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Soooo good!

LOVED this! Great work, this was so fun and the atmosphere was excellent. I only died once, beating the final boss was a good time.

Thanks so much! The audio was a lot of fun to make. It's 100% synthesizer.

LOVED all of the rabbits. It felt so good to play until the end and defeat the Honey Badgers!!! It felt sad gulagging so many bunnies. It took a few turns to figure out that I needed to assign the cabinet members and a few more to realize to get more you needed more than one in an area.

Was so so so so fun though!

Love the art. The intro cinematic was really cool!

The game looks beautiful. It gives me Eric Carl vibes!

I am a programmer by trade so I just use the Unity stuff. I will normally just write a monobehavior that handles my stems and plays them in time. I'll send you any of my code if you want it.

That is really true! I think we needed to do some framing/establishing.

Thank you! We had an amazing dedicated 3D artist. I wish I had more time to polish up the card movements. Putting out a patch tomorrow that makes it a lot better.

I was really really surprised when I saw that the music was made during the jam. It is fantastic, I actually sent the game to a friend that has trained as a jazz drummer.

Seriously, great work. Music for jams is hard, I kinda slacked for our game. My goal was to do a procedural system with a pool of melodies that get randomly chosen. All it is right now is an 8 bar progression that loops but it changes instrument depending on the tile you're on.

You ever look into procedural pieces for games? It's a really fun way to compose because you don't have to cut so much. (I hate cutting things I write haha!)

Yes! We were planning to do exactly that initially. We literally submitted the final build a literal single second before the deadline. I was up for 39 hours straight. We are going to get all the other stuff in soon!

The plan was to have some 3D clouds scrolling by behind the tiles to really sell the "sky" look. Never got around to implementing them even though out artist made them haha.

That's mean. 😟

Bold focus on writing. Shocking turns of events. A striking color palette. Heart wrenching story. Truely something one must experience to understand.

This was really cool! I was getting super frustrated on some of the levels! Pretty tough but I did beat it!

Loved the blob-y fade out effect a lot.

That's super impressive. I am so bad at FL. These days I just use Audacity haha.

Much appreciated. We had some very talented artists working with us!

Thank you! Going to be adding a lot more. If you have any ideas we are open to them!

Thank you! I was shocked we were able to get as much in as we did.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I didn't have time to get proper camera controls in. Soon!

Thanks, I'm pretty proud of it!

Thank you a bunch for the feedback! Definitely working on reworking the controls and displaying the resources.

Putting the resource images on the cards is a great idea. I wonder if text mesh pro lets you do that.

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Thanks for trying! If only you had the Baba Yaga on your side...

Yep, been there. In our game I setup 'space' to go to the next turn and I never got around to making a UI button.

In a jam it often seems that the "quick and temporary" implementation just... is the implementation.

You totally should! Legit had a blast.

Me too! There was stuff about four-handed ghosts popping out! I was curious. Replay value I guess?

Really really great. I knew all of the time I spent organizing my inventories would pay off.

I wish the log at the bottom was slower so I could read it. Everything I did read was really interesting.

It took a bit to figure out what items did what, after a few tries I escaped though!

Thanks so much! We had some amazing artists.

I love the games where the theme isn't just skin deep.

This was very very good! I loved the way the room expanded around you. The central message was very good too.

There is a typo towards the end FYI. It says "pig picture" instead of "big picture."

How did you make the music? It was lovely.

The voice acting was awesome. Very campy.

Hugely agree. If the controls and presentation were better it would be a lot of fun.

That was actually a lot of fun. I was yelling, it was almost threat level midnight and I just got the virus disk. I had to parkour down the stairs to make it in time.

I like that the enemies hide from you, so it's almost a hide and seek vibe. Fun!

Very well done! I look forward to seeing this in the video.

Just a charming and well scoped game. Each run is meaningfully different. Choices have real consequences, the ending acknowledges the things you chose. Fun, not too long, tight controls.

Very well done! I look forward to seeing this in the video.

Just a charming and well scoped game. Each run is meaningfully different. Choices have real consequences, the ending acknowledges the things you chose. Fun, not too long, tight controls.


I really like the aspect ratio of the game. Cool to see the window in that shape. Art was nice and I liked the sounds!

This is a perfect jam game. I love how tightly interconnected all of the mechanics are. Everything is satisfying to engage with. I actually had to figure out the puzzles.

The eye looking at the player is such a nice touch too.
Great job.

Absolutely incredible. Very well done!

Very hard. What happens if you win?