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I'm putting together a little asset & tileset folder from things I've made the past year (2018). They're all from little experiments/projects I've started working on I just never got around too or scrapped completely. There's still a couple things I'd like to add to it, drawing wise and also to make it more navigatable. There's no release day for this, it'll just be whenever I can get around to it so with that being said I hope that when I do put this up, everyone can get a little something out of it and enjoy it! I'll also update this from time to time and also here's a sneak peak at what'll be in the pack..


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Hello there, my names Ken ( Asymmetric ) and I am a 2D Pixel Artist looking for any type of pixel work. I have been drawing with pixels for about a year now. I can do 32x32 portraits, tilesets, and animations and I'm also probably forgetting something else but I'm very simplified with what I can do, but I am also very ambitious and willing to try anything new. I am open to do any work for free although I will accept pay because money is short at the moment and anything is appreciated, with that being said I do charge for specific things and we can discuss those details together and negotiate a fair price. 

Some examples of my art: 





Hi, I really love the look and feel your tileset has as well as your art style. I am trying to get my foot in the door in other words, with my content, asset packs whatever you wanna refer to it as. I was wondering if you had the time to maybe answer a few of my questions and maybe kinda show me the ins and outs with this stuff so I can better understand and improve my content?  Thank you I'd greatly appreciate it, if you would like me to email you I can

"Have you been looking for something specific?  Something as specific as a Midevil, 2D, 16x16 Torch Asset Pack?? Well look no further!" 

A asset pack that contains 3 Wall & Ground, Midevil looking Torches with unique fire animations for each (besides ground torch 1 and 2 they share the same animation) torch. This asset pack is available for Free to download, although I am accepting "tips" and or donations. Every donation I recieve will go towards improving my equipment and rig to then better improve my content. Any feedback is appreciated as I look forward to improving my content. With that being said, I hope you guys like the little pack I made and I am looking forward to any and all feedback, thank you! (link below)



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I've been working on an idea I had for a asset pack of midevil/fantasy 16x16 pixel torches. Here's some of the progress I've made so far: 

Ground Torch #1:                                                                               

Ground Torch #2:                                                   

Ground Torch #4:   

Ground Torch #5:   

Wall Torch #1:    

Wall Torch #2:                    

Ground Torch #4 Complete w/ Animation:     

Wall Torch #1 Complete w/ Animation:   

Let me know what you guys think so far! Should be done pretty soon here hopefully.                                       

                                   Project is finsihed!!   

Link here: