've been threw the courts already. I have a court order to see my son every few days out of the week and even still after i did all that I still can't get in contact with her till this day.  I feel stuck a lot of the times in my life, like where I work at. Another thing I should mention is I don't and have never had a driver's license and have rarely ever drove in my life. These past few weeks my mom has been taking me out driving so I can achieve my license SO then I can have better job opportunities so then I can get a better job to better myself. Even if I work at a better well paying  job I don't really want to do, I'd still be happy with doing this game making stuff as a hobby. 

A lot of the times it's hard for me to want to get up and learn how to make games. I've been taking a few Unity courses here and there and I have this coding app on my phone I'll sometimes practice on when i'm on break at work.  Because of the situation I'm in I deal with a lot of anxiety and depression and it makes it hard to even wanna do anything, sometimes I'll sit there and stare blankly at the computer screen wanting to do something but not doing anything and idk why.  Even right now it's hard for me to write this and I realized this is a jumbled mess  and I apologize for that if it made it hard to follow, but I've never have gotten to talk about this like this before and these are my thoughts as they are at the moment of writing this. 

I don't know how to get noticed enough or anything like that to then maybe make it as a indie dev or someone of the sort, I see a lot of popular people on this site and I figure first step is to get some recognition on this site but I only have so much and so little time and my anxiety eats away at a lot of my time and that's one of my problems with making it. There's a lot of times I sit there and I want to do all these things cause maybe that'll be the one but then I got 5 other things I'm trying to work on and it's hard to figure it all out by yourself and how to do it all and manage. People who even get a few downloads and comments on their games or asset packs I aspire to have because with the few things I've put out I feel like it just went under the radar and idk how to get out of the radar in a sort of words.  

Idk how to push thru at this time in my life with everything I got going on for myself and everything I have to deal with, I have big dreams for myself but as of right now I don't feel so big and sometimes my dreams feel hopeless. 


Really like the whole concept and art work of the game! But I found a trouble some glitch where you can get stuck in the walls, found it on lvl 5. Not sure if you guys are aware but i just thought I'd bring it to your attention.

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I released this game some months back, it's my first game I ever created using Unity. I worked on it off and on drawing the assets and Googling/YouTube'ing tutorials for a little over a year. The game started out as something for my son to play (should add that i made two seperate builds, one for my son & other for my friends or everyone else) when he was on my phone then progressed into something to do to keep me busy. It never really got around to being played by many, besides a few friends whom aren't very game friendly I guess you could say. So with that being said I'm posting this on here for anyone to check out so I can better my game development knowhow for next time, thanks :) 


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Hello there, wanted to share a update earlier today I made to my 2D Torch Assest Pack, you can catch the Devlog here:

I plan on updating that Devlog with every change I make to the asset pack along the way so make sure you follow if your interested! 

*I plan on making some major changes to that asset pack like adding more ground and wall torches as well as other sorts of torches. I also maybe wanted to change the animation for ground torch 1 and 2 as they share the same animation and thats just not cool to me anymore lolIf any of you who are reading this that are intereted in this asset pack or like the idea of it and have some ideas for me or anything like that, that would be awesome!*

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ loved it! Had a lot of fun, plan on sharing it with friends! My best high score btw 


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I'm putting together a little asset & tileset folder from things I've made the past year (2018). They're all from little experiments/projects I've started working on I just never got around too or scrapped completely. There's still a couple things I'd like to add to it, drawing wise and also to make it more navigatable. There's no release day for this, it'll just be whenever I can get around to it so with that being said I hope that when I do put this up, everyone can get a little something out of it and enjoy it! I'll also update this from time to time and also here's a sneak peak at what'll be in the pack..


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Hello there, my names Ken ( Asymmetric ) and I am a 2D Pixel Artist looking for any type of pixel work. I have been drawing with pixels for about a year now. I can do 32x32 portraits, tilesets, and animations and I'm also probably forgetting something else but I'm very simplified with what I can do, but I am also very ambitious and willing to try anything new. I am open to do any work for free although I will accept pay because money is short at the moment and anything is appreciated, with that being said I do charge for specific things and we can discuss those details together and negotiate a fair price. 

Some examples of my art: 





Hi, I really love the look and feel your tileset has as well as your art style. I am trying to get my foot in the door in other words, with my content, asset packs whatever you wanna refer to it as. I was wondering if you had the time to maybe answer a few of my questions and maybe kinda show me the ins and outs with this stuff so I can better understand and improve my content?  Thank you I'd greatly appreciate it, if you would like me to email you I can

"Have you been looking for something specific?  Something as specific as a Midevil, 2D, 16x16 Torch Asset Pack?? Well look no further!" 

A asset pack that contains 3 Wall & Ground, Midevil looking Torches with unique fire animations for each (besides ground torch 1 and 2 they share the same animation) torch. This asset pack is available for Free to download, although I am accepting "tips" and or donations. Every donation I recieve will go towards improving my equipment and rig to then better improve my content. Any feedback is appreciated as I look forward to improving my content. With that being said, I hope you guys like the little pack I made and I am looking forward to any and all feedback, thank you! (link below)



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I've been working on an idea I had for a asset pack of midevil/fantasy 16x16 pixel torches. Here's some of the progress I've made so far: 

Ground Torch #1:                                                                               

Ground Torch #2:                                                   

Ground Torch #4:   

Ground Torch #5:   

Wall Torch #1:    

Wall Torch #2:                    

Ground Torch #4 Complete w/ Animation:     

Wall Torch #1 Complete w/ Animation:   

Let me know what you guys think so far! Should be done pretty soon here hopefully.                                       

                                   Project is finsihed!!   

Link here: