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Really nice game! Amazing art and music. Loved how the bullets look and especially how you used the particles in the game! Great Job!

The art is amazing.
Had some trouble with the movement of the tank as the controls were difficult to manage. I loved the animations of the crystal and of the hearts! Amazing Job!


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Very nice art and music! At the start, I thought the red line was a pool so I started backwards xD 

Great game!

Really nice game! Loved how you used the theme and I think it turned out amazing. Good job!

Love the game. Personally a very big farming fan so I enjoyed it a lot! Also, the music was really relaxing. Great Job!

Very impressive what you can do with 1 pixel

Really liked the game! Really nice art and music and I loved the voiceover on new waves!

Nice art and music. Was quite confusing what the objective of the game is and the multiple screen shakes kinda made it uncomfortable. Congrats on completing the jam :D

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My time was 6:8. I Really liked the music and the art of it! Really nice game :)

So many frogs...

I loved the music and the art. I enjoyed mostly using the flamethrower to burn everything. Amazing Job :D

Gonna create the next Snake Terminator

Really nice puzzle game! Loved the music. The controls are a bit weird but overall really nice game!

The Cutscenes were amazing! The art is also really good

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Very nice game! Loved the visuals and the overall concept was quite confusing to figure out what to do.

Amazing game. Love the art and especially the music which is really relaxing! 

Thanks :D

Thanks! Glad you liked the game. Congrats on completing the jam too :D

Yea I should have added some more limitations so it matches the classic snake's limitations in the game.
Glad to hear you liked the idea tho cant wait to see what you can make from it :D

Also thanks for letting me know about the problem with the block!

Really Fun game! The Art is also amazing great job!

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Glad to hear you liked the game!

Also thanks for letting me know of the problems you found I will try to implement a fix to that.
Also if you find that the Tv Screen is too distracting I have added an option so you can disable it from the settings.

That's what I was going for, to be honest minus the hammer of course ;D

Thank you :D

Yea I should have added some kind of music for the main game but I couldn't think of what kind of music could fit there.

Very Fun :D

Very Nice game! Very enjoyable to play :D